Why Is Killing Pals Illegal In Palworld? 3 Best Cheat Codes To Save Yourself!

Why Is Killing Pals Illegal In Palworld? 3 Best Cheat Codes To Save Yourself!

Are you looking for why is killing Pals illegal in Palworld? This article contains all the information that you are looking for. So, stay for a while to get the main reason why killing Pals is illegal in Palworld.

Palworld is a virtual world filled with diverse monster-like creatures known as Pals. The game revolves around survival gaming with social simulation. Users can build and conquer their empires by using Pals. Pals have extraordinary abilities and powers. Users can catch or breed Palls to build their army. Since the game has hundreds of Pal creatures, one can use the latest Pal tier list to choose the best Pal characters.

They are an integral part of the game; thus, Palworld laws prevent users from killing Pals. Though the player can fight or capture Pals, it cannot eliminate them from the game. But why is killing Pals not legal or right in Palworld? This article will guide you about why is killing Pals illegal in Palworld. Keep reading.

Why Is Killing Pals Illegal In Palworld? 

Thus, the Palworld game allows the players to capture Pals or fight with Pals. However, it forbids players to kill Pal in Palworld. If a Pal is very aggressive and trying to harm you, use your weapons and fighting skills to capture it. Capturing a Pal rather than killing it will earn you more scores and XP. 

  • If a player kills a Pal in the Palworld and an NPC witnesses the event, the player will be deemed as a “criminal” in the game.
  • Moreover, a bounty will be placed over the player’s head, and other players and NPC will keep hunting the player to get the reward.

However, if a player kills a Pal without anyone seeing it, the player is totally safe. According to the game developer, the player cannot kill a Pal. Otherwise, the player will be labeled as a criminal, and everyone in the game will try to kill the player.

How To Remove The Wanted Status In Palworld?

If a player kills a Pal and is deemed as a criminal or comes under the wanted list, there is still a hope of getting rid of the criminal label by following these hacks-

Method 1: Kill Yourself In The Game

One of the best hacks to fix the problem is to kill yourself in the game. You can re-enter the game anytime with a fresh start. Once you die, everyone will stop looking for you. However, you must return to the place of death and pick up the backpack containing all your stuff. Just follow the illuminating beam to reach the place. This method is good for only players with fewer items and not far from their base.

Method 2: Kill The Witnesses 

You must eliminate the witnesses that have seen you killing the Pal. This is a tough method and requires a lot of effort. You will have to find the witness without getting killed in the process. Once you kill the witness, you will be able to remove the criminal tag.

Method 3: Run Away From The Place And Hide Yourself

Lastly, you can simply run away and find some kind of shelter where you will not be found or searched for.  This option best suits players who have already gone far from the base.

Wrapping Up

The article on why is killing Pals in Palworld illegal ends here. I have explained the main reasons but what do you feel about why is killing Pals in Palworld illegal? Share your thoughts in the comments box. If you have any questions related to why is killing Pals in Palworld illegal, drop a comment below.

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