Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Apple iPhones have redefined the smartphone industry. They are the greatest phones on the market thanks to their user-friendly interface. The plenty of high-quality programs in a variety of categories, including games, educational, social, and many more. However, If you want to know why is my iPhone battery draining so fast then here, all your queries will be answered.

Hardware damage, such as a damaged battery, or software mistakes, may be to blame for battery draining issues. However, software-related difficulties account for the majority of battery-draining problems with iOS devices. Rogue applications, flawed updates, incorrectly configured settings, and occasionally vulnerabilities and malware are among the common triggers. 

After updating their iOS or installing new apps, many iPhone owners have battery-draining issues with their devices. Even the most recent iPhone models are susceptible to this condition. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons and fixes mentioned here.

Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons

Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Flat phone batteries are quite annoying, especially when we need cell phones while away from home. You may be charging your phone for hours only to run out of power halfway through.

But why is the battery on your phone depleting so quickly? You might be surprised to learn that several factors can drain your battery without your knowledge, but by gaining control of them, you can prolong the life of your battery. So here are the top five reasons why a phone battery drains quickly.

1. A Bright Display

A Bright Display; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

When you’re outside, having your brightness set to maximum may seem convenient, but this has a significant negative impact on your battery. Further, when your phone is on maximum brightness, light mode significantly drains the battery. Keeping your screen brightness low will prolong the life of your battery.

2. Limit Your Downloads And Streaming

Limit your downloads and streaming Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

In addition to using up your monthly data allowance, downloading a lot of data drains your phone’s battery as it attempts to download it. Therefore, anyone worried about battery life should steer clear of apps that consume a lot of data.

3. Applications Running in The Background

Applications running in the background; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Apps running in the background effectively continue to work even when you aren’t using them. Examples include calendar, health, antivirus, and VPN software. These apps drain your phone’s battery rapidly because some of their features are managed without your input.

4. An Old Phone Battery

An old phone battery; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Your phone’s battery capacity can sometimes be impacted by the battery itself rather than an app or setting. Like everything else, phones age, and as time passes, your battery’s performance will decline. The capacity of your smartphone battery will eventually decrease after two or three years depending on the model.

5. Too Many Notifications

Too many notifications; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

There’s a good probability that a new app you install on your phone will have its notification settings turned on by default. However, you don’t need to get notifications from every program you use, and doing so can shorten the battery life of your phone. Therefore, you can disable notifications for some apps to lessen power loss.

These were the few reasons why is your iPhone battery draining so fast.

Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Fixes

1. Set Dark Mode

Set Dark Mode; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Making the switch to dark mode on an Apple iPhone X, XS, XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 can help you conserve battery life.

  • Click to Display & Brightness under Settings.
  • Select “Dark” phone from the Appearance menu.

Additionally, you can choose Automatic, which, when activated, alternates between light and dark modes. You have the choice of creating your schedule or choosing the automatic option of turning off the lights during sunset and sunrise.

2. Use Safari only

Use Safari Only; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

On any device, even your iPhone, Chrome is a huge energy eater. I know it’s wonderful to be able to sync everything from your other devices, but if you want to stop your iPhone’s battery from dying so quickly, you’re better off using Safari.

On your iPhone, Apple’s apps typically perform better than those from other developers.

3. Get Rid of Widgets

Get Rid of Widgets; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Widgets may be cool, but your battery may be drained by them. Particularly those that are constantly updated, like a forecast or map widget.

  • Press and hold a widget till the drop-down menu displays to eliminate it.
  • Click “Remove Widget.” Tap “Edit Home Screen” to delete many widgets at once.
  • Your widgets and apps will all start to tremble. To remove those bouncing squares, tap the minus sign in the widget’s upper left corner.
  • To remove widgets off your Today Screen as well, swipe right.

4. Restart Your iPhone

Restart Your Phone; Why is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

Restarting your iPhone can fix a lot of problems, including a rapidly declining battery.

If you have an iPhone, use this technique to restart it.

  • iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR
  • Apple iPhone 11/11 Pro Max
  • 12/mini/Pro/Pro Max/iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone 13/13 Pro/Max

Keep pressing the Side button while holding the up or down volume button till the shut-down screen appears. To put the iPhone off, swipe.

Holding down the Side button to restart takes one minute of waiting.

If you use any of the below iPhones, use this technique to restart it.

  • iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

To see the slider, keep holding the Side button. To turn it off, drag the slider. Restart by hitting the Side button once more after a min.

5. Adjust Auto-Lock Settings

Adjust Auto-Lock SettingsWhy is my iPhone Battery Draining so Fast? Reasons and Fixes

After a specified time, Auto-Lock shuts off your screen. You lose battery life by leaving the display on if it’s off or set to a longer time frame. The battery life of your iPhone will last longer if the screen locks are set for a shorter time.

  • Under Settings, Click on Display and Brightness.
  • Set the time by tapping Auto-Lock.

Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of this article. Many iPhone users experience the issue of their phone’s battery depleting quickly. While there are many causes for it, the overall health of the battery can play a significant part in aggravating the problem of battery drain. The Battery Health option in the ”Settings” Battery tab shows your iPhone’s maximum storage capacity.

Likely, your iPhone’s battery won’t deplete faster than usual if you keep your maximum capacity over 80% and charge your iPhone carefully, taking care to avoid overcharging or frequent discharge. I hope now you have an understanding of why is my iPhone battery draining so fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can you easily spot the apps that are draining up your iPhone’s battery?

Here’s how to determine which app is using the most battery life:
1. Enter the iPhone Settings app and select Battery.
2. Select Show Activity from the Battery Health menu by tapping on it.
3. You can then see which app is using up the most battery life on your iPhone.

Q2: Does removing apps reduce battery usage?

You can choose to uninstall the problematic apps and benefit from the resulting power savings, or you can explore the specific settings for each app and attempt to lower its battery consumption.

Q3: What percentage should I charge my phone at?

The basic principle is to consistently maintain your battery charged, ideally between 30% and 90%. When it falls below 50%, top it off, but before it reaches 100%, unplug it. This is why you might want to think twice about leaving it connected all night.

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