Truth Social Blocked From Google Play Store | Trump is Banned!

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The most enticing news on the internet today is Truth Social blocked from Google Play Store. The news was circulated since August 19th, when Google released a statement. The statement was a big blow to the company as it was launched in February 2022. Hence, this makes the app go live at a later date.

Below you will find all the relevant details to this news and what are the measures taken by Truth Social to cover up the damage done. It is interesting to know the details and the story behind the app not going live to the users now.

Former U.S. President Boosts QAnon,...
Former U.S. President Boosts QAnon, 4Chan Disinformation via Truth Social App

Why Truth Social Blocked from Google Play Store

Truth Social Blocked from Google Play Store

As per trusted reports, Truth Social, owned by Former US President Donald Trump, is blocked in the Google Play Store. According to Google, there was insufficient content moderation in the platform, so the app is not approved by Google Play Store. The app was launched on Google on February 21st, 2022. As 40% of US smartphones are Android, the Google and Apple app store is the only option to download Truth Social.

In a statement released by Google, they informed Truth Social on August 19th that they have violated the standard policies of the Google app store and hence it can not go live. Truth Social replied to Google and assured them they were working on the issues. Google has informed them not to upload content regarding physical threats and violence.

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What are the Measures Taken by Truth Social

Measure Taken by Truth Social

The parent company of Truth Social is Trump Media and Technology Group has released a statement that they are continuously working in favor of maintaining the standard policies of Google play. They are keeping to their promise to the users of providing a platform for free speech.

Trump Media has even backlashed that other apps in Google Play violate the laws by sharing sexual content, whereas Truth Social has zero tolerance for sexual content.

Truth Social has also helped to restore Trump to social media as he was banned from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It resulted from accusations against him of instigating violence through social media.

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Wrapping Up

The above news might come as a shock to you. I am sure very soon you will be able to use the app on your Android and iOS mobiles and express your views through them. You can subscribe to our website, Path of EX, to receive similar news daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Truth Social blocked from Google Play Store?

Truth Social is blocked from the Google Play store as they have violated the standard policy of Google through content moderation.

Is there any statement from Truth Social regarding the Google Play Store block?

Truth Social has assured Google that they would work on the issue and bring it within the standards of the Google Play Store.

Who is the owner of the Google Play Store?

Trump Media and Technology group is the parent company of Truth Social.


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