X Disciplines that are on Employers’ List for the Next Decade

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Life has rapidly changed in the past few years. Due to rapid digitalization, human beings no longer interact with the world as they used to. Nowadays, every profession requires employees to be well versed in the soft and technical skills of the 21st Century. Many educational programs aim to prepare students with the skillset that aligns with the current business requirements. 

However, people choose to study a discipline for many reasons. Some hope to learn new skills; others get a degree to get more employable. No matter what the reason, getting an advanced degree is undoubtedly the way to go. According to a research, a degree leads to 28% increase in earnings. Furthermore, it makes promotions easier and helps graduates climb the corporate ladder.

However, not all degrees are equal. Some professions are lucrative, while others, like teaching, are not. Therefore one must try to graduate with a degree that correlates with better job prospects and higher wages. It seems like an overwhelming task. To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the highest paying degrees in the world. So, give our list a read and decide which degree piques your interest:

  1. Engineering:

It is a fact of life that engineering is the fastest-growing sector in the world. Therefore, it is wise to become a master of technology to make the most of your life. The field offers specializations in different areas, as the demand for engineers continues to grow. You might want to enter the biomedical field or the electrical engineering industry. 

It is imperative to mention that the world is no longer ignoring the disadvantages of technological disruption in their lives. If there is anything the last election has shown us, it’s that technology can be destructive in the wrong hands. Similar is the case with any other field, which can put adverse outcomes when going out of ethical limits. Therefore, future engineers must uphold engineering ethics in their workplaces and private lives.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among 18 different engineering occupations, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering are high in demand. The highest paying engineering occupation is petroleum engineers, who earn a median wage of $128,230 per annum. The job outlook is favorable, with an expected 6% increase per annum. 

  1.  Lawyer

If you wish to make the world a better place for everyone, you should become a lawyer. Lawyers, or attorneys, represent people in trials. They may also advise people about their rights and obligations to the monitoring bodies. 

Like engineers, lawyers can go for different specializations. They may work as environmental lawyers or as tax experts. Most lawyers work in offices, but they may have to travel to meet clients at different locations. However, the work environment is very stressful. Most lawyers work more than 40 days a week, and those providing private services work additional hours.

To pursue the career, you must have a law degree and score high in a bar exam. A law degree needs at least seven years of study, post-high school. Every state has its bar exam, without which lawyers cannot practice there. The annual pay for a lawyer is $122,960, and the highest-paid lawyer earns more than $208,000. The demand for lawyers will grow by 4%, which is as fast as the average.

  1. Nursing

According to experts, the world has a shortage of nurses. Nurses are a critical part of the healthcare sector because they are primarily in charge of patient care. However, in the current scenarios, most nurses are leaving their jobs because of nurse burnout. Since the population is aging, and one million nurses are older than 50. This means that one-third of the workforce will retire in the next ten years. According to the American Nurses Association, there are 29 million nurses in the world. And the world will need one million more nurses in the future. 

The healthcare sector is diversifying, and there are different nursing specializations. Prospective nurses can work as nurse-midwives or oncologists, depending on the area of interest of the applicant. However, to become a nurse, students must get an undergraduate degree in nursing. They may get a permit and a postgraduate degree in any specialty they’re interested in. Specializations have their licenses from each state board of nursing. 

Nurses make a good living. The median wage is $115,800 per annum. The job sector is going to grow a whopping 45% by 2029. That is much faster than the average for other occupations. Therefore, now is an excellent time to consider working in this sector.

  1. Finance

A future in finance might be interesting for those who have a head for numbers. Most students try to enter this field as it a lucrative sector. The banking and finance sector is most popular amongst those who have the brightest minds. Even though a future in finance is challenging, but there are certain advantages as well. 

Firstly, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and develop through structured training. Most businesses also give employees the chance to travel and work abroad. For example, JP Morgan sends all graduate recruits to their New York HQ for their initial training. 

It is not wrong to say that financial experts are the most highly paid graduates in the world. They earn approximately twice as much as the average graduates. A financial manager may earn up to $129,890 per year. Additionally, they get other benefits like private health care, insurance, and subsidized travel. Perhaps, by 2028, the sector will grow by 16%. Therefore it is an excellent career choice for 2021.

  1. Human Resources:

Human resources managers plan and direct the administration of an organization. They are in charge of recruitment, interviews, and hiring. Furthermore, they guide executives about their planning techniques and oversee employee benefit programs. Many HR managers must also keep the workplace environment compliant with regulations. The best thing is that HR managers work in every industry imaginable. They mostly work in office settings with frequent traveling. If you are looking for a stereotypical nine to five job, then a career in HR is the right choice for you. 

Successful candidates must get a minimal Bachelors’ degree with the right experience in a related field. Some positions may require a master’s degree in HR. The average pay for an HR Manager is $116,720 per annum, with the top 10% earning up to $205,720. The industry is going to grow by 6%. 


2021 is the year of personal development. Since 2020 was such a nightmare, now is the time to turn your life around through self-care and skill development. Getting the right degree is not enough for an excellent career. One must focus on honing their skills as well. Critical thinking is thus necessary before reaching the final decision for your future.


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