5 Wonderful Ideas How to Give New Life to Old Things

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In every wardrobe or chest of drawers, you can find many worn-out and forgotten things. They only take up space and negatively affect the overall energy of the room. But what if we bring old things to life in interesting and easy ways? So start going through your old stuff now! This will not only clean up your closet and satisfy your creative needs, but it will also revive the nostalgia for the old days, when, for example, in this stretched T-shirt with Mickey Mouse, you received the first big win at playamo.ch or you confessed your love.

But if you just don’t already know what to do with it, and donating it to charity is out of the question, we offer you 5 ways of what you can do with it.

1. Decorative Pillow Made of Shirts or Trousers 

This is a good way to use old, but expensive clothes for you. After all, the pillows will be where you will see them every day, and thus constantly awaken special memories. Cut out square or rectangular pieces from old clothing and sew them into a pillowcase. If you do not have a pillow on hand, you can fill your pillowcase with special filler or old, already useless things, having previously cut them into strips and rags. 

2. Covers for Clothes 

A case for clothes is a very useful thing that will protect your belongings from dirt and damage during transportation and moving. You can easily make your own cover by simply sewing up the bottom of the shirt that is hanging from the hanger. Whether you are using a shirt with buttons or zippers, it will always be easy for you to get to the things inside. You just have to unbutton your shirt to see what’s inside. If you will be using a T-shirt, the neck will serve you for this purpose. If you need to store a lot of things in a single case, add a rectangular piece of fabric to form the bottom, which will also allow you to fold things horizontally. In addition, an old pillowcase will do just fine for this purpose.

3. Patchwork and Fabric Stripes for Needlework 

Some old things are not good enough to wear again, but they are a very useful resource for any needlewoman. Cut your unwanted clothing into shreds to make blankets, pillowcases, curtains, or chair covers out of them. In addition, the idea of ​​knitting hats, scarves, and carpets from strips of fabric has become very common now.

4. Cleaning Rags + an Idea for Those With Curly Hair 

Worn old clothes often make the best rags because the soft fibers don’t leave streaks. Old flannel shirts are best used for glass, shoes, and metal surfaces such as chrome car parts. As for the lucky owners of curly hair, an old cotton T-shirt can (and even should!) Be used to dry your hair, as it will help make your curls clearer and softer, while a towel will dry out too much and injure your hair.

5. Strainer Cloth 

Choose an old, lightweight shirt to use as a filter in the kitchen. Just cut out a square and place it over a bowl or jar to filter out liquids. On jars, in order to fix the fabric, use an elastic band; Let the fabric hang slightly into the jar to create a small indentation for the debris.


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