YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream in 2022 | Channel Shut Due to Copyright Claim

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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The Lofi Girl is one of YouTube’s beloved channels. The channel was recently taken down by YouTube. Fans realized this as soon as they found the channel missing and were furious, rightly so. Lofi Girl is best known for her calm and chill beats that you can play while studying. Let’s see why YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream.

Lofi Girl is best known for her chill beats that you can play as background music that helps you to study. The channel is a live streaming channel that streams 24✕7. The channel is a fan favorite, especially amongst students. The channel’s artwork shows a girl studying as her cat is sitting on the window sill. The channel gained popularity in September 2020. Since then it had a 2-year long live streaming streak. Lofi Girl had around 10.7 million subscribers on Youtube.


So why was this channel taken down? YouTube seems to have taken down Lofi Girl’s channel over some misunderstanding. Here is why YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream.

YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream in 2022

YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream

YouTube shut down Lofi Girl over a false copyright claim. Apparently, the channel was taken down over wrongfully claimed copyright. Fans were quick to defend Lofi Girl as they repeatedly tweeted to YouTube over the misunderstanding. Lofi Girl had also tweeted complaining about the same.

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YouTube was quick to address the mishap. They rectified their mistake and have apologized for the inconvenience caused. YouTube, in a tweet from its official Twitter handle, has confirmed that they have restored the channel and all its content. However, it may take 24-48 hours for things to go back to normal.

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Wrapping Up

After knowing why YouTube Shuts Down Lofi Girl Stream what do you think? False copyright claims are a nightmare for any YouTuber. But since this was addressed to YouTube right away, they were able to restore Lofi Girl and all her content. Till we get back with the latest news, keep checking in with Path OF EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Lofi Girl stop streaming?

The Lofi Girl was shut down on YouTube on 10, July 2022.

When did Lofi Girl become popular?

The Lofi Girl became popular in September 2020 after live streaming study beats.

Does Lofi Girl ever stop streaming?

The Lofi Girl was live streaming from September 2020 until recently when it was taken down by YouTube.


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