Why is Cryptography so Important, and Why Should I Care?

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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The news of digital payment fraud forces me to think about safety and security. No matter where you are, you will always be alert for money-related safety. Have you ever considered how banks save and keep our data safe from fraud? Well, the answer is quite interesting. This can be done only with the help of cryptography. With bitcoin profitapp understand the fundamentals of profitable cryptocurrency exchanges and more about cryptography.

Cryptology is basically a traditional method of code-breaking and making. So, it is the ultimate savior for everyone because we often exchange are personal details with people. No doubt, cryptology protects the data so well, but the world is moving one step forward with encryption. Yes, encryption is the perfect method to make your personal data safe. You must have seen this method on apps or digital platforms. 

After knowing all the benefits of cryptology, it is a must to know more about encryption. I will take you through the importance of encryption in today’s time. You will be amazed to know how it works and affects our daily lives the way we can not even imagine. 

The Use of Crypto in Normal Everyday life

Cryptology can be used in various ways when it comes to your daily life. You can get the most out of crypto if you want secure communication. Crypto can be used in many ways, but If I tell you about the most common use, then it is in the form of encryption. 

Any of your number details, like your credit or debit card details which are already disclosed to the internet, are protected with encryption. So, I would say it is the most essential for online shopping or anything that involves online banking. To understand the daily life uses of crypto, I have mentioned below some uses that you can explore in using crypto.

  1. Digital Signature: You can use crypto for digital signatures for any of your digital documents. A digital signature can be protected with code that helps to protect the signature. So, crypto is useful for legal agreements.
  2. Password protector: Weather it is a phone or net baking, we need passwords everywhere. You can use cryptology to make secure passwords so nobody can access them in an unauthorized way.
  3. VPN Apps: Cryptology is mostly used for VPN apps, so hackers can not access the private data of the app. It also protects and verifies the cardholder before giving any permission or access to the VPN.

The Benefits of Encryption

If you are highly concerned about data protection, then the encryption method is for you. Encryption has multiple benefits; hackers find it difficult to break the codes if it is protected with encryption. You will not believe they literally have to decode the whole code, and it takes a longer period of time for them. To make things easy, I have given below some encryption benefits so you will know the importance of the method. 

  1. Data Integrity: Encryption is not only to protect the data from fraud but also to catch the integrity of data. It avoids the modification of data for better protection.
  2. Confidentiality: The user needs to place the right decryption password to access the data. So, encryption keeps the data highly confidential.
  3. Secure communication: No matter whether you are using websites or apps to converse, encryption protects the chat from both parties. So no one can read the conversation.

Negative Aspects of Encryption

Encryption is the highly recommended method for data protection and security. But, when it comes to any technical tool, it comes with flaws and a plus. So, after knowing the goodness of encryption, you must check out below given negative aspects of encryption.

  1. You will need a proper system with equipment to run it smoothly for your data protection.
  2. You need to check out all the legal things before implementing them into your system, as it is not legal everywhere. It includes government permissions, and there are some restrictions on it. 
  3. Your digital signature can be accessed if the hacker can access saved files. 

Uses of Cryptography in the World Today

Cryptology is mostly used in this digital era so let me explain to you some obvious ways to use it. Go through below given instance of cryptology for more updates. 

  1. Ensure online transaction security to prevent digital crimes. 
  2. Emails can be only read by receiving party, so it highly protects the transaction information. 
  3. Difficult for hackers to get the data because the data is scattered in different sections on the website. 
  4. Maintain high privacy for data, so most recommended for agencies that want encryption.


In conclusion, cryptology has the power to fight against cybercrime and online fraud. The benefits of cryptography are endless, but you should check out some rules and regulations of it before using it for your data protection. Each and every tool comes with its own limitation, so understand its importance and use it accordingly. It’s time to wrap up. Have a great day!!


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