Will Twitter Charge All Users & What’s The New Twitter Subscription Fee [2023]

Twitter Charge s 2023

X (formerly Twitter) CEO Elon Musk Spoke about a ‘Not A Bot’ subscription to battle the infestation of spammers and scammers spreading misinformation, and the new model is finally here. In this article, you’ll get to learn about the new Twitter Subscription fee and whether all users need to pay the Twitter charge to continue using the platform. 

The question about the 2023 Twitter charges doesn’t come as a shock, especially after the drama about Twitter leaving the European UnionWill Musk’s plans of charge for basic Twitter services work as planned or become another reason for revolt? 

Let’s read on to find out if Twitter will charge all users to continue using its services, when will the Twitter subscription fee start, and how much you have to pay. Let’s get the full scoop on Elon’s plans for X’s users.

Will Twitter Charge All Users a Subscription Free From Now: Twitter ‘Not A Bot’

As confirmed by Twitter (X) CEO Elon Musk, Twitter plans to charge all its users (starting on a trial basis) to continue using its services. So, all users will have to pay a small annual subscription fee to continue using X features like posting, reposting, replying, liking, bookmarking, and quoting posts. 

This measure prevents the spread of disinformation and fake Twitter content and regulates bot content on X. Since bots only take a few cents to work, the small annual fee prevents scammers and spammers from creating content that harms its audience.

When Will the New Twitter Subscription Fee Start?

The new Twitter Subscription fee has already been rolled out for new users on a trial basis in two countries as of 20 October 2023: New Zealand and the Philippines. New New Zealand Twitter accounts will now have to pay NZ$1.43, and new Philippine Twitter accounts will pay 42.51 pesos as an annual fee to post, repost, reply, like, bookmark, and quote posts.

The Twitter charges are expected to apply to the rest of the world as soon as the results of its implementation in New Zealand and the Philippines are examined.

What’s The New Twitter Subscription Fee in 2023 | New Twitter Charges

Will Twitter Charge All Users: Twitter Subscription Fee 2023

So you need to pay if you want to post, comment, or like posts on Twitter (X), but how much and how often? Let’s find out the new charges you need to pay as the Standard Twitter Subscription fee in 2023 and the revised X Premium charges:

New Standard Twitter Subscription Fee in 2023

X (Twitter) has decided to charge all its users a small, standard annual fee of USD 1 for all users who want to continue doing basic actions like posting, liking, and reposting on X. This annual X subscription is not mandatory but makes sure bots post no spam or incorrect content.

Premium Twitter Subscription Fee | X Premium 2023

The price for the Premium Twitter Subscription remains the same as of now, where you need to pay $8 monthly to keep that verified blue tick on your profile.

Note that you will only have to pay an annual fee as there is no Twitter monthly fee.

Can I Choose Not to Pay the New Twitter Charges?

You can definitely choose not to pay the annual charges of $1 for Twitter if you don’t want to. That said, users who opt out of these new Twitter charges will only be able to read tweets & posts, follow people, and watch the videos other users post.

If you’re on X (Twitter) just to read about what’s going on in the world and don’t care about posting or liking stuff, you can choose not to pay the $1 Twitter fee.

Wrapping Up

So Elon Musk has started implementing his plan of eradicating spammers on X (Twitter) using his new ‘Not A Bot’ plan, and you’ll have to pay. By just paying the $1/year Twitter charges, you’ll be able to continue posting, reposting, replying, liking, bookmarking, and quoting posts on Twitter like you used to. Aren’t active on Twitter? Don’t worry because you only need to pay the new Twitter subscription charges if you want to.

Have questions about this sudden new Twitter subscription? Comment to share your doubts!

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