Why Do Dogs Roll On The Grass? 13 Possible Astonishing Reasons Explained

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Woof Woof!!! Have you ever noticed your dog running and rolling around on the grass? I have lost the count of times I have seen my dog rolling on the grass. The question Why do dogs roll on the grass has crossed my mind several times. At times, our dog’s behavior can be confusing. We all have tried to decipher the unexplained reason behind the recurring question: why do dogs roll on the grass? 

How we all wish our adorable fur friends could speak their heart out to us. Sadly, dogs voicing their feelings is something out of the question. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to understand a dog’s behavior. If we put some extra effort into understanding them, eventually, it will strengthen our loving bond with them. 

Are you worried about why do dogs roll on the grass? There’s nothing to worry about. It’s a normal part of their behavior. One of the most common reasons behind your questions about why dogs roll on the grass is that they enjoy their time basking in the Sun. 

Curious to know about more intriguing reasons why do dogs roll on the grass? Read on, and you will discover interesting reasons behind this. 

13 Unbelievable Reasons Behind Why Do Dogs Roll On The Grass? (Explained In Detail)

  • They are fond of a certain smell.
  • It’s their way of marking their territory.
  • To get relief from itching.
  • Their idea of having fun.
  • A way to express themselves.
  • A never-ending obsession. 
  • Sensory stimulation. 
  • Dehydration.
  • Brain tumor or serious head injuries. 
  • Survival method to prevent a heat stroke.
  • Life-threatening diseases and parasites. 
  • Psychological problems. 
  • Discomfort caused by their collar.

1. Catching A Certain Smell

Source: BBC.

There are high chances that your dog is fond of a certain smell. Your dog’s sense of smell is better than yours. 

I am not even joking about it. Scientists have proven this fact. Due to numerous scent receptors, a dog’s sense of smell is more developed than humans. This can one of the most common reasons for your question of why do dogs roll on the grass.

So, every time you take your dog out for a walk, notice how your dog reacts to his surroundings. Most of the dogs get excited to smell various objects around them. They are more prone to smelling unpleasant things. They have a different preference than us. 

Scented shampoos that you are using for your dogs might not be suitable for them. They don’t like its smell. So, they sniff and roll around on the grass.

Dogs roll on the grass to smell the fresh grass and gradually becomes their habit. They start enjoying it. Is this the only reason behind why do dogs roll on the grass?

2. It’s Their Way Of Marking Their Territory 


Yes!!! Your dogs are very much particular about marking their territory. To make their territory, dogs roll on the grass.

So, to label a piece of the area as their area, they try to spread their scent all over the place. 

They like depositing their scents on certain places and things. It’s their way of expressing ownership.

3. To Get Relief From Itching

Rolling on the grass is one of the most common practices of dogs to scratch their body parts. 

Oftentimes, they start rolling around on the grass to scratch an itch caused by an allergy. Dogs are more prone to allergies caused by fleas and food. 

When they roll on the grass, they feel more comfortable and content as the itching can cause them distress.

You might be unaware of your dog’s health condition. Make sure you take your dog for a regular health checkup. 

4. Their Way Of Having Fun

Source: Dr. Ron’s Animal Hospital.

Most of the time, your dog might be in the mood to play and enjoy games with you. 

Roll up your sleeves and play along with him. It’s their source of entertainment. They feel good after relaxing on the soft grass. You have no clue about how much they enjoy playing outdoors. 

When you take them out for a walk, make sure you take their toys along with you. 

Your dog rolls on the grass to express his mood to play fun games with you.

Enjoy your fun time!!!

5. A Way To Express Themselves 

Dogs roll on the grass.
Source: Petfood Industry.

Suppose you are always busy on your smartphone when you take your dog for a fun play session. Your dog might get annoyed by your behavior. You need to make sure you pay attention to your dog’s activities. This can be one of the reasons why dogs roll on the grass.

