WITH VIDEO: Some Foxconn plans ‘on hold’ here, at least until pandemic is over

Regarding those concerns, Lois said: “Obviously they (Foxconn) have changed that plan (for a Gen 10 plant) several years ago and are now doing what they call a Gen 6/868.

“The first stage of that building is up … but the remainder of that building — the Gen 6, which actually does the LCD, the liquid crystal display — that project right now is on hold,” Lois said. “Obviously COVID is affecting a number of those things. And, until they figure out what their final plan is for producing out of the 868/the Gen 6 building, that plan is on hold until next year.”

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Taft then asked: “What’s the timeline for when you’ll know about what that 868 facility will be?”


Lois replied: “If you can tell me when COVID is going to end and this country is going to get back to normal, I’ll give you an answer.”

On pins and needles

The State of Wisconsin, like Lois and residents of Racine County, is waiting on Foxconn to provide clarity.


In mid-October, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. said it cannot provide billions in tax credits Foxconn was expecting in 2020 since the contract Foxconn is operating under no longer reflects what is actually going on in Mount Pleasant; WEDC is arguing that since the contract promises a Gen 10 facility, and since the Gen 10 facility no longer appears to be happening, a new contract is needed.

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