11 Best YouTube Alternatives: Must Try Apps like YouTube in 2022

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YouTube is the most popular online video platform worldwide. It is the second most used search engine as well. Though, on the one hand, its users are increasing largely, there are several issues with YouTube that force netizens to look for YouTube alternatives. Several apps work better than YouTube and provide a wide range of content.

In the past couple of years, YouTube has developed some features that have left a negative impression on its users. Be it the annoying advertisements that interrupt the rhythm, the revision of guidelines without prior notice, the unavailability of most of the latest television shows and movies, or the copyright issues. YouTube, in one or another case, will make you unhappy.

Best YouTube Vanced Alternative App...
Best YouTube Vanced Alternative Apps To Watch YouTube

If you’re one of those who are unsatisfied with YouTube or its features. Stop worrying! YouTube is not the only good option available online. There are many alternatives to YouTube available for you. In this article, I will suggest some of the best apps like YouTube. Here is the list of the best YouTube Alternatives

11 Best YouTube Alternatives

Best YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is the most established in its genre. If you are a new content creator, you may be lost in the crowd on YouTube. You and the regular users should be informed that the notion ‘Everything and everyone is on YouTube’ is untrue. You will find different content on YouTube alternatives. Not to mention, you will definitely, find a different audience too. I’ll walk you through apps like YouTube available on different platforms and payments. There are two types of YouTube alternatives available, paid and free.

6 Best Free YouTube Alternative

Most YouTube users are not subscribed to YouTube Premium. That means its free service is most common among the masses. Even many small businesses and many professionals use the free version of YouTube. Luckily, YouTube is not the only free video-streaming platform. I have made a small and the best list of free Youtube alternatives for you. Just have a look.   

1. Vimeo

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Vimeo: Best YouTube Alternatives

Vimeo is one of the best YouTube alternatives. It has more than 260 million users and 1.6 million subscribers across the globe. The best quality of this YouTube alternative is its ad-free viewing experience. You can add your work from anywhere if you are a video creator. You can upload it in 4K Ultra HD. It has a tidy and simple interface. It features limited genres and topics. The most popular videos on this app like YouTube are related to short films, music, animations, sports, et cetera. 

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2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion: Best YouTube Alternatives

Dailymotion is already a famous name you might have heard about it. It has more than 300 million users. It is considered the largest video streaming platform after YouTube. It has been the most liked YouTube alternative for a long time now. Dailymotion has a matching interference with YouTube. However, the copyright policies are flexible compared to YouTube. The professional video quality is what makes this app one of the best YouTube alternatives. It supports uploading and viewing of videos in 4K HD. The features are similar to YouTube.

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3. Instagram Videos

Instagram: Best YouTube Alternatives

Instagram has evolved and improved hugely in recent years. It has added many features, revoked a few, and improved most of them. You may find more influencers and brands heading to Instagram than on YouTube. As compared to YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels are more popular. You can upload 15 sec long videos to Instagram Reels. You can even upload an hour-long up to 3.6GB video file to Instagram. 

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4. Facebook

InsFacebook: Best YouTube Alternatives

Facebook has a bundle of offers for you as YouTube alternative. You can enjoy reels, videos in Newsfeed and Watch. Facebook Watch and Reels features are popular these days. Facebook supports ‘Live Streaming’ as well.

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5. TikTok

TikTok: Best YouTube Alternatives

TikTok has gained the most popularity in a short time as compared to other apps. It has emerged as an addiction. This is the trendsetter in short videos. Even YouTube Shorts feature is influenced by TikTok itself. If you want a YouTube alternatives for YouTube Shorts, TikTok is the best.

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6. DTube

DTube: Best YouTube Alternatives

It is an app like YouTube, best known for using a social blockchain system. It is censorship-free. DTube has its own cryptocurrency, DTC. You can earn DTC against your uploads, curate videos, and vote for the content. DTube is ad-free as well as recommendation algorithms free.

5 Top Paid YouTube Alternative Apps

Free apps may have a lot of interesting and hit videos and features on them. But there is always room for the better. The best-paid apps like YouTube, where you have the freedom to watch the latest and authentic, are here:

1. Netflix

Netflix: Best YouTube Alternatives

Netflix is the pioneer in the streaming service industry. It is not the app for you if you are a video creator. However, it is the best YouTube alternative for entertainment. You can enjoy movies, Netflix Orignal web series, movies, and so on. Netflix has 220+ million subscribers worldwide. 

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2. Prime Video

Prime Video: Best YouTube Alternatives

Prime Video is considered one of the best paid YouTube alternatives. However, just like Netflix, Prime Video does not support uploading your own videos as you can do on YouTube.

If your search for new releases on YouTube leads you to fake and disguised captions, you should switch to Prime Videos. It is a rental streaming service of Amazon. Prime Videos distributes web series and movies from others in addition to the original content. So, if you are looking for YouTube alternatives with great content, then Prime Video is a must try.

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3. Hulu

Hulu: Best YouTube Alternatives

Hulu is another app like YouTube for viewers. It has a huge viewership and subscriber base in the States. It has a variety of genres, from entertainment to sports. Hulu is not only limited to the web and smartphones. You can access it on your television as well.

Hulu is considered one of the best YouTube alternatives for its content and membership prices. It is economical compared to other paid YouTube alternatives.

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4. Disney +

Disney+: Best YouTube Alternatives

If you are looking for YouTube alternatives to watch good content, Disney+ is your best bet. Owned by Walt Disney, Disney+ has a record of having 10 million subscribers on the launch day. You can watch movies, TV series, and web series here. If you are a fan of the Disney empire, head to this app. However, this is not the app for you if you are looking for YouTube alternatives to create content.

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5. HBO Max

HBOMax: Best YouTube Alternatives

HBO Max is one of the best Youtube alternatives for non-video creators. It features award-winning movies and series rented from third parties and premiers its own content. HBO Max has 77+ million subscribers. With such a huge content library, HBO Max is considered one of the best YouTube alternatives.

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Comparison of YouTube Alternatives

Peek into the highlight features of these YouTube alternatives. If you know your niche and kind, it will help you out in selecting the right app for you. 

S.NoYouTube AlternativesHighlight FeatureAvailability
01VimeoPopular among ArtistsiOS
02DailymotionFlexible Copyright iOS
03Instagram VideosEntertaining Reels and VideosiOS
Web (Uploading limited)
04FacebookUser Friendly and fastiOS
05TikTokShort VideosiOS
Web (some features not available on web)
06DTubeDTC and blockchainiOS
07NetflixNo Match Netflix OriginalsiOS
08Prime VideoGiant database and genresiOS
09HuluVariety of shows and genresiOS
10Disney+Userfriendly, New releases and originalsiOS
11HBO MaxAffordableiOS

Wrapping Up

There are numerous YouTube alternatives in the market, not just these eleven (mentioned above). However, these are the most popular and available over major platforms. The article aims to provide you with the options that may suit one or the other need of you.

If you are a video creator and want to reach out to the masses and build a strong audience, go to the free YouTube alternatives. And if you are sick and tired of the junk videos and immature content, then I suggest you use the paid YouTube alternative apps or Vimeo. Vimeo and Prime Videos are my favorite YouTube alternatives. Which one is your favorite? Please let me know. 


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