Why People Watch Anime? 7 Incredible Reasons

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Why People Watch Anime? 7 Incredible Reasons
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Anime has everything one could ask for. From Visuals to Music, they have glued us to the screens and we love watching them on repeat. If you are a new fan in the scene, then you must read this article on Why People Watch Anime?

Started in the early 1900s, these Japanese Animations didn’t get popular up until the 1960s, and since then, the Anime hype is on the rise. If you are already a fan then you might already know exactly why you love them. But if you are new, you will need reasons to watch Anime. Whether if it is worth your time or not? We have answered this question in the article, keep reading to find out.

List of 7 Reasons- Why People Watch Anime?

  1. Refreshing Visuals
  2. Strong Female Characters
  3. More Then Entertaining; It is Inspirational 
  4. Unique and Relatable Characters
  5. Music is Out of The World
  6. Great Action Sequences
  7. Super Easy to Binge

In the list we have also written a list of the most popular Anime songs, make sure you don’t miss that out.

Why People Watch Anime? 7 Exciting Reasons

1. Refreshing Visuals

Refreshing Visuals: Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: besthqwallpapers

Anime is so different than the usual or shall I say ordinary animation. It is refreshing to the eyes to watch a great storyline, with amazing characters and superb visuals. Anime has the most unique graphics. 

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You will get surprised to see how they turn a simple scene into something extraordinary. From the choice of colors in clothes to various effects, everything adds to the appeal of Anime. It is the first and foremost reason why people watch Anime.

2. Strong Female Characters

Lucy: Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: Comic Vine – GameSpot

It is a common misconception that in Anime, female characters are all delicate and weak. It is not true! You won’t see damsels in distress often in Animes. It portrays girls with such great attitudes that all of us want to be like them.

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan and Lucy from Elfen Lied are examples of such strong female characters. From police officers to top Goddesses, Animes surely give significant feminist goals. So it became our reason number two for Why people watch Anime!

3. More Than Entertaining It’s Inspirational 

Action in Anime: Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders

Not only Anime are super entertaining and addicting, but also inspirational. Many characters came out to be the leads when they overcame a bully. It motivates your inner voice to be strong and moral full, just like them. 

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Anime also has Japanese culture mixed within all of its series. You can always learn something from the culture whose people excel in almost everything. So reason three on Why people watch anime is inspirational.  

4. Unique and Relatable Characters

Relatable characters in Anime: Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: Pinterest

The characters in Anime are raw and real. By real I mean you can relate to the characters as someone you know or even yourself. After that, if the same character would turn out to be the hero, wouldn’t you just feel amazing?

Also, anything can happen in Anime. Usually, the hero always wins and lives, but not in the case of Anime. There’s is nothing certain that the hero won’t die or things like that. Anything is possible in Anime. The uncertainty makes it intriguing.

5. Music is Out of The World

Music in Anime: Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: Wallpaperenginefree.com

Not just visuals and characters, but Anime is also pretty good in Music. Some people are huge fans of the Soundtracks in Animes. Who would have thought this is another reason why people watch anime? 

From action background music to romantic tracks, these people know how to keep you on the edge of the seat. Here is a list of the most popular Anime songs-

  1. Sparkle from Radwimps
  2. No Game, No Life
  3. Unravel by TK
  4. The WORLD by Nightmare
  5. Gintama from Crunch
  6. Opening track of Fullmetal Alchemist
  7. Fist of the North Star
  8. Dragon Ball Z
  9. A Cruel Angel’s Thesis
  10. Ah Yeah, Haikyu

6. Great Action Sequences

Dragon Ball Z : Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: Pinterest

Action scenes are kind of the highlight of Animes. Almost all of them have great action scenes. The majority of people are interested in Animes only because of their action scenes, so now you can imagine how huge its fan base is.

There are uncountable action scenes in Animes that aren’t anywhere close to amazing. The background music and animation fight coordinate and give highly satisfying results.   

You will know the essence of the glory, the strength, the nature of the character, almost everything from the action scenes. Don’t ask why people watch anime? When you haven’t seen those action scenes.

7. Super Easy to Binge

Death Note: Why People Watch Anime?  7 Incredible Reasons
Source: AnimeBlurayUK – WordPress.com

Anime are easily available on many OTT platforms like Netflix and Hulu. You can watch it for free on YouTube too. There are several options available, and that makes Animes super easy to binge. 

Many websites also stream episodes of Anime, so clearly there are several options. This was our seventh reason why people watch Anime! 

Wrapping Up 

After reading the article, it might be clear to you now that Animes are never a waste of time. They can be your addiction, your guilty pleasure but never a waste of time. We hope you like reading this article, comment down below why do you watch Anime? Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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