Moreover, you need to indulge in fun activities with your pet. It makes them feel less lonely. You can’t ignore them for a long time. You should avoid not paying attention to your adorable fur friend. 

So, to grab your attention, your dog plays an intelligent game. He tries to roll and swirl around the grass to catch your eye. 

6. A Never-Ending Obsession 

Have you started training your dog? 

If not, you should start giving training to your dog. 

Your dog can easily get highly obsessed with rolling in the grass. This is not at all a good sign. 

This is an unhealthy practice as it can make your dog violent and frustrated. 

So, make sure you give good training to your dog. You can bribe your dog with lots and lots of scrumptious treats to quit this habit. 

7. Sensory Stimulation

The simple reason why dogs roll around in the grass is that they enjoy the sensations of their environment without caring much about anything else. 

The experience of feeling fresh and light grass on their body is blissful for them. They won’t hesitate to roll around the grass for fun. They make noises to show their excitement.

8. Dehydration 

Source: Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic.

If your dog hasn’t been drinking an adequate amount of water, he will roll on the grass. Now, this is not a good reason why dogs roll on the grass. 

This behavior in dogs is more likely to be seen in summers when they don’t consume enough water. 

There is a high possibility that your dog is feeling dehydrated.

Make sure you don’t fail to keep track of your dog’s water consumption in a day. Try to encourage your dog to drink more fluids in the summers.

9. Brain Tumor Or Serious Head Injuries

Source: Wag!

You may have noticed dogs rolling their heads on the grass. Many people get confused by this behavior. They tend to believe that their dogs want to be petted.

However, there is another aspect to this behavior. This is not a common dog behavior. 

One of the most painful and heart-wrenching reasons why dogs roll on the grass is a brain tumor.

If your dog starts rubbing his head on the grass, there is a possibility he is going through endless pain. 

10. Survival Method To Prevent A Heat Stroke

Dogs usually roll on the grass in the summer. They try their level best to aerate the thick hair coat on their body. 

You should observe the behavior of your dog when he rolls on the grass.

If his face shows signs of irritation, make sure you take him to a vet soon. 

This is their instinctive survival method to prevent a heat stroke. 

It’s your responsibility to make sure your dog gets a hefty amount of fresh and clean drinking water in the scorching summer. 

11. Life-Threatening Diseases And Parasites. 

Source: Cuddla.

When you watch dogs roll on the grass, the first thought that will come to your mind is that the dog is enjoying his leisure time. 

However, there are grave health issues related to it. Dogs need proper attention. Some of the health issues that the dogs who roll on the grass might be suffering from are:

  • Pollen, dust, or food allergies.
  • Ear infections. 
  • External parasites like ticks, fleas, and Demodex.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Dental issues like inflamed gums and tooth decay.

12. Psychology Problems

Source: Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

A dog can be facing emotional turmoil. Studies have shown that dogs tend to get anxious easily. This might be also one of the reasons why your dog is rolling on the grass. The psychological problems your dog is facing should be addressed as soon as possible to stop this behavior. 

13. Discomfort Due To Their Collars

Source: Orlando Vets.

This reason is quite self-explanatory. Most of the time, pet owners get the wrong-sized dog collars for their dogs. 

This can cause great discomfort to the dog. So, by rolling on the grass, he might be attempting to get rid of his dog collar. 

As a pet owner, you should check the dog collar twice before buying. Expert professionals have suggested that putting a dog collar around your dog’s neck can make your dog feel anxious. 

Dog collars are effective in creating a sense of fear in your dog’s mind. It can eventually lead to aggressive behavior patterns. 

Wrapping Up 

A dog’s loyal friendship is a priceless gift to mankind. The selfless love a dog can offer you is incomparable. Make sure your dog rolls on the grass to play and enjoy. 

We hope this article was helpful for you. We have tried to include all the common reasons behind why dogs roll on the grass? 

In case you know a couple of reasons why dogs roll on the grass? Do share them with us in the comments section.

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Featured image credits: AnimalWised.


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