Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet: All You Need To Know 2021 (Practical Causes And Solutions)

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Getting sloppy kisses from my furball companion is the highlight of my day. Sometimes, I find my dog licking my feet. Now, this can be a perfect example of gross behavior for some people. If you are fond of furry friends, you might get annoyed when dogs start licking your feet. However, some people find it pleasurable. Have you ever wondered why dogs lick your feet? 

Dogs need to be pampered like humans. Dogs lick your feet in a very familiar pattern. Is this your dog’s signal for communication? We all know dogs are heart menders. Dogs tend to love their owners irrespective of getting any benefits.

You have had a busy day at work. Your dog with a wet nose starts wagging his tail at you. The moment you remove your shoes, you find your dog licking your feet. One of the most practical reasons why dogs lick your feet is to show respect towards their owner.

When you look at certain things from your dog’s perspective, you will realize how distinct and similar dogs are. Let’s dive into numerous reasons why dogs like to lick your feet.

7 Practical And Astonishing Reasons Why Dogs Lick Your Feet (Explained In Detail)

  • To respect and honor their loving human companions.
  • An attention-seeking habit.
  • A never-ending obsession.
  • Salt rush.
  • Coping mechanism.
  • To make you smile. 
  • To get treats from you. 

1. A Gesture Of Respect And Honor

Source: PetsWorld.

Dogs are family members with pretty paws. Don’t you think the same about them? Dogs value your companionship over anything in this universe. 

To show respect and honor towards you, usually dogs lick your feet in a friendly manner. 

Dogs want to treat you well. Dogs want to treat their lovable owners with great respect. So, this is why dogs lick your feet. 

Dogs don’t know much about our feet. They do this to make you feel good. However, they are unaware of how you feel ticklish when dogs lick your feet. 

Dogs don’t wish to cause any harm to you or your feet. They are protective. They lick your feet to make you feel relaxed. 

2. An Attention Seeking Habit

Are you always engrossed in checking emails, news, and social media on your smartphone?

What about your furry friend? Do you feel like spending more time with your furry friend? 

You are casually scrolling down on social media. Suddenly, you notice your dog is licking your feet.

There are plenty of theories about why dogs lick your feet. Seeking their owner’s attention is one of the simplest reasons why dogs lick your feet.

Many expert professionals in this field have suggested that dogs lick your feet or other parts of the body to grab your attention. 

Dogs don’t feel good when you don’t pay attention to them. Dogs lick your feet persistently as it’s their sole endeavor is to obtain your attention. 

All you have to do is disconnect from your smartphone and spend some quality time with your dog to solve this issue. Dogs are your soulmates. So, appreciate your dog’s presence in your life. 

3. A Never-Ending Obsession 

Source: JollyMutt.

Do you think dogs lick your feet as a part of their normal behavior? Or Is there something serious to worry about? 

We will answer all your questions. Most of the time, dogs lick your feet to display affection or to seek your attention. However, many experts suggest that there is a definite pattern in which dogs lick your feet. 

One of the most disturbing reasons why dogs lick your feet is their compulsive behavior. There can be an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed immediately. 

Sometimes, dogs develop the habit of licking your feet from the stage when they are small puppies. So, some dog behavior patterns don’t change with time.

You can’t afford to take a chance. You have to make sure you take your dog for regular health checkups. Usually, dogs lick your feet for some amusing reasons. However, you never know what is going wrong in their life. 

Don’t get disheartened. Psychological problems in dogs can be treated. You have to book an appointment with a professional to resolve this issue. 

4. Salt Rush

Are you constantly feeling hungry? Oh! Come on, don’t lie. There is someone else out there who’s always hungry like you. Yes!!! You guessed it right. 

Dogs are always hungry. No matter how many times you feed them. Dogs are always looking out for something mouth-watering to devour on.

Hold on!!! Do you think your dog likes the taste of sweat-drenched feet? Oops!

Dogs lick your feet due to the salt present in your sweat. Some people find the smell of their feet disgusting. However, dogs don’t think as humans do. Dogs usually like the taste of your sweat. To put it another way, dogs like to sniff and lick unusual stuff.

Dogs won’t bite you unless they have a history of aggressive behavior. Dogs lick your feet to get the salt rush. 

To help your dog with this issue, get them some cute indestructible toys. 

You can bring a smile to your dog’s face by bringing home some dog toys. Let your dog chew and lick toys instead of your feet.

5. Coping Mechanism Of Dogs

Source: Hawthorn East Vet.

When pet dogs lick your feet in an excessive number, then there is a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. 

Studies have revealed that dogs lick your feet to release their stress. It’s a form of their coping mechanism. To cope with stress and anxiety, dogs lick your feet. 

Licking is one of the major indicators of high stress levels in dogs. Don’t miss out on the warning signs.

When dogs lick your feet excessively, there is a high chance that it is a dog’s emotion-focused coping mechanism for stress. 

Dogs are more prone to undergo emotional turmoil in their lives. To cope with stress, dogs lick your feet. 

When dogs lick your feet as a coping mechanism, their licking is prolonged and intense in nature. 

Are you worried about your dog’s mental health? Don’t worry. There are numerous ways to make your dog feel relaxed. 

You have to make sure you keep a check on your dog’s body language and warning signs before their licking becomes a deadly obsession. 

6. To Make You Smile

Source: Hello Cute Pup.

We all agree that dogs are darn cute. Dogs find their owner’s smile attractive. 

Dogs can go beyond all expectations to make you feel happy. 

When you are having a bad day, you feel like cuddling with your dog. Likewise, dogs lick your feet to lighten up your mood. 

Dogs can easily sense your emotions. When dogs lick your feet, their motive is to watch you giggle like a toddler. 

Dogs are indeed a blessing in disguise. So, next time your adorable fur friend rolls around your feet. You know what the reason is. 

7. To Get Treats From You

Source: Fuzzable.

Positive reinforcement is the logic behind why dogs lick your feet when you give treats to your dog for playing with you or doing something.

Dogs tend to start believing that they have to perform a task that will make you happy to get lots and lots of treats as a reward from you. 

How many treats are too many treats? As many as you can give. Jokes apart, dogs lick your feet so that they can eat their favorite treats. 

Dogs lick your feet and expect you to give them treats. It’s a fun activity for them. 

Wrapping Up 

Dogs lick your feet to make you feel content. I know it doesn’t sound alien to you. Dogs lick your feet and don’t want anything in return. 

We have included all the practical reasons why dogs lick your feet in our list. Don’t forget to keep a check on your dog’s mental as well as physical health. 

No matter what happens in your life, your dog is never going to leave your side. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog remains healthy and happy. 

Dogs are selfless, loving creatures. Make sure you spoil your dog with lots of scrumptious treats. 

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Feature image credits: American Kennel Club.


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