What is WilfieGPT? Is Shopify Getting Its Own ChatGPT?

WilfieGPT Goes ChatGPT’s Way

WilfieGPT has set on to go ChatGPT way. It has tried to add advanced AI-powered techniques to make its venture more dynamic and easily accessible to a larger audience. And the model it has considered for use is ChatGPT. 

Several companies have opted to use ChatGPT API. This is what ChatGPT claimed. And yes, it is true; one of the latest entrants to the fray is WilfieGPT. Wilfie AI has decided to use GPT in order to provide AI search and AI Copywriting. The move comes after seeing huge buzz created by the ChatGPT. WilfieGPT is hoping that this step will help it to get better results. 

WilfieGPT: What is Up For Take?

WilfieGPT Goes ChatGPT’s Way

Since Wilfie AI is new to the fray, it has a few selected things and options to offer. The services that WilfieGPT has on cards as of now are:

AI Search

AI Copywriting

Besides, it enables you to monitor your key metrics.

Since WilfieGPT is new to the market, there are chances that it will improve and come up with better, improved, and more dynamic features. Considering the nature of AI, it always has something to offer. 

What Are the Plan Prices of WilfieGPT?

All the charges are billed in USD. All the recurring and Usage-based charges are billed every 30 days.

The pricing plans have been categorized into four Categories, which are as under.

Free$ 5/ month$30/month$75/month
10000 Words 10000 Words per month30000 Words per month75000 Wordsper month
AI CopywritingAI CopywritigAI CopywritingAI Copywriting
AI AssistantAI AssistantAI AssistantAI Assistant
AI SearchAI SearchAI SearchAI Search

The table above depicts the pricing and charges that WilfieGPT levies on the users alongside the services that they have to offer under the cap of that particular pricing. 

Wrapping Up:

Although WilfieGPT is new to the market, the beginning has been quite impressive, with the kind of niche it is trying to carter. It is going to be helpful. The pricing cap had been quite affordable, keeping in view the services they have to offer. It remains to be seen how long could they go and whether they can adapt to changes that will come their way. 

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