Why Instagram Music is Not Available for Some Accounts 2022

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Smriti Razdan
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Instagram updates its features quite frequently. Especially the ones in its stories. Many people have faced the issue of Music not working on Instagram. If you faced the same problem, and then the internet brought you to the right place. We have all the solutions to “Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my account?”.

Instagram has got exponentially popular in the last 5 years, and we cannot ask why. All of us have seen it rise before our eyes. The reason for its success is its features indeed. The story feature is not the original idea of Instagram, but it has made it so popular that rarely a day goes by, and we haven’t updated an aesthetic story on IG. A story with the music of course. What? IG Music not working?

The reason why Instagram Music is not available for some accounts is that either the song isn’t available in your country, or your country has not allowed Instagram Music. Its solution is on your phone only. You would have to use a different application for it and tap on a few settings.

Let’s begin the article and disclose the complete solution.

Why Instagram Music is Not Available for Some Accounts?

The problem sometimes does not lies in your location but in the Instagram application. Since they have a new update every other month, it is normal to have such a problem. Check if you have a Software Update pending on your phone. If there is, then update your mobile phone first and then do the following steps. 

1. Instagram Music Feature is not available in your Country

Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my Account? Reasons and Solutions in 2021

There are many reasons why Instagram Music is not available, but the most dominant reason is that IG music not available in your country. Why? The answer is copyright issues. 

Before an application is launched all over the world, it has to follow the guidelines of every country. Not every country has the same guidelines, therefore an application has to follow different guidelines and laws in different countries.

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Instagram Music Feature might not be allowed in your country. That’s a possible explanation of why Instagram Music is not available in your account. 


If this is the case why your Instagram music is not working then you can try using a VPN application. 

  1. Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. In the search bar, type VPN.
  3. Download any VPN application that is highly rated and then use Instagram Music.

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2. Instagram Music Feature is Not Available in Your Account

Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my Account? Reasons and Solutions in 2021

There are many reasons “Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my account?”. Your Instagram application might not be updated or some other reason might be a cause arising the question “Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my account?”. Try following the below-written steps and then use the Instagram music feature. 


Either of the two solutions can work for you, so make sure you do both of them. 

Update your Application:
  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection and then open Google Play Store (or Apple Store).
  2. Search Instagram.
  3. Click on “Update”.

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Clear Cache and Data:
  1. Go to your phone “Settings” and find “Applications”.
  2. Click on Instagram and then on “Force Stop”.
  3. Click on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.
  4. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

You will be logged out of your account. Login again. 

If the Instagram Music feature still is not working then re-install the app. 

3. Change your Account Type

Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my Account? Reasons and Solutions in 2021

This is another solution to “Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my account?” The majority of Business account holders on Instagram face this problem frequently. It is again because of the copyright laws of the Music Label. To solve this, if you can change your account type into Creator account then you should. Not everyone would be comfortable in doing so. After all, the profession is the defining feature of our account.

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But if there is a little scope for you to change it, then here is how you do it.  

  1. From the Instagram Application,  go to settings
  2. Click on “Account”. 
  3. Click on “Switch account type” and then choose “Creator”. 

The reason why this solution is suggested is that there isn’t much difference in the features of a business account and a create account on Instagram. Besides that, a creator account has low implications than a business account. 

If the problem, Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my account, persists then try using a VPN application for using the Instagram music feature. 

Wrapping Up

I hope your query to “Why Instagram Music is Not Available in my Account?” is solved now. If you have any other solution to IG music not working then do comment below or reach out to us. If these work for you, let us know. We will be more than happy to hear your feedback. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Instagram Music not available in my account?

There are two most probable reasons. One is either that song is not available in your country or IG music not working on your account.

2. Why is IG music not working in my account?

If you have encountered the error, Music not working on Instagram, then there are many reasons for it. You can try “Clear cache” and “Clear data” from settings and reinstall the app.

3. How do you fix music not available on Instagram?

You can switch your account type on Instagram, change your location. You can also play a song from a music player and then open Instagram to make a video or story. It will record the music but the sticker will not appear.

4. Why is music not available on Instagram?

Location can be a big reason why music is not on your Instagram. Also, try updating your Instagram app or change the account type.

5. Why is Instagram music not available for some accounts?

Sometimes due to an error or copyright issues music is not allowed in a region. Maybe your IG account has some other issue. Try uninstalling the app and reinstall it again. Visit the stickers section again and again to refresh the page.


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