Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes | Steps To Fix Zero Likes On TikTok

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TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms on the globe it has many glitches which are different in various places on Earth. For the past few days, there is a major issue being addressed on the app of TikTok not showing likes. This issue is quite rampant in different parts of the globe and you can also face the same. The reasons for this glitch may not be the same for everyone.

As the app is not used in all parts of the globe for technical and as well as political reasons, the reasons and fixes are also not the same. This issue is a major concern for TikTok content creators as are unable to understand the glitch and work on the same. This is a temporary glitch and we are sure TikTok team would be working on this problem from their end as well.

Below we have discussed in detail the probable causes and fixes for this glitch. So read the article below to find the solution which best suits your problem.

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes?

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes | Steps To Fix Zero Likes On TikTok

There are many reasons for not getting likes on your TikTok account. When you, issue hashtags such glitches take place. When you post videos on your TikTok account then people who view it may also follow your video through the hashtag that you have used. When they see that the hashtag does not match the content they tend to dislike the video.

While making videos you should stick to one niche and then only people will follow you or like your videos. You should make videos regularly or follow a pattern of making your videos per week then you would get loyal followers on your account. Even the videos you are making should be of good quality otherwise you may face your TikTok not showing likes.

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Why Can’t I See Likes on TikTok?

There are many probable reasons for TikTok not showing likes on your account. Below we are going to discuss the plausible reasons for the same in detail.

1. You may receive likes on your videos due to a lack of authority or low distribution of the videos. When there is less number of viewers for your videos then you do not have sufficient likes.

2. When your video is not liked by many people then they click on the dislike button. Hence, you may not have many likes on your videos.

3. When you have more than one TikTok account and you post the same video on all of them then you may not get any likes on one account and get more likes on your other accounts.

4. Your video may be under investigation by the TikTok support team for policy violations like copyright or plagiarism issues. Hence, for some time you may have a problem of TikTok not showing likes.

5. Any technical issues on your mobile or PC or poor internet connection may lead to TikTok not showing likes.

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes | Steps To Fix Zero Likes On TikTok

6. When the TikTok app is down you may encounter problems on your account like less number of likes.

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7. When you set your account to private then your viewers would not be able to see any of your uploads.

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes | Steps To Fix Zero Likes On TikTok

8. When the number of followers on your account decrease then you may have TikTok not showing likes.

How to Fix Zero Likes on TikTok?

Now when you encounter a problem of TikTok not showing likes on your account then you have to fix the problem so that the app runs smoothly. Here are the steps through which you can fix this problem at the earliest.

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes | Steps To Fix Zero Likes On TikTok

1. Check your internet connection on the device you are using TikTok. If the app is not working properly then open TikTok from another device or check the internet connection by closing and opening it again.

2. Check the storage setting on your device. You must have 300 MB or more storage space for the app to run smoothly. Also, clear your cache for the device to run smoothly as well.

3. Update your TikTok account as the latest updates made by the TikTok app get updated.

4. Switch on to a VPN and check whether the content or likes have changed differently.

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5. If you have any doubt about your account being hacked then remove the suspicious devices, reset the password and add in your mobile number for additional verification.

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes | Steps To Fix Zero Likes On TikTok

6. Check your account privacy settings and verification setting in your TikTok account and see whether they are visible to all your users.

How to See Who Likes Your Videos on TikTok?

The options to see who liked your videos on TikTok are different for the mobile and the desktop. When you are using your phone, to see who liked your videos click on the heart icon on the right-hand side. You find this icon below each and every post.

When you check the same thing through your PC, you have to go to the inbox, account, and then check your number of likes. Remember one thing when you check your likes through your PC then you will see the total likes of your account and not for any specific video.

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Wrapping Up

Your TikTok not showing likes may happen due to several glitches on the part of the app or on your part as well, when you experience technical issues. We have discussed in detail all the problems and their fixes, so you may use them as per the problem you are facing. TikTok not showing likes may have different reasons in different parts of the globe. So the solution should also be taken accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TikTok Not Showing Likes on my Account?

TikTok not showing likes on your account can have many reasons like a network issue, updates not installed, device problems, and many more.

How to Fix TikTok Not Showing likes?

You can fix these problems by fixing or network connection, changing your device, and updating the TikTok app. Apart from these, there can be other fixes as well.

Can my TikTok Not Show Likes as it is hacked?

Yes, if your account is hacked then you may experience similar problems on TikTok.


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