Why Snapchat is Toxic? You Need to Know About It Now!

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Daksha Gupta
Daksha Gupta
A big time introvert. Daksha is a shy and socially awkward person. She is a full time dog lover and half time human. She finds her comfort in simple artistic expressions. Her love for art, dance, and writing transcends her into another world.

Hello guys! I hope you all are feeling well and doing great in your life. Today I’m here to discuss something serious instead of talking about the How-tos and slang of Snapchat. I’ll be answering one important question that many of you might have asked yourself at some point in time: Why Snapchat is toxic?

After a certain degree, anything and everything can become toxic if you don’t know when and how to control using it. And same goes for Snapchat. It comes with ample features which are liberal enough to be easily taken advantage of. One such feature of Snapchat is disappearing messages which makes it most popular among teenagers and young adults. This feature can be very easily used to cheat and exploit, as there is no burden of credibility in disappearing messages. You message something, and it will disappear the next moment.

It is just one aspect of why Snapchat is toxic, and there are many layers to it. So let’s begin with the topic and discuss each of these one by one.

Why Snapchat is Toxic?

Why Snapchat is toxic?

There is no doubt Snapchat has a huge user base, and most of its users belong to a generation that is not mature enough to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. And this is where things turn toxic. If you are mature enough to sensibly use any platform, how can it turn toxic for you? After all, it is a matter of choices you make while using it. You have to have boundaries in every aspect of life, even while using social media.

Using any social media helps you to stay connected with your friends throughout the day. And this is something a teenager wants more than anything else in their life- staying with their friends day in and day out. Because this is the stage of life where you feel like only your friends can truly understand you, even more than your family.

This psychological conditioning of teenagers’ minds raises a strong urge to stay connected, which today is manifesting in their behavior while using these social media platforms. Earlier it was not that easy, but with all these social media apps staying connected has become an easy task. And this is where things went wrong. When staying connected becomes so easy, the level of toxicity it can bring becomes even greater.

And no amount of explanation is enough to justify why Snapchat is toxic if you are not ready to accept that it is you who is making it toxic for yourself. Because ultimately, using it to a particular extent should be your call and not of someone else.

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Why Snapchat is Toxic: Snapchat Psychology

Snapchat Psychology

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat provides you with a small circle of friends who can chat with each other using disappearing messages. These disappearing messages make you feel less self-conscious about things you would otherwise give a long thought before saying. In simple words, I can say Innocence can be corrupted if there is no vigilance and proper moral counseling.

The next thing is the Snapchat filter. Well, there is nothing wrong with these filters and lense, but what they are doing to the generation who is the target audience is something that is sickening. These filters make them feel good about themselves and give them a false sense of confidence. But when reality hits, they find themself victims of the false beauty standards which don’t exist. So to say, things that you are taking as a way of having fun has some serious implication on your teenage mind. They are not making you feel good but actually destroying your sense of self.

Features like streaks Best friends, okay, they are fine. But don’t you think it is no reality? If you are mature enough to know being on someone Best friend’s list doesn’t necessarily mean you are Best friend in real life, then it is okay. But what if your teenage mind thinks being on the top of the Best friend list is the sole criterion for being a real friend? This is where things become really awkward and problematic.

Next is the Snap map, which is a direct attack on someone’s privacy. Another feature you can obsess over. Day in and Day out keep checking locations of each other and feel bad or good for no reason. Again no one is forcing you to do so, but this is what Snapchat’s psychology is. They are providing you with a way to keep stalking each other. And if you don’t have control over your urge to stalk, no one can help you.

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Why Snapchat is Toxic: Effects on Mental Health

Why Snapchat is Toxic: Effects on Mental Health

So after reading about Snapchat’s psychology, there is no room left for doubt whether Snapchat has an effect on Mental Health or not. It is very clear that excessive use of Snapchat can lead to serious behavioral disorders. And I have explained a few of them below, which have a major contribution to why Snapchat is Toxic.

Snapchat Anxiety

If you are a pro-Snapchat user, then you cannot deny that, at some point in time, you experience Snapchat anxiety, no matter how strong or feeble. Ain’t you? The reason is an ongoing streak with someone. So to say you forget to send today’s streak due to any XYZ reason. But the time you realize it, you feel frozen, even if for a microsecond, and let me tell you, it’s the beginning. And gradually, it will start manifesting in your daily behavior. Snapchat has enslaved you psychologically to the extent that you feel really bad about a thing that is nothing in front of all the other struggles you have in your life. You should give it a thought!

Snapchat also contributes to Isolating people from their loved ones. You have all the time for your Snapchat friends, but when it comes to spending time with your family, all of a sudden, it seems like a huge task. Why? Because all these social media make you habitual of maintaining shallow relations, which comes with the responsibility of sending a streak daily. And real relations, which require time, compassion, and understanding, seem to you as an exact burden you have no energy for.

