How to Get The WWE 2K23 Accelerator (2023) | Unlock Showcase & Myrise!

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Want to get your hand on the WWE 2K23 accelerator perk? I know where it is and how to get it. So, make sure you follow me throughout this guide and know how to get the accelerator perk of WWE 2K23 quickly. Let’s get started.

You know some people on the internet advise us to complete the whole WWE 2K23 challenges to get the accelerator perk. It’s not true. I know a method where you can get the WWE 2K23 accelerator easily without completing my career goals. Let’s know-how.

This guide is just made for you if you want to get the WWE 2K23 accelerator easily without working out too much on challenges. Let’s get started and get our hands on the accelerator perk asap.

How To Get The WWE 2K23 Accelerator Perk?

How To Get The WWE 2K23 Accelerator: 2023

The WWE 2K23 accelerator perk is completely random and it is attached to the showcase match. You may get the 2K23 accelerator perk randomly on any match. So, have patience and wait till you get the accelerator perk challenge. 

I am advising you that don’t think you will get the WWE 2K23 accelerator perk as soon as you finish all the main phase quests and matches. NO. I have tried it and I wasted my time completing it and in the end, I didn’t get anything. This is why I am advising you to wait till you get the accelerator perk Match.

Does The 2K23 Accelerator Unlock Showcase/MyRise This year?

Keeping the reference of last year’s 2K23 Accelerator, no. The 2K23 Accelerator perk will not unlock Showcase/MyRise. The WWE 2K23 Accelerator perk will unlock some of the exclusive rewards.

I will update the rewards and the match soon. Check this article later.

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Since the game is brand new. It’s hard to comprehend. I will be updating this article soon with new information. So, make sure you bookmark this page and check it later. On the other hand, if you have unlocked the WWE 2K23 accelerator perk. Let me know how you did it and I will update this article accordingly. The comments section is open to you all.

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Wrapping Up

This was pretty much everything we know so far regarding the WWE 2K23 accelerator. As said above, the game is brand new. It’s hard to comprehend. Let’s wait and see other weekly challenges and then unlock the accelerator perk slowly. I will definitely update this article guys. For sure. Till then enjoy WWE 2K23 and let me know how you unlocked the accelerator perk if you have. Bye, guys. Take care.

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