170+ Hit Songs By Blackbear That You Must Listen

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170+ Hit Songs By Blackbear That You Must Listen
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Do you know the artist known for co-writing Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend? If yes, then you have great taste in music. His name is Blackbear and he is a singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. Here you will find all the hit songs by Blackbear and a little sneak peek into his life. Stay Tuned!

Born in Florida, Blackbear’s real name is Matthew Tyler Musto. He dropped out of school in 10th grade to focus on music. Blackbear co-wrote JB’s “Boyfriend” in 2012 which charted Billboard Hot 100 on the Number Two. It was a very good start for someone who wanted to make his career in singing.  Later in 2015, he released his first full-length album, ‘deadroses’, which became the highlight of his career.

Choosing the top songs of Blackbear wasn’t an easy task. Out of so many hits, how does one sort the greatest hits of Blackbear? After searching on various platforms, we have brought you the top 10 hit songs by Blackbear-

  1. ‘hot girl bummer’
  2. ‘Deadroses’
  3. ‘idfc’
  4. ‘juicy sweatsuits (feat. Juicy J)
  5. ‘i miss the old you’
  6. ‘4u (Acoustic)’
  7. ‘Ain’t Love’
  8. ‘Flirt Right Back’
  9. ‘If I Could I Would Feel Nothing’
  10. ‘Weather in Heaven’

Is that it?

Not at all!! 

This was only the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot more for you from the tunes of Blackbear. Walk through these songs to get addicted to our pop star. 

170+ Hit Songs by Blackbear That You Must Listen 

We have provided below all the songs of Blackbear album-wise. The song ‘idfc’ from his first full-length album, ‘deadroses’ ranked on the Billboard’s R&B Hot 100. This song has been streamed 22.5 million times on SoundCloud alone. 


Let’s begin the list of best songs by Blackbear starting from the album ‘deadroses’.

Album – ‘deadroses’ (2015)

  • ​i needed you 
  • ​ain’t trippin 
  • 4u 
  • 90210 (Ft. G-Eazy) 
  • ​ain’t love 
  • ​idfc 
  • ​waste away (Ft. Devon Baldwin) 
  • ​my heart is lost 
  • ​deadroses 
  • ​dirty laundry 

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Album- ‘cashmere noose’ (2016)

  • ​wanderlust 
  • ​flirt right back 
  • ​sometimes i want 2 die 
  • ​my bad luv 
  • ​rly real 
  • ​sniffing vicodin in paris 

Album- ‘salt’ (2017)

  • ​jealousy 
  • ​indecision 
  • ​fashion week 

Album- ‘digital druglord’ (2017)

  • ​make daddy proud 
  • ​if i could i would feel nothing 
  • ​juicy sweatsuits (Ft. Juicy J) 
  • ​do re mi 
  • ​moodz (Ft. 24hrs) 
  • ​chateau 
  • ​double 
  • ​wish u the best (Ft. Stalking Gia) 
  • ​i ​miss the old u 
  • ​hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone 

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Album- ‘do re mi X’ (2017)

  • ​do re mi (Good Intent Remix) 
  • ​do re mi (Y2K Remix) 
  • ​do re mi (FRND Remix) 
  • ​do re mi (Rad Cat Remix) 
  • ​do re mi (BASECAMP Remix) 
  • ​do re mi (Prince Fox Remix) 
  • ​do re mi (Tarro Remix) 

Album- ‘cybersex’ (2017)

  • ​santa monica & la brea 
  • ​candayapple (Ft. Paul Wall & RiFF RAFF) 
  • ​g2g ttyl (Ft. THEY.) 
  • ​top priority by ​blackbear & Ne-Yo 
  • ​glo_up (Ft. Rick Ross) 
  • ​down 4 u (Ft. T-Pain) 
  • ​i hope your whole life sux 
  • ​thursday / froze over (”interlude”) 
  • ​anxiety by ​blackbear & FRND 
  • ​up in this by ​blackbear & Tinashé 
  • ​e.z. (Ft. Machine Gun Kelly) 
  • ​playboy shit (Ft. ​lil aaron) 
  • ​bright pink tims (Ft. Cam’ron) 
  • ​gucci linen (Ft. 2 Chainz) 

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Album- ‘the 1(The Remixes)’ (2018)

