WWE 2K23: MyGM Guide | Cheats & Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

WWE 2K23 GM Mode

Do you want to be the best GM (General Manager) of WWE 2K23? This guide is going to help achieve this. Do you know that the WWE 2K23 GM Mode is pretty different from the 2K22? This guide is definitely gonna help you adjust to the new WWE 2K23 MyGM. Let’s learn more.

The legendary GM Mode from the WWE 2K22’s Smackdown vs. Raw series finally returns as MyGM in WWE 2K23. MyGM also functions as a WWE 2K23 game mode. If you want to be the best in GM mode by putting on the best shows ever, you must look into this article and gather up all the WWE 2K23 GM Mode tips to ultimately become WWE 2K23 Hall Of Fame GM.

This WWE 2K23: MyGM Guide is for those who want to know more about WWE 2K23 MyGM mode as a whole. You can also get all the latest and the best tips and tricks to be the best in WWE 2K23 GM Mode & become the hall of fame GM. Now, let’s get started.

What Is WWE 2K23 GM Mode Or MyGM Mode?

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

WWE 2K23 GM mode immerses players in the position of a WWE General Manager by giving them the opportunity to build a roster, manage budgets, sign free agents, book matches and rivalries, select arena locations, production components, and more with the aim of defeating an opponent GM in weekly rating fights. 

Whether you’re playing co-op mode or as a teammate or the AI, your objective in GM Mode is to have the best brand by the time of Wrestlemania. The mode is won by whoever has the most watched show with the most money at the conclusion.

Also, the ultimate objective of MyGM Mode in WWE 2K23 is to eventually be admitted into the Hall of Fame in addition to winning the battle of the brands. The top GMs who complete 10 Seasonal Challenges and earn 10 Hall of Fame trophies will get entry into the Hall of Fame as well as bragging rights.

How To Play WWE 2K23 MyGM | Detailed WWE 2K23 GM Mode Gameplay

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

Make your brand the most prominent one in the organization and demonstrate that you are the best GM. The GM mode has undergone several changes from WWE 2K22, therefore it is somewhat different in 2K23. So, let’s get everything cleared and learn WWE 2K23 GM Mode in depth.

How To Choose A WWE 2K23 GM?

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

The first important decision is which GM you’ll take on for the duration of the mode. Up to 4 players can join the mode as a new feature in WWE 2K23, with each player controlling a different GM and brand.

Each GM provides you with immediate access to an Exclusive Power Card, a unique boost you can utilize to your advantage throughout the season.

The General Managers that may be chosen in WWE 2K23’s MyGM are listed below.

Adam PearceInstigatorIncreases the levels of all active Rivalries by 1
Sonya DevillePower UpPower Cards in the store are free this week
Stephanie McMahonThe McMahon PresenceEarn twice as much money from arena attendance this week
Xavier Woods (NEW)Cheat CodeSelect a Superstar from an opposing brand. They will permanently join your roster next week (cannot be a title holder)
Tyler Breeze (NEW)Quick RecoveryAll your Superstars immediately recover 20 stamina
Kurt Angle (NEW)Heart of GoldAll Charity Promos are free to book and have their results doubled this week
Eric Bischoff (NEW)Backstage BookingBooking costs for all show logistics are free this week
Mick Foley (NEW)Cactus JackedSelect an opposing brand, and 2 random Superstars from their show will be injured next week
Custom Superstar*Legend WhispererThe first Legend you sign this week will be free

How To Choose A Brand In WWE 2K23 GM Mode?

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

It’s time to decide which brand you wish to run after selecting a general manager. The brand you choose will also have a special power card exclusive to that brand, just like your GM choice did. Make a combination that will help your business succeed!

WCW has been welcomed as a playable brand in WWE 2K23’s MyGM system. The available brands and their initial power cards are listed below:

RawThis is WarSelect an opposing brand to have 3 randomly selected Superstars that cannot be booked in matches next week (cannot be used before a PPV/PLE)
SmackDownBirth of Legends6 random Superstars on your roster will have their popularity increased by +6
NXTFighting ChampionTitle matches booked for this week will receive a large match rating boost
NXT 2.0 (NEW)Fresh MeatReduce the price of the next 3 Free Agents you purchase this week by 50%
WCW (NEW)Classically TrainedExtend the duration of all your current Legends contracts by 5 weeks.

In MyGM mode, it is not feasible to establish your own personalized brand.  You can choose how many human or computer opponents you’ll be up against after choosing your brand. You can decide to compete against one to three other brands, and you can choose which brands and whose general managers to represent each.

How To Set Up WWE 2K23 GM Mode | WWE 2K23 MyGM Settings

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

In WWE 2K23, there are a number of settings you may adjust while setting up your MyGM. There are three different difficulty levels for the AI in WWE 2K23 GM Mode, they are –

1.  Easy

2. Normal

3. Hard. 

The greater the difficulty setting, the more intelligent the AI’s decisions will be. Also, there is a unique “Game Difficulty” option that influences the number of games on your schedule, season-long restrictions, superstar morale on average, and injury risks.

As WWE 2K23 supports limitless seasons, there are no defined time options for the MyGM Mode in contrast to WWE 2K22. There are 25 weeks in each season, and WrestleMania serves as the season finale. It is also possible to play in the following years.

Can You Do A Draft Pool Customization In WWE 2K23 GM Mode?

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

You can change the superstars who are available in the Draft Pool before you choose your rosters by switching between anyone on the WWE 2K23 Roster list and your Custom Superstars. 

You can change each superstar’s starting Popularity, Role, Class, and Stamina attributes before the game even starts, so you are not limited to using the roster’s preset settings. Even which characters have been designated as Legends may be found.

You can even save the list of superstars you’ve chosen so you can use it again for upcoming MyGM mode runs.

Can You Play WWE 2K23 GM Mode Co-Op?

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

Yes, we can play WWE 2K23 GM Mode in co-op. MyGM Mode lets you control the competing shows while competing against the AI or up to 4 human players in co-op mode. Only nearby couch co-op venues are available for multiplayer gaming in MyGM. For MyGM Mode, there isn’t any real-world online multiplayer.

The Steam Remote Play / PlayStation Share Play features, however, allow you to ask an internet friend to join your game and give them a virtual controller. Nevertheless, Xbox does not support share-play, therefore only local co-op is permitted there.

Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM?

WWE 2K23 GM Mode: MyGM Guide | Tips To Become Hall Of Fame GM

It is a dream of every General Manager in WWE 2K23 GM Mode to become the ultimate Hall Of Fame GM and it takes a lot of effort to be one. Here are some tips which I have for you that will aid you and take you a step ahead to becoming the Hall of fame.

  • Don’t Overlook Promo Skill When Drafting
  • Rest People And Continue Building Their Rivalries Using Call-Out Promos
  • Check The Power Card Store Every Week
  • Get Specialists But Don’t Completely Rely On Them
  • Invest In Show Logistics
  • Have Varied Match Cards
  • Don’t Leave Titles Vacant
  • Save Level Four Rivalry Matches For PLEs
  • Use Submissions Matches To End Rivalries Instantly
  • Aim For Hall Of Fame Trophies

Wrapping Up

This was all, guys. Now you know pretty much everything about the WWE 2K23 GM Mode. You can check out my other interesting and useful WWE 2K23 guides on Path of EX. Take care and enjoy your time in GM mode of WWE 2K23. Bye, all. Have a good day.

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