X Ways to Improve Your Style in Academic Writing

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Getting into academia is a way for most students to start their careers. Regardless of the academic background, they require some outstanding skills and abilities to demonstrate their learning proficiency and knowledge. The required skills for academic proficiency can be learned easily. However, there are also a few God-gifted skills, and these are quite hard to develop if they don’t exist already.

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9 Ways to Improve Your Style in Academic Writing

1- Use ACTIVE VOICE Sentences

Do not use Passive Voice sentences like “My t-shirt was washed by my sister”. Instead, you can say, “My sister washed my t-shirt” (Active Voice).

The construction of the passive voice (was washed) is held in reserve for occasions where the “do-er” of the action is unidentified.

For example, we are going to play a cricket match today.

2. Mix it in PUNCTUATION terms

Now, here are some punctuation marks that are commonly used wrong, which most people believe in. 

The semicolon (;) is used to separate the two complete complementary sentences. 

Example: The cat slept through the storm; the dog cowered under the bed.

Colon (:) is used;

  • Before a list

For example; There is everything in the house: a garage, two bedrooms, and a backyard.

  • Like “drum roll” before “mass disclosure”.

For example, one thing that increased the hate of the stepmother for Cinderella: jealousy.

Two hyphens (-) are combined to dash (–). Between the text and dash, there is no space used. The dash is used;

  • To Bracket a few descriptive data

For example, Even the stepsisters of Sophia, who are not as sweet and kind as Sophia, were permitted to go to the ball.

  • In “drum roll”, colon sense

For example, Prince Charming will search for this mysterious woman–even if he has to put slippers on every girl in the state.

3. Change the STRUCTURE of your SENTENCE

Do not say: “Rehana saw her fairy godmother in a black dress. Rehana was surprised. She asked, “Who is that woman?” She replied that she is her godmother and will get Rehana a coach and a dress. Moreover, she said that she would help Rehana get to the ball.

You can say: (There exist a lot of accurate methods to rewrite it, but now, here we are going to offer one of the correct ways.) “Rehana stared in amazement as her fairy-godmother appeared and asked who she was, to which she answered, “I am your fairy godmother.” The fairy godmother will get Rehana a coach and a dress to help Rehana get to the ball. 

4. Close to this, evade CHOPPINESS

Do not say: “She swept the floors. They were dull. She used a mop. Sophia sobbed with grief. It looked like she was a servant.”

You can say: (here are also several methods) “She cleaned the dull floor with the usage of a mop as if she were a servant. She exhaled unhappily.”


You have to avoid using words that have the same meanings.

Do not say: Stepsisters are envious and jealous.

Instead, say: Stepsisters are envious. (… or jealous. Choose only one.)


Do not use: Mystery women was the only one who all the eligible people at the ball praised.

You can say: All the eligible people at the ball praised the mystery woman.

7. You have to use the VOCABULARY that you are familiar

Never feel that you must make use of the big words. You should use simple language and be clear to use flashy words about which you are not surely misusing them potentially. However, this is not to say that you should opt for a very weak choice of words (such as “bad”, “mad”, or “big”).

8. But also work to improve your VOCABULARY

While reading, you have to see the words that you are not familiar with. Moreover, see how these words helps to create the list. Include these words in writing when you think that these words are appropriate and comfortable.

9. Use FORMAL Language, and evade the everyday speech-language

Do not say: Sophia is sweet and nice and never allows her stepmother to go to her.

You can say: Sophia is kind and mild-mannered and never allows her stepmother to influence her matters.


Academic writing is a good skill in a few occupations. If you don’t need academic writing in your profession, you have to practice it in your university, school, or college. Academic writing is about the intellectual endeavour, precision, and capability to comply with essential requirements. Unfortunately, all the students can’t enhance remarkable academic writing skills. You need lots of practice to enhance your academic writing skills to the next level.


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