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How You Doing, Champions? Thinking about today’s Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022? Well, stressing is not good for your health. The thing which is good for you today is the guidance from Path of Ex in order to crack the Worldle Answer for today correctly. Path of Ex has written many hints and clues with reference to today’s Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022 in this written piece. 

Though there are a total six attempts to guess the Worldle Answer for today, spontaneity can never be restricted in humans, in any way. Once a player crosses more than 50% of the distance, the urge to crack the right Worldle Answer for today hits another level. In no time, we use all the six attempts and the screen flashes you with a ‘Loser’ message.   

We really do not want you to be the victim of impulsive tries today. Go through the hints below, in order to crack the correct Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022.

What is Worldle? 

Wordle or Worldle? Everyone gets confused between these two games. Where Wordle is a 5 letters game where letters define any word from the dictionary, Worldle is a geography-based game where a player has to guess either the name of the country or territory in six total chances. A guess is made on the basis of the outlined shape. 

Worldle was introduced by a 31-year-old Web and video game developer, Antoine Teuf, after regaining some inspiration from Wordle itself. After being questioned a million times about why he chose the name ‘Worldle’, Antoine Teuf clarified himself that this is not intended to confuse the players with ’Wordle’ but this is rather a tribute to it.  

Worldle is played only once a day. If the users made a wrong guess, Worldle reflects the direction and distance of the wrong guess from the correct country on the map. 

Pro Tip- In order to spice up Worldle to a great extent, users can also disable the correct image of the country or territory. They can even rotate it in the other direction. 

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How to Play Worldle?

When a user opens the website link, an outline of the country torn apart from the map will be popped out instantly. There will be six chances for a user to make a guess, displayed in a way of a drop-down menu. A user will click his entry from the menu and make a guess. 

A new hint displays on the screen after every wrong guess made by the user. As Wordle displays yellow or gray colors on the wrong guesses and green on the right ones, Worldle lets you know how far your guess is from the correct country or territory. 

Hints for Today’s Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022

1. Country Name ending with A

The Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022 ends with ‘A’. There are many countries which end with the same. Go through the dropped down list of some of the countries which end with ‘A’. Do check out the further hint for more references. 

  1. Albania
  2. Algeria
  3. Andorra
  4. Austria
  5. Bolivia
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. Botswana
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Burma
  10. Cambodia
  11. Canada
  12. China
  13. Colombia
  14. Costa Rica
  15. Croatia
  16. Cuba
  17. Dominica
  18. Equatorial Guinea
  19. Eritrea
  20. Estonia
  21. Ethiopia
  22. Gambia, The
  23. Georgia
  24. Ghana
  25. Grenada
  26. Guatemala
  27. Guinea
  28. Guyana
  29. India
  30. Indonesia
  31. Jamaica
  32. Macedonia
  33. Malaysia
  34. Malta
  35. Nigeria
  36. North Korea
  37. Panama
  38. Papua New Guinea
  39. Russia
  40. Rwanda
  41. Saint Lucia
  42. Samoa
  43. Saudi Arabia
  44. Serbia
  45. Slovakia
  46. Slovenia
  47. Somalia
  48. South Africa
  49. Venezuela
  50. Zambia

It is advised to cover the maximum of your distance while guessing the Worldle Answer for today is always appreciated.   

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2. Worldle Country for Today is Known as the Transit Country

The Worldle Country for today, 3 March 2022 is referred to as the transit country with the smallest population. 

Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022


Exhausted with guessing the Worldle Answer for today?  Have a look underneath for Today’s Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022. 

Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022 is: ‘PANAMA’ 


Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022
Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022

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PANAMA – Transit County is famous for the Panama Canal. Panama is the only country in the world where a person can witness the sunrise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic. 

Wrapping Up 

Calling it a Worldle Day! The Worldle Answer of 3 March 2022 is guessed correctly. Worldle is always a good deal. We hope we could serve you right and you had great fun today, playing Worldle with us. 

Tomorrow’s Worldle Answer is still unpredictable. But Path of Ex is always here to pull you out of the darkness. See you again, tomorrow with a new Worldle Answer for the day.


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