  • ​​the 1 (Tarro Remix) 
  • ​​the 1 (Rad Cat Remix) 
  • ​​the 1 (NvrLeft Remix) 
  • ​​the 1 (Le Sauvage Remix) 
  • ​​the 1 (KIN Remix) 
  • ​​the 1 (ACRAZE Remix) 

Album- ‘Anonymous’ (2019)

  • Pink Rolex 
  • Drug Dealer 
  • Make A Mess 
  • Changes 
  • Down
  • Heartbroken
  • Losing You 
  • Dead Baloons 
  • Dead to me 
  • NYLA
  • Its all gonna burn
  • 1 Sided Love
  • Burnt AF 
  • High1X 
  • Sick Of It All 
  • Swear to God 
  • Hate My Guts 

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Album- ‘everything means nothing’ (2020)

  • ​hot girl bummer 
  • ​queen of broken hearts 
  • ​i feel 2 much 
  • ​sobbing in cabo 
  • ​half alive 
  • ​why are girls? 
  • ​me & ur ghost 
  • ​i feel bad 
  • ​i felt that 
  • ​clown by Trevor Daniel & blackbear 
  • ​if i were u by ​blackbear & Lauv 
  • ​smile again 

Album- ‘dead’ (2015)

  • ​dirty laundry (acoustic) 
  • ​idfc (acoustic) 
  • 90210 (acoustic) 
  • ​weak when ur around (acoustic) 
  • 4u (acoustic) 

Album- ‘help’ (2015)

  • ​hustler 
  • ​verbatim 
  • ​different hos 
  • ​where was u? 
  • ​paragraphs 
  • ​help (Ft. Maejor) 
  • ​nervous 
  • ​slide thru (Ft. Jerry Good) 
  • ​oh lord 
  • ​don’t stop 

Album- ‘drink bleach’ (2016)

  • ​suckerz 
  • ​shake ya ass (Ft. P-LO) 
  • ​obvious (Ft. Mike Posner) 
  • ​girls like u 
  • ​something real 

Album- ‘the afterglow’ (2014)

  •  ​hotel andrea 
  • ​the lobby 
  • ​grey l.a. 
  • ​califormula 
  • ​valley girls 
  • ​n.y.e. 

Album- ‘Foreplay’ (2012)

  • Addiction 
  • Brokenhearted 
  • Role Model 
  • Teenage Waste 

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Album- ‘misery lake’ (2021)

  • ​at my worst
  • ​u love u (Ft. Tate McRae) 
  • ​bad day 
  • Happy that ur gone
  • I love you (Ft. Machine Gun Kelly)
  • Untitled MOD SUN Collaboration (Ft. MOD SUN)

Unreleased Songs of Blackbear

  • ​wheel & deal 
  • ​Wherever you are 
  • ​nothing but u 
  • Paparazzi by Marshmello (Ft. ​blackbear) 
  • ​Pretty Bitches 
  • ​candayapple (Demo) (Ft. 24hrs) 
  • Give Me Love 
  • Helacoptors (blackbear Remix) 
  • Hold Me Down 
  • ​call on me 
  • Pictures (Ft. 24hrs & Snoozegod) 
  • Tell Me* 
  • Good Thing* 
  • It Felt So Real* 
  • My Problem 
  • Spoil Her (Ft. DYSN) 
  • Summer Love 
  • Spoil Her by 24hrs & blackbear 
  • 416 
  • ​at my worst* 
  • Selfish* 
  • ​big boy bux 
  • I LOVED U* 
  • ‘Til I’m Gone* 
  • ​old ways* 
  • FAR AWAY* 
  • Thing for u 
  • ​bad day* 
  • ​drugs fade by Jerry Good (Ft. ​blackbear) 
  • Don’t Love Me 
  • Ur Basic 
  • Catch These Hands (I Feel Like Shit) 
  • Better than $ 
  • Memory 
  • Fuckin’ Up 
  • Nobody’s sweetheart 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Blackbear married to?

Blackbear is not married yet. He has a child with his girlfriend Michele Maturo.

Is Blackbear sick?

Yes, Blackbear is diagnosed with necrotizing pancreatitis. He had to go through emergency surgery to save his life in 2016.

What is Blackbear’s net worth?

Blackbear’s net worth is $5 million. 

So these were all songs of your favorite R&B star, Blackbear. Out of all these, I find ‘idfc’  the best. The acoustic versions of his songs are also greatly liked. Make sure you comment below your hitched songs of him. Have a great day!

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