Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day? An In-Depth Sight Of An Intense History

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Valentine’s Day is ordinarily considered a ‘High on Feels’ Day with romantic air blowing our worries, soothing tunes making us dance, and blingy vibes all around, but it is linked with an intense history. It’s 2022, and all we know about Valentine’s Day is hearts, roses, and gifts. However, this day originated from a history of saints, massacres, and evil nuns.

If you are here, I assume that you are interested in knowing why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. I am sure that you are looking for something that is quite understandable, exciting, and captivating. Well, the good news is that we have something exactly similar for you in this article below. 

Cheesy? Romantic? Amorous? Which mood are you planning to put on this Valentine? In this lovey-dovey era, Valentine’s Day is normally termed as A Day Of Love, where people send out cards, flowers, or gifts to show the amount of affection they have for another one.

We make dinner reservations, plan movie nights, cozy ‘Netflix and Chill’ scenes, or even plan social family gatherings. But who knew that such a rom-com day is connected to an intense deep history. 

Being historical and learning the facts, especially about Valentine’s Day, can take you on a ride of boredom(I know that, duh). Still, a little bit of knowledge also makes you an intelligent person in the room. Keeping that in mind, I promise I will make it as thrilling as you are expecting it to be. 

How Did Valentine Begin? An Early History Of Valentine’s Day  

History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic Priest from Rome in the 3rd Century. The Roman Catholic Church made it to Christianize the pagan celebration of ‘Lupercalia.’ Lupercalia, an ancient Roman festival, was celebrated from 13th to 15th of February in the looper cow to honor and pay extreme respects to the god of fertility Lucas, also referred to as the God Faunus.

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Despite the reason that this festival was celebrated the coming of spring, it also included fertility rights, orgies, fornication, sex with minors, drunkenness, and other practices like pairing off women and men by lottery.  It was also dedicated to Faunus and the founders of Rome: Romulus & Remus, who were nurtured by the she-wolf.

On this day, two priests (Luperci) performed a ceremony of sacrificing goats and dogs because of their strong sexual instinct, followed by cutting thongs from the skin and running in bands around the palatine hill to whip any women crossing their side.

This all was done believing that a blow from the thong would make women fertile. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius abolished paganism and declared the 14th of February as Saint Valentine’s Day. 

In all of Valentine’s life, numerous Romans were found moving ahead towards Christianity. Still, as the Emperor was pagan, he formed some strict rules to keep them solely connected to Rome.

The Romans were not allowed to marry. Hence Saint Valentine started marrying these soldiers secretly in Christian ceremonies. After he got imprisoned, he began caressing the other prisoners and also treated the blindness of the jailor’s daughter.

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It was the 14th of February in the year 270 when he was killed, and before being executed, he wrote a love letter to that girl with his sign saying ‘From your Valentine’. 

His every deed was connected to the act of love which is why poet Chaucer linked him with a romantic admiration and inaugurated the tradition of celebrating an emotion of love. This tradition expanded its ways throughout Europe, and in no time, High Court female judges started ruling on the cases related to love on 14th February each year. 

Thongs to Cupid | How did that happen on Valentine’s Day?

History Of Valentine’s Day

It is quite hard to understand how a day of paganism got its way to cupid, a symbol of love. Well, when Saint Valentine married the soldiers, they were not aware of the real identity of Saint.

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To ensure that, Saint Valentine wore a ring with a cupid on it to help soldiers recognize him. He also handed over a paper heart to Christians to remind them of their love for God.    

Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated to spread the gratefulness a heart holds for the purity and essence brought to our lives by this emotion of Love. It is celebrated in most countries, with each of them having its own set of customs and traditions. However, it is also a day of expressing love and proposals by many individuals today. 

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Wrapping Up

Are you also pretty bumped up like I was when I got to know this story for the very first time? I gotcha

Chill out, guys…!! I know it is too much to learn, but it is a matter of the fact that every beautiful thing has had a tough origin. Whatever it was, it was all in the past, so let’s head-on and plan your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Check out our other articles on Valentine’s Day as well and make your way to a fancy Valentine. 

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