X-TradeBrokers Review: The Best Crypto Trading Platform for Millennial

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X-TradeBrokers Overview

X-TradeBrokers is one of the newest online brokers, formed just a few years ago. This platform is positioning itself to serve active and newer traders and others drawn to an app providing a wide array of free services, including commission-free trading of ETFs and stocks and their multiple cryptocurrencies and options and no-account minimums.

This trading platform favors the self-directed trader, with a less complete offering than a full-service broker. That said, X-TradeBrokers clients get a lot of bang without the buck, good software with a wide array of valuable features and tools, together with viable margin rates.

X-TradeBrokers vs. Other Trading Robots

There are many brokers out there, but what makes X-TradeBrokers apart from the rest is that it enables traders to trade digital currencies directly, instead of future, as some of the renowned brokers need. You will not give out a high commission, but you’ll pay a spread mark up on either side of a trade.

You can trade Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies on this platform for a minimum of $1, and you can do so 24/7. You can also avail price quotes on other digital currencies, even when you can’t trade all of them. As of now, this platform is adding more cryptocurrencies to trade.

Who X-TradeBrokers Is For?

X-TradeBrokers is for traders who like to get into monetary markets without minimum account sizes and commission-free trading. This is not your typical full-service broker; therefore, its clients need a DIY approach to some factors of portfolio management. X-TradeBrokers clients have skewed younger than at other broker companies. The no-cost model broker will also appeal to active investors. The free options trading this broker offer will draw the attention of many active options investors as other brokerages, even those that have gone to an ETF and free stock trade, keep charging commission on every leg of options trades.

Is X-TradeBrokers Easy to Use?

X-TradeBrokers is user-friendly with intuitive and clean navigation. It has an online presence, a desktop workstation as well as a mobile app which are likewise well-made. This platform shares a contemporary look and feels due to having been developed so recently. 


This is a not cost crypto broker and provides no commission trading in ETFs, and stocks, including options listed. Also, they don’t charge a fee for account minimums and their tools and robust platforms. Margin rates of this platform are competitive as well. 

Customer Service

This trading platform doesn’t have financial experts or advisors; however, its clients can speak with a live broker when they want to wait on the phone. The platform’s average hold time is two hours. 

Is X-TradeBrokers Reliable and Safe? 

This is a safe platform. Two-factor authentication is available; mobile provides biometric log-on as an alternative to facial recognition or finger point. This platform didn’t have serious platform outages and hadn’t had a data breach in the past couple of years. There’s a separate six-digit numerical passcode for trading, putting in an extra layer of security. 


There is no commission on options, ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Easy to set up an account, and options approval is fast; no charges or minimums

User-friendly platforms with superb tools and content 


Not available in some countries at this point 

Conclusion: Is X-TradeBrokers Worth Trying? 

Yes. X-TradeBrokers is a good deal for investors or active traders that do not require hand holding. Also, it is appealing to those who wish to try trading as it costs nothing or does no additional charges. There’s no minimum account size and competitive margin rates. Also, there is no commission on ETFs, stocks, options as well as digital currencies. What is more, you will also have access to intuitive and well-made trading platforms for mobile devices and desktops, offering useful trading tools at no additional expense. 

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