Why The Browns Don’t Need Odell Beckham Jr.

Why The Browns Don’t Need Odell Beckham Jr. | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

So Odell Beckham Jr tore his ACL on the very first play of the game against the Bengals, after trying to stop the defender who picked off Baker Mayfield. Here’s what happened on the play:

The Cleveland Browns ended up winning the game, and Baker Mayfield actually played great. Which makes me wonder why the Browns kept Odell Beckham around? I feel bad for his injury, and wish him a speedy recovery, but he has had about 1-2 good games the entire time he has been with the Browns. He only really brings drama, and in my opinion, doesn’t bring out the best of Baker Mayfield either. Here are Odell’s stats with the Browns:

  • In 15 games last season he caught 74 balls and recorded 1000 yards. Not bad, and he also had 4 TDS
  • In 7 games this season he caught 23 balls (on pace for less than a year ago)
  • This season he had 319 yards (on pace for less than a year ago)
  • This season he had 3 TDS (on pace for more than a year ago)
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These numbers just don’t scream out to me that you’re a number one receiver. I don’t think he plays big in big games. I think he’s mentally weak. I think he needs to be on a team that knocks him down a peg. He had one great play like how many years ago? Yeah, it was one of the greatest plays I’ve ever seen. But then again it’s a “what have you done for me lately” league. Here’s that play for reference just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about: 

An amazing catch, yes, but you know when that happened? 2014!!! He’s done nothing in my opinion since then that allows him to be as deserving of the clout he gets now.


So now he’s out for the rest of the season. And I’m telling you now…the browns do not need him. They have plenty of other weapons and here are the highlights of those players to prove it:

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A No Name Tight End That Seems To Be Productive 


A No Name Receiver That Looks Pretty Awesome To Me 


Oh Yeah They Still Got A Solid Running Back In Kareem Hunt 


And People Forget About Jarvis Landry Who Is A Jack Of All Trades 

Oh yeah … and speaking of trades, I would of traded OBJ for picks when the Browns had the chance. Get yourself another player that you can actually use. They do not need OBJ, and that game against the Bengals proved it. 


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Why The Browns Don’t Need Odell Beckham Jr. | TooAthletic.com

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