Why Is Anime So Popular? 6 Most Logical Reasons in 2021

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Disney of the East’ has given a lot to the world and Anime is our favorite collection out of it. If you are someone who is obsessed with Naruto or the Death Note, you must read this article and understand why is Anime So Popular?

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Anime is a universally appealing form of art. There’s no one I know who has watched Anime and has not fallen for it yet. If you have a heart and a soul, you will love it, and even if you are a cold person, you will love Animes even more! Want to know why?

After analyzing all the factors, we have sorted a list of 6 reasons Why Anime is so popular in the World?  

  1. Nothing Ever Seen Before
  2. Deep Plots
  3. Aesthetic Graphics
  4. Different Genres- From Horror to Romance & Everything in Between
  5. Anime for Everyone
  6. Easy Access

You won’t fully get it until you read the ‘how‘ and ‘what‘ of these points. So quickly go through these points, on why is Anime so popular in America and in the world.

Why Is Anime So Popular All Over the World? 

You will definitely relate if you have watched any Anime before. But if you haven’t, that’s alright too. We are giving you amazing reasons to steam Anime right now!

1. Nothing Ever Seen Before

Anime girl: Why Is Anime So Popular?
Source: EskiPaper.com Cool Wallpapers

Anime is getting more popular every single day and it’s because most of the world has not seen anything remotely like it before. I mean all of us are well related to cartoons, but Anime, there’s nothing like it. 

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When a person watches Anime for the first time he is not only glued to it but s/he is also amazed too, like, How did I miss it before? Most of us lack that drama and mystery in our lives, that Animes showcase beautifully. I think that’s the reason why is Anime so popular in the world.  

2. Deep Plots

Deathnote Last Scene: Why Is Anime So Popular?
Source: Death Note Wiki – Fandom

If you have watched Death Note or Monster, you will relate!

Deep plots and Anime have a relationship beyond the world. I don’t think there is any popular Anime that doesn’t have a great plot or hidden meanings inside. That’s the fun of it. You will be forced to watch the next episode and then another and another. 

As in Death Note when Light Yagami finds a book that takes the life of anyone whose name is written on it. Damn! You cannot imagine the things that happened. He will be the hero and the villain, and you will love how the story goes. This is only one Anime plot. Wonder what others are about! 

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There are many Animes with plots that will give you goosebumps every time you watch them. This is another reason why is Anime so popular.

3. Aesthetic Graphics

Beautiful Anime Eyes: Why Is Anime So Popular?
Source: Wallpapers

The graphics of Animes are so freaking fabulous. The color coordination, the backgrounds, the sceneries, all of them are over the world. I mean, the normal cartoons that we used to watch (no offense) are truly nothing when compared to Anime.

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If you zoom into the eyes of any character you’ll see that there are about 9-11 different colors used in the eyes alone. Again, not anything like the regular cartoonish eyes. It is soothing to the optical nerves to see such great graphics. 

There are many more reasons left for why is Anime so popular? Stay Tuned! 

4. Different Genres- From Horror to Romance & Everything in Between

Horror Anime Character: Why Is Anime So Popular?
Source: Twitter

I simply could not ignore this point. If you are looking for Animes, you will find a wide range of different genres. Animes have every genre you can ask for. Action, Comedy, romance, heartbreak, mysteries, dark plots are some of the major themes of Anime.

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Not only that but Animes have also some great works on violence, pain, sexuality, and death. You will be surprised how versatile, these simple-looking characters can be. 

Culture has also influenced the way Anime has exploded into the world. Japanese culture and rituals are often seen in the Animes and that gives them a very unique touch. Another one of our reason, why is anime so popular these days?

5. Anime for Everyone

Anime for Everyone: Why Is Anime So Popular?
Source: 9 Tailed Kitsune

Animes are so flexible that there is almost a piece made of every one of us. It’s true. Animes have a lot to offer. From light-hearted comedies to sexual and political themes, you would be rather shocked to see such diverse and unique episodes.

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There is an Anime for everyone, kids, teenagers, adults, even the old should watch it. There is a lot to learn for everyone. Another add-on in the list of Why is anime so popular?

6. Easy Access All Over The World

Deathnote Characters: Why Is Anime So Popular?
Source: Amazon.com

Okay, let us take a moment to thank all the pirated websites. If it wasn’t for them a lot of us would have to keep searching for our favorite Animes. That won’t be good, right? Jokes aside. This scenario was relevant to a lot of us a few years before. But not anymore!

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Today, there are a lot of OTT platforms that have Anime. This has made them extremely accessible. Even YouTube has so many options of Animes to watch for free. So make sure you watch all of them.

This was our sixth reason why is Anime so popular.   

Wrapping Up

The list answering Why is Anime So Popular is never-ending. These were the most relevant and relatable points to the question. We hope you love Animes as much as we do. Comment below your recent watch on Animes and check out our more articles.

Have A Nice Day!

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