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Muskan Gupta
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Buenos Dias! Wordle Wonders! I am all set to start my day with Wordle and bed tea, You too? Well, High Five! Wordle is the best morning routine I ever applied to my life. It fresh starts my day with a new kinda kick and a new word into my vocabulary. However, guessing that right Wordle Answer for Today becomes a pain in the ass sometimes. If you are on my team, which I am 100% sure that you are, head on further into this article. Path of Ex has helped you out with some new hints and Today’s Wordle Answer on 26 February 2022.

Just a random guess on What could be the Wordle Answer for Today? Umm..maybe Think, Enter, Bright? Okay! I just used my 3 attempts for the day and I am not doing it anymore. Wordle Answers never fail to surprise me every day with their originality and simplicity. However, I do end up looking like a fool when I couldn’t get to the correct Wordle answer. 

Before I spoil the whole fun and spill the Wordle Answer of 26 February 2022, read along for hints, in regard to Today’s Wordle Answer as of 26 February 2022. 

What is Wordle?

Taking Twitter by storm, Wordle is a daily word game on the official website of the NY Times. Users get only six attempts to guess a five-letter word every day. Since it’s a web-based game, users don’t even need to download an app to play Wordle. 

After the six attempts, you get to share your result on any social media platform. Apparently, everyone is using Twitter to share the green-square box emoji personalized results. 

Initially, Wordle was created by Josh Wardle in October 2021, and by the start of 2022, Wordle was bought by The New York Times Company for an undisclosed seven-figure number, and the rest is history. 

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How to Get Better at Wordle?

Firstly, you don’t have to guess the word on the first attempt. Just try to use a five-letter word with the most popular letters, like TEARS, PEACE, BLOOD, SMILE. You can think of more US once you get a letter or two, right. Remember, Wordle uses only US spellings! 

If nothing comes into your mind, you can visit Path of EX or simply revisit this article. Don’t worry! I won’t give you spoilers right away. You will be given a list of words, out of which one is the right word. If you still don’t get it right, you can always jump to the answer.

Another great practice would be to try other word games. It will increase your word vocabulary and help you guess easily. 

5 Letter Words Starting with SP

Here is the first hint of Today’s Wordle Answer as of 26 February 2022 by Path of Ex. The Wordle Answer for today starts with SP. But what it could be? Keep reading till you reach our second hint. 

  • Space
  • Spack
  • Spacy
  • Spade
  • Spail
  • Spain
  • Spare
  • Spark
  • Spect
  • Speed
  • Speel
  • Speer
  • Spies
  • Spiff
  • Spile
  • Spill
  • Spilt
  • Spims

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5 Letter Words Ending with LL

Narrowing down to more common guesses, The Wordle Answer for Today ends with LL. This is the last hint for today. You better guess it now, but if there is still no luck, we have a spoiler flash for you making its way. 

  • Ahull
  • Atoll
  • Brill
  • Chill
  • Crull
  • Dholl
  • Prill
  • Proll
  • Quell
  • Skill
  • Skull
  • Small
  • Smell
  • Spell
  • Spill
  • Troll
  • Twell
Wordle Answer #252 on Saturday 26 February | Wordle Word Today

Today’s Wordle Answer of Saturday 26 February #252

Hold On- This space is not suitable for the ones who hate spoilers!

But the ones like me who love getting spoilers, WoW this has a different fanbase, right? Anyways, let’s see what is the Today’s Wordle Answer of 26 February 2022, Saturday. 

#252 Wordle answer on 26 Feb 2022 is ‘SPILL

Wordle Answer on 26 February 2022
Wordle Answer #252 on Saturday 26 February

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What is SPILL? 

Spill is an actual cause when something overflows through the edge or mouth. Either it is about letting the drink falling out of the container, or revealing a secret out of our mouth. 

Wrapping Up

Surprisingly, we did use the word SPILL in this article before because obviously, we were giving you a hidden hint to wordle answer #252 of 26 Feb. However, who knows how much glorious Tomorrow’s Wordle Answer would be.

In any case, Path of Ex will always be there to make it magnificent by its new round of hints.


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