Snapchat Anxiety

But the thing that you are not realizing is that it is making you much lonelier, as you have no real connection with people who are physically around you and, most importantly, with your own self. It’s sad but true!

Even after staying in touch with each other all the time, are you satisfied? No! Because satisfaction doesn’t come from outside, even if it comes, it is not long-lasting. You need to first learn to be satisfied with your own sense of self; otherwise, this will keep on growing and will make you feel less and less satisfied with each passing day.

And this general dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with looks leads to mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Make you prone to stress. A constant thought I have to keep my snap streak is also stress that can only be relieved by sending a snap. Weird but true, and this is why Snapchat is toxic.

Snapchat Addiction

Snapchat Addiction

Any Screen media have an addictive effect on the human brain as Opioids. And young adults are more prone to this addictive effect as their prefrontal cortex, the part that helps in controlling impulsive behavior, is not completely developed until their mid-20s.

Due to excessive screen time and the use of Snapchat, particularly teens are missing out on many important activities that are essential for their growth. Like face-to-face conversations with family, physical activities, time in nature, and solitude (me time) which are crucial for any human’s neurological, psychological, social, and physical development.

The streak feature is what makes it so addictive and contributes to why Snapchat is toxic. So to say Snapchat is taking advantage of the burning desire of teenagers to cultivate relationships with each other and is making huge profits. To quote from an article, “This is an organized way of creating and cultivating the addiction of communication by the company so that the addiction will ultimately make the company richer.”

Snapchat has been proven to be a platform for youth so far. And knowing the fact that their parents are not on the platform makes them feel more open while using the app. And the no “strings-attached policy” is an added advantage that is even used to send compromising photos and text messages without actually giving a thought to its consequences.

Even a report suggested, “Humans have never been more distracted mentally than they are today because of modern technology.” And this is the reason why Snapchat is toxic, as this platform encourages you to post things daily and be connected all the time, which is not really necessary.

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Is Snapchat Toxic For Relationships?

Is Snapchat Toxic For Relationships?

Okay! I don’t think I have to answer this question after a long discussion about why Snapchat is toxic. But if you want me to answer it, let me tell you why Snapchat is toxic for Relationships. So if a thing is, in general, toxic, how can it not be toxic for relationships? It is toxic for your relationships, whether family relations, romantic relations, or friendships. How? The toxicity it is adding to your life will eventually reflect in your relations simply.

If you are addicted to Snapchat, you won’t have time for your family- your mother, father, and siblings. And you won’t be a part even after being a part. And it is no achievement, so to say. This addiction will eat up all your time, and you will have no time for real relations.

And Snapchat is just a way of maintaining relations, but don’t confuse it with developing relationships. To do that, you have to devote time and show genuine care and understanding. So next time, when you are at family dinners, instead of sending snaps to each other on Snapchat or taking selfies (it is an unhealthy addictive habit), talk to people who are physically present. This is what makes all the difference.

And to say, stop Judging individual friendships with the number of fire emojis next to that person’s name. Also, the day you don’t feel like sending a streak because you are miserable, don’t send a black screen to keep it going on. Because it is no way of saying I am thinking about you right now. So choose yourself, Not a streak which anyway will break someday. And if it breaks, you can start over again because this is what life is all about- starting over again.

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Why is Snapchat Unhealthy?

Why is Snapchat Unhealthy?

A social media platform like Snapchat cannot be simply categorized as healthy or unhealthy. It is our way of operating a particular media, which makes it healthy or unhealthy to use. You are a Snapchat user, no issues. If you maintain a streak with friends, absolutely fine. You love to click pictures with different filters; oh, it’s a great way of having fun.

Then where do things go wrong? It is when you prioritize your Snapchat streak more than anything else in this world. Your mood is totally spoiled just because your Snap streak with a person broke. It is when you are so obsessed with being at the top of the best friends list of a person. It is when your sole aim is to unlock the next Snapchat charm or trophy.

There is nothing wrong with using Snapchat, but when it is on your nerves all the time is when things become problematic. You are sitting in your maths class, and mentally you are thinking about your Snapchat story. You had a very good conversation online, but when it was time to talk in person, all of a sudden, you realized you didn’t share a bond, and the situation was so awkward. Why is it happening? Because you haven’t talked to anyone in person in a long time and were only using text messages to have a conversation, you actually forgot to work on your Social and communication skills. Take it as a reminder!

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Wrapping Up

With this, I came to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know why Snapchat is toxic. Do let me know your views about the topic in the comments section below. And if you think what I said is relatable, then do share it with someone who needs to work on these aspects.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take care! And keep visiting our website, Path of Ex, for more similar stuff related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!


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