Witchfire Walkthrough: Gameplay, Objectives, Maps Guide (2023)

Witchfire Walkthrough: Gameplay, Objectives, Maps Guide (2023)

Witchfire’s early access was released a while back in late September 2023, and even with limited areas open to exploration, there’s so much to explore and do. In this Witchfire walkthrough guide, I’ll help you with the walkthrough, gameplay, game objectives, maps, and resources.

Witchfire comes with many exciting and fresh features embedded into the core gameplay. Wildfire shares some of its gameplay aspects with recent games like Skull and Bones and games like Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. But you might be surprised to know that Witchfire has absolutely no cutscenes to “interrupt” your game like the former games.

The challenges and elevated first-person shooting experience will blow your mind. Are you ready to dive into the game from the makers of Painkiller and Bulletstorm we’ve waited for since 2020? Read on to the complete Witchfire walkthrough, objectives, maps, and pointers to win the game like a pro. Let’s go!

Witchfire Walkthrough: Objectives, Maps, Guide

Witchfire Walkthrough: Gameplay, Objectives, Maps Guide (2023)

Developed and published by The Astronauts, Witchfire is a first-person shooter and survival game that has made quite some noise since its release. Wildfire is available on PC through the Epic Games Store for $39.99, but what’s important to note is that this early access release is exclusive to the Epic Games Store for PC. What this means is that other platforms won’t see the Witchfire release till at least a year.

Separate from prior releases from The Astronauts, Witchfire focuses on collecting gear to return home. Let’s find out more about the game’s objectives, storyline, and routes.

Complete Witchfire Walkthrough Guide

Withfire walkthrough

The Witchfire Walkthrough begins with the game’s quest at the Wiseman’s Recess on the Scarlet Coast map. The one thing that you have to do, no matter where you are in the game, is kill and collect; kill the deadly grenadiers and assassins you encounter in your way and collect items. Once you’re done with Scarlet Coast, you can move on to the Irongate Castle.

1. Equip to Fight

Your gameplay for the Witchfire walkthrough starts at the chapel. At the Ascension Shrine, you need to start upgrading your HP so you can make sure you’re set for your adventure. Be smart while using your Witchfire; use it for Healing, Metanoia, Endurance, Witchery, and Luck. Similarly, be careful while choosing your arsenal; the best options are the Shotgun, Machine Pistol, and Crossbow.

2. Survive & Be Tactical

The main objective of Witchfire is returning home, but to do that, you need to survive everything that’s thrown at you. If you fail to survive, you lose your Witchfire and hard-earned progress. To cheat death, make sure to employ tactics and create strategies.

3. Collect & Kill

As mentioned in Withfire’s objectives, you need to collect gear and resources to be prepared throughout your journey. These resources don’t just include gear and ammunition but important herbs to create potions necessary for survival. Just make sure you don’t mistake poisonous mushrooms and cursed items and chests.

4. Unlock & Upgrade

The last thing to make sure you don’t miss out on in Witchfire is upgrades. The Importance of Witchfire as the game’s currency is its ability to unlock items and upgrade when it comes to abilities. You should also use the gold you’ve collected to upgrade weapons, spells, magical items, and more through research in the Sanctuary (the floating mirror.)

Witchfire Objectives

Now that we have the complete Witchfire Walkthrough, let’s find out what the main goal of players in Witchfire is. You are a witch hunter in Witchfire, and your primary purpose is to load into a session on the different area maps to complete objectives. Withfire’s objectives include assembling as much gear, resources, and Witchfire (in-game currency) as you can to escape and make your return to your home base through a portal.

Witchfire Maps & Items

In Withfire’s early access (that will be around for at least a year), you can explore two maps: the Scarlet Coast and Irongate Castle. These maps in the Witchfire Walkthrough contain sites marked with symbols for ammo chests, itinerant portals, prayers, and dangerous areas. You move through these maps, collecting gear and wildfire and clearing sites till you can clear and collect enough for your portal.

Items to Collect in Withfire:

  1. XP (Vitality)
  2. Cross
  3. Wildfire/Deus Vult Witchfire crystals
  4. Ammo chests
  5. Herbs
  6. Gear: Shotgun, Machine Pistol, and Crossbow.
  7. White raven feathers

Watch Witchfire Walkthrough

[EA] WITCHFIRE Full Gameplay Walkthrough 2160p60

Wrapping Up

There’s so much to do and explore in The Austronaut’s Witchfire that even the limited maps seem like more than enough. You need to focus your energy on unlocking items to upgrade, killing assassins & grenadiers, equipping with the best, and surviving against all odds. Since there’s still time in the full version of the Witchfire release, the early access will do for the Witchfire walkthrough. Comment to share your thoughts and ask questions about Witchfire!

Happy Gaming!

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