Xiaomi Mi 11 launch 2021: New Specifications, Prices and more

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Xiaomi Mi 11 is already in the market. The company has launched its first Mi 11 in China. Xiaomi said that it will be the first smartphone with snapdragon 888 in the world. So we can say that it’s the first snapdragon 888 phone that have launched in the market of China. 

The company has launched its newest flagship in the market. After many months the Xiaomi Mi 11 is finally here in the market. It’s the new flagship that was built after the Mi 10 and Mi 9 along with many Xiaomi phones that launched in 2020. 

The Xiaomi Mi 11 launch event was on 28 December in China. It was just a few days after Christmas. We know how the phone looks and all its specifications but all the worldwide price and availability will be available in a few months that means it will be globally available in 2021. 

The earlier Xiaomi Mi flagships were launched in February of the respective years. But this Mi 11 is a bit earlier than the expected time of the phone.

Although there is no such information about the rumored Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro or any Mi 11 Lite. we have to find more if we want to know more about the series. But the main phone Mi 11 is already in the market and we have a lot of information about it. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Price

Xiaomi Mi 11
source- 91Mobiles

Although the official price of this Xiaomi globally has not been yet released it will definitely be a mid-range price. The actual launch cost is yet to be released. The price of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is officially announced in China and not anywhere else. We can provide you with the Yuan price list of the phone but it will surely be different everywhere globally. 

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The different prices for different models in China are

For 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage, the cost of Mi 11 will be CNY 3,999 (that will be around $610, AU$800 and 450 Pound Sterling)

For 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage, the cost of Mi 11 will be CNY 4,299(that will be around $660, AU$870 and 490 Pound Sterling)

For the top model 12GB RAM and 256GB Storage, the cost will be CNY 4,699(that will be around $720, AU$870, and 530 Pound Sterling)

The global price for this Mi 11 will surely not match those conversions, but it is sure that Mi 11 will be more affordable than the previous model Mi 10 that was launched for AU$1,699 that was roughly about $990 with 8GB RAM and 128Storage. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Availability

Xiaomi Mi 11
source- Phone Bunch

There’s nothing now to be announced about the global availability of Xiaomi Mi 11. But it will surely make its second event in late January or February 2021. Although the company has already launched its flagships in the month of December in the market of China in 2020. 

Most probably the price for Xiaomi Mi 11 will be announced in the second event in the UK and Australia. The company doesn’t launch its phones in the US. It is also expected that the company will hopefully announce its  Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and Xiaomi Mi Pro. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Design

Xiaomi Mi 11
source- Notebookcheck

The design is much likely to be seen the same as the Xiaomi Mi 10. The Xiaomi Mi 11 looks similar to that from the front. It has a punch hole cut out in the top left corner of the screen. That is designed for the fingerprint sensor. 

But the screen is not curved on the left side and there are no curves seen on the right side too as that on the Mi 10. It is just all curved on all four sides. Although this is not the first phone to come up with a design like this, there was also a Huawei P40 Pro that looks the same as this one. It’s a novel design.

The other difference is a big change in the camera bump of Mi 11 and Mi 10. Earlier there was a slim vertical design, but now there is a boxy lump here that looks to have a set of each lens placed a different distance from each block.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Display

Xiaomi Mi 11
source- Gizmochina

The different colors of the model that can be seen are black, pale blue, or white. There are other two leather editions like purple and khaki. There is no information on whether this real leather or faux leather is made from which material. 

The screen resolution for Xiaomi Mi 11 is 2K which means it will have a resolution of about 1440 x 3200 based on the aspect ratio. The model has an AMOLED panel that will have a layer to detect touch from the top with a 120Hz refresh rate. The touch input is like;y to be about 240 Hz. The screen brightness is likely to be around 1,500 nits which are pretty high for any smartphone. The maximum brightness is likely to be between 500 nits and 1,000 nits.

The size of this Xiaomi smartphone is more than any other Xiaomi smartphone, it has a screen size of 6.81 inches overall. 

The material of the phone is likely to have a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus in the front and the back. The Victus is a new version that is simply designed to be hardy and be resistant to smash. Corning is already used in many smartphone bodies. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Camera

Xiaomi Mi 11
source- Lowyat.NET

This model has three rare cameras. The earlier model had four cameras. But the quality will surely beat the quantity.

The main camera is 108MP, it has a 13MP ultra-wide and macro telephone of 5MP. This is designed for both zoomed and close-up shots. The first two cameras are just like the predecessor and match it but talking about the third camera, it’s a big improvement in the model. 

This Mi 11 has a 5MP macro camera but there was a 2MP macro and 2MP depth-sensing camera in Mi 10.  

But it will not make the quality low as it has come up with the ability to zoom optically that was not there in the Mi 10. 

The new Mi 11 has come up with a new video mode for night photography. It will also focus on low light and night mode photography. It is an improving feature for any smartphone. But Xiaomi has extended this to its video shooting feature. 

The camera samples of this Xiaomi Mi 11 can be seen on a Chinese social media platform named Weibo account. 

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Performance

Xiaomi Mi 11
source- Router Switch Blog

This Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first smartphone to have an 888 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It will make the best processor to be used in any smartphone in 2021. This is also seen in smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S21 and OnePlus9

The program founder David Anderson spoke at the event that this Mi 11 will have a feature to donate the processing power of the smartphone to help scientists. This has been officially certified by BOINC( the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) But there’s still not clear whether it will actually work or not. 

It will have a dual speaker that was tuned by Harman Kardon, the most popular audio brand. So, it’s pretty sure that music and audio for everything will definitely sound great. This HK brand also did many tuning for Samsung phones.

This Xiaomi Mi 11 will also come up with a feature of Bluetooth Audio Sharing feature. It will be a great feature for many music fans. The audio can be played at many Bluetooth connected outputs like speakers and headphones at one time. So two people or more than two can watch any movie or listen to their favorite music on the phone via connecting to different pairs of headphones. 

It will be based on MIUI 12.5 Android. This Miui 12.5 will include new wallpapers, improvement in the user interface to make better use of dual speakers, and work on the security improvements. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Battery Life 

The battery size of the model is 4,600mAh. That’s pretty good but it’s not the biggest than we have seen in earlier Xiaomi phones. Although the size doesn’t matter much,  we can surely get to know about this after using the phone. Then we can talk about how long it lasts.

Just like the iPhone 12, this model is also not coming up with a charger in its box. It will come up with 55W wired power and 50W wireless power in the phone. 

There is also 10W Bilateral charging, so this Xiaomi Mi 11 can be used as a savior to charge up some other devices that need instant charging. Although this 10W is not that huge still it beats many other phones with this feature.  

Featured image Credits- TechRadar


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