6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing in 2022

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The time is gone when people explained the impact of fashion on the whole world. Today, every other Instagram user wants to be a Fashion Influencer, and to be true all of us know why. The industry is full of pocket-filled billionaires with a passion for finding excellence in style. If you aspire to be one of them, then begin your journey after getting inspired by the “Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing in 2022“.

Why YouTube channels for Fashion Designing? I am assuming that you are here because you want to explore your interests and there is no better platform for learning than YouTube. Millions of people in the world are dreaming to be a Fashion Designer every second but only a few who smartly use their resources will survive and succeed. Have a look at the best YouTube channels for fashion designing. 

Without delaying any more time, let’s begin the article and make sure you watch the videos. Stay Tuned!

6 Amazing YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing in 2022

You wouldn’t know what channel will be the ideal source for you to learn fashion designing. Maybe you want a different sense of style, or you are just bored with the regular clothes.

Try everything new and latest by learning from real-life gurus in the game. Read the descriptions thoroughly and don’t miss out on their specifications too.  

6. Ralph Lauren

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing? 

Bring the essence of America in your style. Ralph Lauren is probably the only brand in the world that celebrates the Jazz age along with the modesty of the 21st century. For a novice Fashion Designer, Ralph Lauren is always to look forward to because of its American essence.  

Gigi Hadid in Ralph Lauren Fall 2019 Collection is the goal for every woman, as it should be. Check out the collection in the video shown above. 

YouTube Channel Link Ralph Lauren
Joined on 13 May 2008
Subscribers 109K
Views 83,350,866
Videos 417
Location United States
Website https://www.ralphlauren.com/ 

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5. Armani

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing? 

Watch the best of Menswear and Womenswear on the Armani YouTube channel. There are hundreds of videos of campaigns and shows. Every exclusive video of Armani Haute Couture is on the channel and you should not miss all of it by any chance. 

YouTube Channel Link Armani
Joined on 20 Nov 2005
Subscribers 163K
Views 65,943,789
Videos 977
Location Italy
Website www.armani.com 

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Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing? 

Get creative with Alexandro Michele’s creative vision. The man behind the name and fame of GUCCI has contributed the most in its evolution over the years.

The same evolution is reflected deeply in GUCCI’s YouTube channel too. For any beginner Fashion Designer, it is a must to look into the details and simplicity of GUCCI and get inspired by it. 

YouTube Channel Link GUCCI
Joined on 29 Oct 2008
Subscribers 738k
Views 185,086,548
Videos 462
Location Italy
Website Gucci.com  

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3. Justine Leconte Officiel

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing? 

Justine Leconte is a French fashion and jewelry designer living in Berlin. Justine has an abundant amount of knowledge about fashion and her style is very elegant. All that a fashion designer aspirant should learn about is on her YouTube channel.

She has made typing tips for every body type and some of her most interesting videos are on ‘These 8 iconic dresses made history!’, “Queen Elizabeth II: (almost) 100 years of style” and a hell lot more. 

YouTube Channel Link Justine Leconte Officiel
Joined on 1 Jun 2015
Subscribers 867K
Views 83,397,099
Videos 250
Location Germany
Website www.justineleconte.com

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2. Christian Dior

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing?

Have you checked out the Dior Cruise 2022 Collection? It is jaw-dropping. I love minimalistic elegance and monochromes and Dior seems to be the best in it. The YouTube channel of Dior is filled with numerous collections of clothes, bags, jewelry, and more. 

My favorite work of Dior includes Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding Dress and since then I have been following all the videos of Dior and you should too. 

YouTube Channel Link Christian Dior
Joined on 14 Oct 2005
Subscribers 1.08M
Views 443,476,099
Videos 905
Location France
Website http://www.dior.com/

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Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing? 

“Fashion passes, style remains…”

The brand known for its Feminine Elegance, CHANEL, has undoubtedly a lot to offer for all the modish Fashion designers. After all, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel revolutionized the way fashion and style were interpreted. 

CHANEL’s YouTube channel has an awful lot of interviews with the biggest designers of the world and megastars. Keep following their videos for having a touch of style that will last forever.  

YouTube Channel Link CHANEL
Joined on 11 Oct 2005
Subscribers 1.83M
Views 573,378,351
Videos 975
Location France
Website https://www.chanel.com/us/ 

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Wrapping Up

Fashion breathes every day through multiple brands that change the way the world looks like. If you want to bring that change then this article on YouTube Channels to Learn Fashion Designing is made for you.

Out of all these channels, I think Justine Leconte can really make you a great designer. But maybe you like some other channel from this list. Quickly comment below your most liked YouTube Channel from this list.

Stay Home! Stay Safe! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are needed for fashion designing?

1. Elements Of Fashion & Design
2. Pattern Making & Garment Construction
3. Fashion Illustration & Design
4. Textile Wet Processing
5. Fashion Art And Design
6. Textile And Apparel Testing
7. Fashion Retailing, Marketing And Merchandising, and more.

Is there any age limit for fashion designing?

No, there is no age limit for fashion designing.

Who is the richest fashion designer?

1. Satoshi Nakamoto- $57 Billion
2. Giorgio Armani- $9.6 Billion
3. Tim Sweeney- $9 Billion
4. Ralph Lauren- $7 Billion
5. Miuccia Prada- $6 Billion
6. Patrizio Bertelli- $5.2 Billion
7. Domenico Dolce- $2 Billion


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