Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook? Fix It In 3 Easy Steps Now!

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However, listening to music while browsing through the latest news on social media apps can be relaxing. Apart from trending songs, many other exciting podcasts on Spotify are worth listening to while scrolling through Facebook or Twitter (X). Many Spotify users can’t seem to find the answer! But I’ll tell you exactly why this happens. So, sit back and relax, and let me explain why does Spotify stop when I open Facebook. 

One of the features of the Spotify app is that you can draw this musical app over other apps. In other words, you can simultaneously listen to your favorite song or podcast playing in the background. However, a couple of app features may stop you from getting this experience and make you wonder why Spotify stops when you open Facebook.

Is the Spotify app, or is it the Facebook app that’s causing this issue? Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend your precious time looking for answers on the web. I’ve got you covered, fam! I’ll help you understand why it stops when I open Facebook and help you resolve it quickly. Follow the next section to find all the answers!

Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook? Let’s Take A Closer Look!

spotify logo image; Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook? Fix It In 3 Easy Steps Now!

Before you get the right answer, it’s important to ask the right question! In other words, if you’re wondering why it stops when you open Facebook, you’ve saved yourself a lot of time. The Spotify app may stop working for a number of reasons, but if it stops working when you open Facebook, the reasons can be narrowed down.

1. Spotify App Cache Not Cleared 

You’d be amazed to know that the major reasons contributing to this issue are in the Facebook app setting and not in the Spotify app. However, let me list the points that will help you understand why Spotify stops when I open Facebook

This is the only reason why the Spotify app may stop working when you open Facebook. If you have allowed the spotify app permissions on your device, then you don’t need to make any other changes on this musical app.

2. Facebook Video Autoplay Feature Is Enabled

The video autoplay setting is probably turned on in the Facebook app. This is the major reason why you’re facing this issue, and wondering why Spotify stopped when I opened the Facebook 

3. Facebook Sounds in the App is Turned On 

Another reason could be that the sounds in the app setting are turned on. by default, the setting is enabled in the majority of the Facebook app settings until it’s manually turned off.

Alright, now you may have some idea why Spotify’s playback stops when you open Facebook. Don’t be stressed; I will guide you through easy steps and help fix this issue in 3 simple steps, so please note the below-mentioned steps and make the necessary changes. 

Fix “Why Does Spotify Stop When I Opened Facebook?” Stop When I Opened Facebook “In 3 Simple Steps 

facebook & spotify settings picture ; Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook? Fix It In 3 Easy Steps Now!

Now, I will guide you to resolve the “Why did Spotify stop when I opened Facebook?” issue. Thus, make sure to note the steps and apply the same on the mentioned apps later 

1. Tweak The Spotify App Setting 

Open the Spotify app and select the settings menu. Then scroll down to the devices section in the Spotify app setting and then Turn on the Spotify Connect in the Background feature. This will enable Spotify to run in the background while using other apps. 

Then, keep scrolling in the Spotify app settings menu until you find the storage section. After that, you need to select “clear cache” and reconfirm by pressing the green clear cache “option displayed on the screen. 

2. Turn On Never Autoplay Videos On The Facebook App 

facebook & spotify settings picture ; Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook? Fix It In 3 Easy Steps Now!

Open the Facebook app and then select the settings and privacy menu from the options menu. Therefore, select the media option and then scroll to the Autoplay section on the list. Check the box never Autoplay videos and ensure it’s highlighted in blue. 

3. Turn Off Sounds On The Facebook App 

After turning on the never Autoplay videos on the Facebook app, scroll down the media section and then select sounds in the app. Toggle this option and turn it off Then safely exit the Facebook app, restart the device.


Please ensure that you’ve followed the steps I’ve listed above. However, if you can’t access your Facebook profile or have any other issues with the Facebook app, you can contact the meta support team. Otherwise, you can update the Spotify and Facebook apps to the latest version. 

Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook?

Wrapping Up 

In conclusion, I hope you understand why Spotify stops when I open Facebook. If you make the changes I’ve mentioned in this blog, I’m sure you won’t face any more issues. However, you can always write back to me and let me know if you want further information. Thank you for your time, and as always, keep listening to your favorite jam on the Spotify app without any interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why Does Spotify Stop When I Open Facebook?

The Spotify app stops playing in the background after opening Facebook, and the autoplay videos feature is kept turned on in the Facebook app settings. You can turn off this feature by following the steps I’ve mentioned in this article.

2. Can I Link The Spotify App With My Facebook Account?

Yes, you can link the Spotify app with your Facebook account. After the Spotify app is linked to your Facebook account, you’ll be able to share the link of your desired song/podcasts on your Facebook profile. 

3. Is The Spotify App Free?

Yes, the Spotify app is free to download across all platforms. However, you can later opt for the Spotify premium subscription and enjoy exclusive benefits. 

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