5 Ways to Create Engaging Facebook Stories in 2021

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It is no more a secret that videos are the most powerful tool for social media posts, and to grow engagement. They are all the more immersive and attracts the audience more than any other form of content. Also, videos can work as a catchphrase to lead your audience to actually look at your other content. Crazy, isn’t it?

And, as we know Facebook does not leave a single opportunity to make their platform more interactive and engaging, which indeed end up helping the business and creators using the platform.

Today we are going to take a look at Facebook’s relatively new feature – Facebook stories (which is somewhat similar to our very own and very dear Instagram stories).

But before we jump into discussing the 5 most useful ways to create Facebook stories, let’s first understand why do you need Facebook stories.

What is the purpose of Facebook stories?

Let’s just look at the numbers. 96% of advertising experts believe that Facebook marketing generates more ROI than any other digital marketing platform. And unless you invest in sponsored advertising, and well accustomed with digital content creation, then voila! You have discovered a completely free method to generate ROI and grow your business. Isn’t that amazing?

Facebook stories are simply another extremely feature that you should incorporate in your Facebook marketing strategy.

Now as we are done discussing the purpose of using Facebook stories or Facebook marketing in general, let’s talk about the 5 ways that will help you create most engaging Facebook stories in 2021.

Make good use of the 24 hours timeline

Facebook stories are short-lived. Thus, the most useful way to use the time that you have been given is to create time-sensitive stories. And by that, I mean creating stories that will make your customer hang on to every word.

Stories are most probably the ideal feature to host giveaways, the time-sensitivity makes it more engaging. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to get free gifts? You can also host competitions, that’s another way to keep your audience engaged. Share discount codes and announce limited-time deals to attract customers.

Get creative and personal

A quality that all the successful brands possess is that they make their audience and customers feel at home, (Don’t worry, I am not asking you to invite them home, haha!) Getting more personal with your audience means creating content that is more customised to your audience’s taste.

With that being said, sharing some behind the camera scenes always work wonders. Let your audience know the real humans behind all the hard work that shows. Light-hearted content sometimes does better than the heavily strategic ones, and that’s the wonder of good content.

Make use of all the available features

If you Facebook daily, then you should be no stranger to the Augmented Reality filters that Facebook offers. These are great to include in your pictures or videos to make them look funny. However, make sure to use filters and effects that properly aligns with your brand strategy.

You can also make use of them to promote a specific campaign, and even start a trend, which in the recent past has proved to be one of the most useful ways of promotion.

Create experience and not only content

Well, the most basic purpose of content creation to give your audience an experience that they will never forget. And Facebook stories are the ideal ways to do that. You can create image slideshows leading up to an upcoming event and engage your audience through creative storytelling. You can also make videos with the guests attending the event and give people a reason to be excited about the particular event.

This will in terms promote not only the event that you are targeting for but also draw people to your Facebook page.

Everything is not about promotion

I know, promotion is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and marketing in general. But not making everything about promotions, give your brand and your audience a space to breathe.

Create light-hearted content just to engage with your audience on a more personal level. Celebrate the achievements and milestones of your business. Share news about upcoming products and event with your audience.Last but not least, we know it can be very daunting to start a business, let alone promote it or market it. And that’s why we want you to know that we are in this together. Socialize Club is a social media marketing company where you can Buy Real Facebook likes, and take that first step towards making your business successful We know that you are just starting out and you are sceptical about it. That is why for your convenience we have packages that are pocket-friendly and will help you gauge the success. You can Buy 50 real Facebook photo likes and see for yourself if it works for your business.


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