Why is TikTok Video Under Review: Know the Real Reason Now!

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TikTok is a popular platform and has billions of users on their platform. But off-late users are facing issues while uploading their videos on the platform. TikTok video under review has been a recurrent problem many users have faced for quite some time now. The main reason for this problem is still unknown, but TikTok has been working on this issue for quite some time.

This problem is being addressed by many users on other social media platforms. And there are influencers and content creators who face the maximum problem. As it is known that videos go viral on TikTok within minutes, this issue has curbed the process. And hence, there is a delay in publishing the unique content on the platform.

The updated article I designed would help you clarify why the problem occurs and how you can fix it. So, read ahead and get to know about the details.

Why is My TikTok Video Under Review?

Why is tiktok video under review

There are several reasons why TikTok videos are under review. The most obvious reason is that something has been flagged. There are strict guidelines on TikTok about the type of content being published on their platform. This rule is maintained strictly as there are different types of users from different backgrounds and age groups.

Sometimes TikTok may flag content regarding bullying and violence. However, as many people have received the under-review message, in all probability, there is a bug on the platform.

According to Down Detector, many users are experiencing problems with the app, and the users are mostly from the US. Some users are having problems as their videos are not loading, while others have problems because they do not have an internet connection.

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Users Complained About ‘TikTok Video Under Review’ 

On June 19, many users complained about their videos not uploading on TikTok. These users shared that they were notified that their videos were under review and would be posted after completion. Many people have expressed disappointment and pointed out that their videos were harmless.

Many users are satisfied that their videos are being reviewed, as nothing is wrong with them. The content of the videos is also not against the rules and regulations of TikTok hence, why they are being harassed in this manner.

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How to Fix ‘TikTok Video Under Review’?

Why is TikTok Video Under Review: Know the Real Reason Now!

Currently, there is no way to fix the issue of TikTok Video under review. Users have to wait for the platform to fix. Sometimes, it gets back to normal automatically. In some cases, people may have to update their apps. So, always check whether your app is updated or not.

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Wrapping Up

I hope the article helped you to get clarity on the TikTok video under review. It would also help you to understand that you would require time to fix the issue, but it would be resolved soon. So, if you need further information on the same, please refer to Path of EX, our website, for more trending stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My TikTok Video under review?

The TikTok video is under review because the as per reports are to be believed there is a bug in the platform.

How to fix the issue of the TikTok video under review?

Unfortunately, there is no method of fixing the issue of the TikTok video under review as this is a technical issue and can only be solved by the technical team of TikTok.


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