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Hello Worldle Fans! Are you looking for today’s Worldle answer of 12 March 2022? Do not stress yourselves. Path of EX is always here for you, today and every day. Read along because there are some amazing hints for you further concerning Worldle Answer of March 12, 2022. 

In today’s era of the fancy world, putting up an Instagram story and flaunting new visits is a trend indeed. Surely, it will help you to tick mark solving worldle from your bucket list. Worldle is a great way today to explore different countries in the world every day.   

Head on Further and you will be introduced to a bundle of hints and clues concerning March 12, 2022, Worldle Answer. Check it out and I bet you will not miss the spoilers. Continue to Read! 

What is Worldle? 

Wordle or Worldle? Everyone gets confused between these two games. Where Wordle is a 5 letters game where letters define any word from the dictionary, Worldle is a geography-based game where a player has to guess either the name of the country or territory in six total chances. A guess is made on the basis of the outlined shape. 

Worldle was introduced by a 31-year-old Web and video game developer, Antoine Teuf, after regaining some inspiration from Wordle itself. After being questioned a million times about why he chose the name ‘Worldle’, Antoine Teuf clarified himself that this is not intended to confuse the players with ’Wordle’ but this is rather a tribute to it.  

Worldle is played only once a day. If the users made a wrong guess, Worldle reflects the direction and distance of the wrong guess from the correct country on the map. 

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Pro Tip- In order to spice up Worldle to a great extent, users can also disable the correct image of the country or territory. They can even rotate it in the other direction. 

How to Play Worldle?

When a user opens the website link, an outline of the country torn apart from the map will be popped out instantly. There will be six chances for a user to make a guess, displayed in a way of a drop-down menu. A user will click his entry from the menu and make a guess. 

A new hint displays on the screen after every wrong guess made by the user. As Wordle displays yellow or gray colors on the wrong guesses and green on the right ones, Worldle lets you know how far your guess is from the correct country or territory. 

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Hints for Today’s Worldle Answer of 12 March 2022

1. Island Name Begins With B

Today’s Worldle answer of 12 March 2022 begins with B in it. You must be thinking there are many Islands beginning with B in them. Let me share with you a list that will help you.

  1. Baffin Island
  2. Bahrain Island
  3. Bald Eagle
  4. Badger Island
  5. Baulan Island
  6. Banfills Island
  7. Baleal Island
  8. Bangaram Island
  9. Bago Island
  10. Baker Island
  11. Bali Island
  12. Barra Island
  13. Barkis Island
  14. Barren Island
  15. Baluan Island
Worldle answers of 12 March 2022

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2. Word Contains Two Vowels OE

Another hint on Worldle answer of 12 March 2022- the word contains two vowels OE. You must be thinking there are many Islands names containing OE. Let me share with you a list that will help you.

  1. Beacon Island
  2. Bacelos Island
  3. Bailie- Hamilton Island
  4. Barbadoes Island
  5. Barentsoya Island
  6. Beausoleil Island
  7. Bisevo Island
  8. Blaker Towhead
  9. Boega Island
  10. Bovet Island
  11. Bone Island
  12. Borden Island
  13. Broadview Island
  14. Baluan Island
  15. Bolter Island

Worldle Answer of 12 March 2022

SPOILER Flash Below!

We just saved you today. The Worldle Answer for today, March 12, 2022 is mentioned down below. Head On! 

Worldle Answer of 12 March 2022 is ‘BOVET ISLAND.’

Worldle answer of 12 March 2022
Worldle Answer of 12 March 2022


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Bovet Island is known as the most remote Island in the world. Only the northwestern section of Bovet Island, known as Nyroysa, is the only region where people can access it.

Wrapping Up

All Worldle players, I hope you loved today’s Worldle. Let me tell you today Worldle answer of 12 March 2022, added great information to my knowledge. I am really thankful to Worldle for enriching me with knowledge. 

I would really appreciate, if you all will share your experience with today’s Worldle answer of 12 March 2022. Waiting for your comments.


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