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Playing Worldle to travel different countries every day or playing Worldle to polish your geographic knowledge? Write your reason in the comment box below. Heading on to the Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022, the Worldle Country for Today requires a player to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of geography. For further assistance, we have added some references in regard to Today’s Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022. Head on!

A player owns six total attempts to make a correct guess for Worldle Answer for Today. In order to ease it out for you, we are dropping one major hint ahead. The Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022 has two vowels in it and the first letter of Worldle Country comes three times in the whole Worldle Country. 

Now before I spill the whole Worldle Country of 2 March 2022, steep ahead!

Path of Ex has dropped many hints with reference to Worldle Answer for today, 2 March 2022. Continue reading till you reach your destination. 

What is Worldle? 

Wordle or Worldle? Everyone gets confused between these two games. Where Wordle is a 5 letters game where letters define any word from the dictionary, Worldle is a geography-based game where a player has to guess either the name of the country or territory in six total chances. A guess is made on the basis of the outlined shape. 

Worldle was introduced by a 31-year-old Web and video game developer, Antoine Teuf, after regaining some inspiration from Wordle itself. After being questioned a million times about why he chose the name ‘Worldle’, Antoine Teuf clarified himself that this is not intended to confuse the players with ’Wordle’ but this is rather a tribute to it.  

Worldle is played only once a day. If the users made a wrong guess, Worldle reflects the direction and distance of the wrong guess from the correct country on the map. 

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Pro Tip- In order to spice up Worldle to a great extent, users can also disable the correct image of the country or territory. They can even rotate it in the other direction. 

How to Play Worldle?

When a user opens the website link, an outline of the country torn apart from the map will be popped out instantly. There will be six chances for a user to make a guess, displayed in a way of a drop-down menu. A user will click his entry from the menu and make a guess. 

A new hint displays on the screen after every wrong guess made by the user. As Wordle displays yellow or gray colors on the wrong guesses and green on the right ones, Worldle lets you know how far your guess is from the correct country or territory. 

Hints for Today’s Worldle Answer of 01 March

1. Country Name ending with Y

As you know that the Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022 owns two total vowels and the first letter of the word repeats itself three total times, The Worldle Answer for today ends with a ‘Y’. 

Look through the narrowed-down countries below for further assistance. 

  1. British Indian Ocean Territory
  2. Germany
  3. Hungary
  4. Italy
  5. Norway
  6. Paraguay
  7. Turkey
  8. Uruguay

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 2. Country Name has R in the Worldle Answer Today

The Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022 has a letter ‘R’ in its name. Go through the list below for further assistance:

  1. Algeria
  2. Argentina
  3. Madagascar
  4. Armenia
  5. Austrian Empire*
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Marshall Islands
  8. Mauritania
  9. Mauritius
  10. Nauru
  11. Niger
  12. Nigeria
  13. Comoros
  14. Morocco
  15. Paraguay
  16. Peru
  17. Barbados
  18. Belarus
  19. Serbia
  20. Singapore
  21. Iran
  22. Iraq
  23. Ireland
  24. Israel
  25. Uruguay
  26. Georgia
  27. Germany
  28. Jordan
  29. Turkey
  30. Korea

3. Worldle Country for Today is the Biggest Consumer of Beef in the World

The Worldle Country for today which ends with a letter ‘Y’ is the biggest consumer of beef in the whole world. 

Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022


Exhausted with guessing the Worldle Answer for today?  Have a look underneath for Today’s Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022. 

Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022 is: ‘URUGUAY’ 

Today’s Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022
Today’s Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022

URUGUAY is the smallest Spanish-speaking country in South America. Uruguay is also known as a predominantly flat country where ranching reigns supreme.  

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Wrapping Up 

Calling it a Worldle Day! The Worldle Answer of 2 March 2022 is guessed correctly. Worldle is always a good deal. We hope we could serve you right and you had great fun today, playing Worldle with us. 

Tomorrow’s Worldle Answer is still unpredictable. But Path of EX is always here to pull you out of the darkness. See you again, tomorrow with a new Worldle Answer for the day. 


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