YouTube Beauty Fest 2022 | What You Can Expect at YouTube Beauty Fest

YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube is back with its Beauty Fest! YouTube Beauty Fest 2022 will be the second year for YouTube’s annual event. And it is only getting bigger, better, and more amazing. This year we can expect innovations with new and exclusive launches among all the awesomeness. 

YouTube for the first time ever will be launching its Shoppable Shorts. This new addition to YouTube will only make shopping experiences easier and happier! Just like shopping for beauty products and cosmetics should be, right? Shoppable Shorts will be launched on the day of the event itself. You can try this feature and shop for your favorite beauty products right then!

Enough about what’s new about the YouTube Beauty Fest 2022. Let’s dive into the details of the events. When is it happening? Where can you see it? But most importantly which beauty brand can you expect on the day of the event. And which YouTube Beauty Creators will be attending this year’s Beauty Fest! 

When Is YouTube Beauty Fest 2022?

YouTube’s Beauty Fest 2022 will be held in Los Angeles this year. The event is on 16th June at 4.00 pm PST. It’s the second year of this annual event. And it seems like this is one party to be at! You can stream the event live from YouTube’s Beauty Fest official page.

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Creators You Can Expect At YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube Beauty Fest is expected to be featuring more than 30 creators and celebrities this year. In attendance, for the Beauty Fest, 2022 will be celebrities Kehlani, Gwen Stefani, Hailey Bieber, Amber Scholl, Ashley Graham, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Allyiah Gainer among others.

YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

Beauty creators PatrickStarrr, Safiya Nygaard, Simply Nailogical, Sir John, SSSniperwolf, Arnell Armon, and Manny MUA will also be present among other big creators.

YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

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Beauty Brands At YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube Beauty Fest keeps getting better and it is only its second year. We have big names in the beauty industry now entering the ever-growing world of YouTube. We can expect to get an exclusive peek and updates from major brands like Glossier, Donni Davy’s Half Magic Beauty, Olaplex, Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pattern Beauty, SKIN by Winnie Harlow, and many more.

YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube Beauty fest will also be a shoppers’ paradise with huge brands like Dyson, Fenty Beauty, Lancôme, and NuFace. Along with these brands, the Beauty Fest will also become a launch pad for many of its own creators’ brands. Some of the new launches that have everyone buzzing are TZN Cosmetics (Sir John), FORVR Mood (Jackie Aina), LaserAway, and Hairitage (Mindy McKnight).

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What Is New This Year?

YouTube Beauty Fest for the first time is making Shoppable Shorts. This will let all its viewers buy the beauty products from the Shorts itself. What’s more exciting is the Giveaway that Glossier will be hosting on YouTube Shorts. With Shoppable Shorts and all the amazing brands that are a part of the Beauty Fest this year, it will be one hell of an experience. You will be able to shop from new and exclusive launches right from Shorts.

Shoppable Shorts 

YouTube will be launching Shoppable Shorts for the first time ever during the YouTube Beauty Fest 2022. This will let its viewers all over the world shop from the Shorts that they will see. Its viewers can experience this new feature on the launch day through the Livestream. It will only make the beauty shopping experience more fun and relaxing. Isn’t that what beauty shopping should be all about? 

No more looking for that one shade of red lipstick through the entire catalog. You won’t have to worry about going to the shopping site of a beauty brand and browsing through their catalog for hours anymore. Like what you see on the Shorts? Shop from right there! This will be a game-changer for the shopping of beauty products.

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Shoppable Shorts Challenge

To get the Beauty Fest 2022 started and the people buzzing, it has launched the Shorts Challenge. This Shoppable Shorts Challenge is brought to you by Glossier along with YouTube. This challenge starring musician Khelani was launched on June 8. This was also the launch of Glossier’s newest cosmetic No.1 Pencil. This was exclusively launched on YouTube Shorts. The challenge will be open till June 16. 

YouTube Beauty Fest 2021

YouTube Beauty Fest 2022

YouTube’s first Beauty Fest was held on May 14, 2021. This was the first time all of YouTube’s Beauty Community was able to come together and celebrate. More than being a competition, it was a celebration for all its creators. For all the success the beauty creator has achieved. The creators and their achievements will always be a huge part of the YouTube Family. 

YouTube will remain the first milestone for so many of its creators that have gone on their own later. This is what makes YouTube and its annual events like the Beauty Fest and Fanfest so special. Creators were given the platform to start finding their tribe that eventually became their biggest supporters!

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Wrapping Up

YouTube Beauty Fest 2022 is going to be one event to watch out for! With the launch of Shoppable Shorts, it is going to be a great experience for its worldwide viewers as well! This year’s Beauty Fest is partnering with big names in the beauty industry like Fenty Beauty, Dyson, and Glossier.

YouTube Beauty Fest 2021 was the first time this annual event was launched. Though it was a big success, we can expect this year’s event to be an amazing experience for all. With its creators celebrating their success on the platform, their fans can also support them and buy their products. We really cannot wait to watch YouTube Beauty Fest 2022!

Which creator are you most excited to see? What brands will you be trying from YouTube Shoppable Shorts? Let us know in the comments below!

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