Why Should You Believe In Astrology? 6 Reasons To Believe

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Meenakshi Thakur
Meenakshi Thakur
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How often you wish that you knew how your day was going to be? Do you also want to know what good or bad things are going to happen to you? Do you also sometimes find yourself wondering whether or not you should believe in astrology or not? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then this post is a must-read for you. This post has got reasons to believe in Astrology.

You might have heard it from so many people, “Oh! You believe in astrology?? Why?“, “It’s not even true!“, “Come on! It’s the 21st century! Who believes in astrology?” Not only this, but you might also have heard things like, “Oh I went to my astrologer, and everything that he/she told me was true!“, “My astrologer said I would gain a huge profit, and guess what? I did!” Listening to all this can be not very clear. Should you or should you not believe in astrology?

There are numerous reasons that you must consider while deciding if you should believe in Astrology or not. Apart from all the odds, astrology gives you a sense of hope and tells you what precautions can be your day savers. Not only this, astrology is accepted worldwide as it is known to create harmony in your life. 

But, how does the science of astrology do all these things? Let’s explore in a bit of detail below. But before you know about the reasons to believe in astrology, what is astrology? Do you know?

Astrology: Fact Or Fiction?

Why You Should Believe in Astrology? 6 Reasons To Believe
Source: The Spinoff

You must have come across the astrology posts on social media.

With this new trend of astrological predictions, the seed of doubt about its relevance and accuracy has developed. You might think if this is just fiction or an indisputable fact? Concluding this query brings you into a dilemma. That is why it is essential to know about Astrology first.

The word astrology is made up of two words. Astro means “relating to the stars or celestial bodies,” and logy means “study.” Thus, the word Astrology loosely translates to the study related to the stars or celestial bodies.

But, you must have seen that everyone’s astrological chart is different. Why?

It is because of the positions of the shining sun, delighted moon, twinkling stars, and planets. Yes, all these things are calculated at the time of your birth, and then your specific astral chart is created. This celestial chart is then used for all your astrological readings.

Just like your unique fingerprints, your astral chart is also believed to be the blueprint of your life.

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Reasons To Believe In Astrology?

Why You Should Believe in Astrology? 6 Reasons To Believe
Source: Times Now

You must have seen a lot of people checking up their horoscope daily. Why they do so? Why do they believe in Astrology? What is so unique about this? Let’s find out:

1. Emerging Ray Of Hope

A sense of hope from astrology should be one reason to believe in astrology.


How astrology provides a sense of hope?

How can it be one of the reasons to believe in astrology?

Here is how.

No matter how bad your day is going, no matter how ruined your mood is, when you read or listen to your astrological prediction, it will always have something nice to say about your day. It can be the minor things like “someone will surprise you” or “you can plan a trip soon with your loved ones.”

Astrological predictions are a great source to elevate your mood.

It, for sure, does give you a sense of hope! Even if it did not come out to be accurate, didn’t you feel good?

2. Astrology Heads-Up For The Things That May Go Wrong

Yes, it happens.

Astrological predictions and astral chart readings are a great way to know well in advance if there is even the slightest possibility of something which may go wrong.

The good thing about astrology is that it finds the problem and provides you with possible solutions.

Isn’t it one of the good reasons to believe in astrology?

For example, if your astrological prediction says you might face a road accident, what the harm if you drive carefully? It might save lives!

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3. Astrology Is Not A Myth; It’s Based On Calculations.

Most people do not believe in astrology because they think it’s a big superstition, and others have made a massive deal.

But it’s not quite like that.

Astrology and astrological data are both based on pure calculations.

The sun, the moon, all the stars, and planets are considered while preparing the celestial chart. Hence, to think astrology a mere superstition would be a little unfair to science or, as Wikipedia says- “pseudo-science.”

The calculations done to create a read-map of your life could be one reason to believe in astrology. What do you think?

4. Astrology Shows You a Broader Picture

Wondering How?

How does astrology show you a broader picture?

Picture of what and why should it be in your reasons to believe in astrology?

Astrology is not believed as a daily prediction made by astrologers. Instead, astrology takes months, years, and even decades into consideration, and then a prediction is made.

And this is how an astral chart reading and astrological predictions show you a broader picture of your life.

5. Your Astrological Data Is Unique To “YOU.”

Well, your astral chart is as unique as your fingerprint.

The data used for the calculations to make your astral chart is the actual data taken at the exact time when you were born. Hence, your heavenly reading is unique to just you.

This can be one of your reasons to believe in astrology because it increases the accuracy of the prediction.

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6. Astrology Gives You Deep Insights About Yourself.

The astrological readings consider two dimensions when trying to predict—one, the birth potential, and two, the planetary motion taking place up in space.

However, it cannot be accurately predicted what you would do. Still, your vital areas, your areas of interest, and your inclination can be anticipated using the data in the celestial chart.

These things, on your own, take longer to discover but with astrology, you can find your strengths sooner.

Why You Should Believe in Astrology? 6 Reasons To Believe
Source: The Swaddle

Final Sum Up:

Whether or not you believe in astrology, you cannot deny the fact that it somehow and somewhere affects our lives. It is just a pure matter of faith. Whatever is destined to happen will ultimately happen, with or without Astrology!

However, give astrology a chance and feel if it is suitable for you or not? Also, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Share it with your friends and family. Stay connected for more such content!


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