Why is #putthemaskbackon Trending on Twitter | Truth Behind Face Reveal

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The dream has been the most sort after YouTuber in the gaming fraternity. He has mesmerized his viewers with his skill and introduced the game Minecraft and Speedrun. He has millions of subscribers all over the globe. His face reveal was much hyped all over the internet. But soon, things took a turn, and people are now searching for Why is #putthemaskbackon Trending on Twitter.

Some users on the platform did not take his reveal quite positively, and some commented positively on the platform. Although his reveal videos are viewed millions of times, the trend is not just restricted to YouTube now.

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It has spread to other social media platforms as well. People are taking it from one platform to another. So, read our article Why is #putthemaskbackon trending on Twitter. further and get the updated information below.

Why is #putthemaskbackon Trending on Twitter?

Why is #putthemaskbackon Trending on Twitter | Truth Behind Face Reveal

The recent trend is about Dream, the famous YouTuber who worked a significant portion of his life behind a mask. Even his fellow content creators were not aware of his true identity. He rose to fame by creating Minecraft “let’s play.” and speedrun videos.

Dream created his 30 million subscribers on YouTube in total anonymity. On Sunday that is on 5th October 2022, he finally removed the mask to reveal his face to his fans.

Before his face reveals, he had conducted a vast campaign that created great hype about his reveal. After that, when he revealed his true identity, the video was posted on YouTube and drew 22 million views.

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True Identity of Dream

In the video, Dream introduced himself as Clay. He even added that he decided to remove his mask and not maintain anonymity, and his mysterious personality was becoming too much for him to handle.

Content creators from TikTok and YouTube have already commented on his video on a positive note, and they found his video to be interesting. Some users were disappointed by his reveal. However, it is still unclear what they wanted from his reveal. Within no time, memes were published about his reveal.

Other users responded positively to the reveal. But with time, the trend shifted to other platforms, and users started to use the #putthemaskbackon trend on Twitter.

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Reaction to Dreams Face Reveal

Why is #putthemaskbackon Trending on Twitter | Truth Behind Face Reveal

The negativity created on the platform was too much to handle. It hyped among other content creators; they started showing concerns about the reveal and how much the animated filters on other social media platforms have affected the users’ outlook towards their creators.

The situation becomes quite overwhelming when a famous YouTuber gets trolled regarding his looks. It also speaks highly about the obsessive crowd who find it normal to bully a content creator on a public platform. They even become irrational about commenting on his looks than his skills.

Now content creators on public platforms are not treated as humans but as celebrities. It is considered that they have to look a certain way and have particular looks. But the face reveal has pointed out the toxic nature of the crowd attracted to these creators and think of them as brands, not humans with skills.

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Wrapping Up

Dream ended his reveal on a positive note when he said that with such looks and features, if he can achieve so much, then anybody is capable of doing it. So, I think Dream is not only changing the gaming industry but motivating people to follow their skills and not concentrate on their looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is #putthemaskbackon trending on Twitter?

#putthemaskbackon is trending on Twitter because it is about Dream, the famous YouTuber who revealed his true face to the world after spending most of his career in anonymity.

How did his subscribers react to his reveal?

Dream’s subscribers had mixed reactions to his biggest reveal. Some reacted positively, and some did not take things in a positive sense and bullied youtube through their comments and memes.


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