YouTube Go Shutdowns Out of the Blue | What Google is Planning Behind It?

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According to inside sources, YouTube Go, the data-lite video streaming app will be closing down in August. With over 500 million downloads, YouTube Go has served its function to those with limited internet connectivity and lower-end devices over the past six years. YouTube claims to have upgraded to satisfy the Go users, making the existence of YouTube Go unnecessary. Google has not mentioned an exact date, but YouTube Go Shutdown is soon going to happen, shortly from August 2022.

YouTube Go was released in 2016 as a replacement for the leading app for people with sluggish Internet connections. Users of YouTube Go began to request community interactions, YouTube Shorts, and dark mode over time, which could be one of the reasons Google decided to shut down the lite app. The Android Go platform will be the hardest hit by this unexpected announcement. Android Go is a mobile operating system optimized for devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

Chrome’s data-saving lite mode was also being phased out, indicating that Google is improving its software’s ability to adjust to slower data conditions without using a dedicated app. In August, YouTube Go will be terminated shortly. Google doesn’t offer us a deadline for when access will be removed, but the firm is serious about shifting users to the main YouTube app.

YouTube Go Shutdown Blamed on YouTube Premium?

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Users of YouTube Go saved and downloaded YouTube videos to watch later. YouTube Go even allowed users to share downloaded videos offline. It was one of YouTube Go’s most prominent features.

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Offline videos are also enabled in the main YouTube app, although locked behind YouTube Premium. Some tech experts believe it is part of a strategy to get people to upgrade to YouTube Premium.

Google Go Uncertain Future Starting with YouTube Go Shutdown?

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There are other Go apps like Gmail Go and Maps Go, but Google hasn’t said anything about the future of these additional Go apps. YouTube Go received its most recent upgrade in October 2021, while Google Assistant Go received it on May 2, 2022. However, less popular apps such as Gallery Go were last updated in November 2021. Google has stated that it intends to release new data consumption control tools, but the viability of these applications is now in doubt.

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Wrapping Up

The data-lite video streaming app YouTube Go is shutting down shortly later this year after Google deems it ‘Unnecessary.’ The company believes it has served its purpose. Now it is time to bid farewell.

YouTube Go was designed for users with low internet connectivity and low-end devices. With the shutting down of YouTube Go, we hope Google will introduce better data consumption control instead of becoming a dumpster fire.

We hope this isn’t the start of Google sunsetting all of their Go applications. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube Go?

YouTube Go is an alternative to the main YouTube application launched in 2016 for users with slow internet connections and low-end devices.

Why is YouTube Go shutting down?

Google decommission the YouTube Go applications pointing out it is unnecessary as the main app has upgraded to fulfill every user’s concern now. 

When will YouTube Go shut down?

YouTube Go will disappear from Google Play Store later in August 2022.


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