All World Sail Codes December 2022 | How To Redeem Free XP, Gems, Gold & More

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You can now get additional EXP, gems, and stat resets in World Sail by using our World Sail codes listed below in this article. Characters’ health and power are restored when your stats are refreshed using World Sail codes, so it’s like skipping the resting time. With the assistance of gems and exp points, you may equip your character with more powerful gear quickly without taking any resting time.

World Sail is an open-world RPG based on the famous One Piece anime available for all on the Roblox platform. Players earn new skills, jewels, and improvements for their characters as they move around the town. Now live up your best pirate life in-game with the help of our World Sail codes. 

Sail the seven seas with confidence by using World Sail codes. Now that we know how important and exciting these World Sail codes can be. Let us not wait for no further and get in right away to the list of World Sail codes

All World Sail Codes Of December 2022

The rest of the article entails are the available World Sail codes both active and expired. We recommend you to use the active World Sail codes asap before it expire.

Active World Sail Codes | Working In December 2022

These are the active World Sail codes available. This means they are currently working and you can use them right away.

  • RESETME6 – Redeem Code for Free stat reset (NEW)
  • SHANKSUPDATE– Redeem Code for +50k Gold & +1 hour 2x EXP
  • DOUGHMAN  – Redeem Code to get 30 mins 2X EXP, +50k Gold
  • RESETME7 – Redeem Code for Free stat reset
  • G2  – Redeem Code to get 30 mins 2X EXP
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Expired World Sail Codes 

These are the expired World Sail codes. Which means they are no longer working. If you are using these by mistake check this list. It may have already expired.

  • NPCUPDATE – Redeem Code for free Stat Reset
  • NEWTRACKER – Redeem Code for 2x EXP (30mins)
  • PIKAFLIGHTFIX – Redeem Code for 30mins 2x EXP & 75,000 Gold
  • ALLYSYSTEM – Redeem Code for +1 hour 2x EXP
  • ANOTHAONE – Redeem Code for Free stat reset
  • BOSSUPDATE – Redeem Code for 20k Gold
  • MARINEFORD – Redeem Code for 30mins of 2x EXP
  • NEWRARITIES – Redeem Code for +5k Gold
  • NEWSTARTER – Redeem Code for +5Mins 2x EXP
  • RESETYO – Redeem Code for Stat reset
  • QUESTBUFF – Redeem Code for 15mins 2x EXP & 10,000 Gold
  • ANOTHERRESET – Redeem Code for Free Stat Reset
  • SOSORRY – Redeem Code to get 1hr 2X EXP, +10k Gold
  • XPBUFFS – Redeem Code to get +30 mins 2X EXP, 10 Gems
  • 1KFAVS – Redeem Code to get 10 Gems
  • DATAFIX – Redeem Code to get 2 hours of 2x EXP, 10 Gems, 30k Gold
  • MOREFIXES – Redeem Code to get Free Stat Reset
  • OgSwoleVexx – Redeem Code to get 3 Gems
  • ROADTO1500 – Redeem Code to get 15,000 Cash
  • STATRESETBOI – Redeem Code to get Reset stats
  • STORAGE – Redeem Code to get 5 Gems
  • THANKYOU – Redeem Code to get Stat Reset
  • VexxGoated – Redeem Code to get 30 mins 2x EXP & 5 Gems
  • 6KMEMBERS – Redeem Code to get 30mins 2X EXP
  • 5KFAVS – Redeem Code to get a Stat Reset
  • 400KVISITS – Redeem Code to get 20k Gold
  • MOCHIMOCHI – Redeem Code to get 15mins 2X EXP & 5 Gems
  • 1KLIKES – Redeem Code to get 25 Gems

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How To Redeem World Sail Codes?

Redeeming World Sail codes is easy. Don’t worry we will guide you step by step.

Follow these steps to redeem World Sail codes

  1. Launch World Sail through Roblox.
  2. Press the Options button on the lower left side of the screen.
  3. Find the text box and enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  4. Press the enter key to claim your reward!

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Wrapping Up,

Now here we are with all of the available World Sail codes and their redeeming process in our hands. Now all you have to do is redeem, sit back and enjoy your game with exciting rewards. Happy gaming!!! Stay connected with Path Of EX for more updates.


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