Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated? 6 Best Explanations in 2022

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Smriti Razdan
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Luxury Brands are always in the mainstream media due to their influence over the market and people. They have the most popular clothing stores that only the rich ones visit. Most people want to have those lavish items but they can’t because of the “costly” nature of products. Don’t you ever think they are kinda overrated? Cause they are! That’s why you have to read this article on Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated?  

Designer Brands are the Lords of the Game. If you look at the history of designer brands, you will come to know that they have been in the game for a really long time, and have gradually created their demand in the public. However, most people have never had a touch of these luxuries but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy them. It simply means these brands want to maintain that “special vibe” around their name.

List of 6 Reasons- Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated? 

  1. The Brand Value
  2. We Wanna Look Like ‘em
  3. Limited Stock
  4. Fancy Everything- From Clothes to Stores
  5. Smart Marketing 
  6. Super Efficient Money-Making Billion-Dollar Idea 

Relatable right? We feel you. Let’s understand why and how these luxury brands are overrated. 

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated? 6 Logical Reasons

We are not saying that they don’t deserve the name they have today. They do. But the prices for their products are a little over the board. Let’s find out how. 

1. The Brand Value

Rihanna: why designer brands are overrated

How would it look if Louis Vuitton started selling products under $30? Cheap right? Even though it might not be cheap and low quality at all, but because the brand value of Designer Brands is touching the sky (by that, I mean literally in billions), we cannot expect them to sell not-so-expensive clothes. It’s not good for their whole ‘luxury vibe’. 

To be true, it would look like charity if Luxury Brands started selling low-cost products.  That is the first reason Why Designer Brands are so overrated. 

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2. We Wanna Look Like ‘em

Lucifer in Suit: why designer brands are overrated?

Don’t you wanna just steal all the clothes of Rihanna? (And a few from Selena, and some from Kendall Jenner, and some from…Ahh! It would never end) 

We have grown to watch these people turn from amazing to mind-blowingly hot and sensual. Most of us want to look like them, for the rest of our lives. If I could look like any one of them for the rest of my life, I would. Period.

That’s how celebrities influence us, we want to look like them, and have their lives. When our favorite celebrities walk and rock in designer brands, their hype is even more hiked. It is a quite logical explanation of why designer brands are so overrated?

3. Limited Stock

Benedict in Suit: why designer brands are overrated

After really thinking about ‘Why designer brands are so overrated?’ we came to the thought that anything in the world that is countable to a few thousand, becomes rare really quick. Anything rare is automatically precious. That’s how human psychology works and designer brands know exactly how to play with it. 

They create only a few items, that get sold out within days, even if they look drab. More often than not, luxury brands steal the ideas of many brilliant artists around the world who might not be as popular as them. But these cheap tricks are often noticed and many times Designer Brands have even apologized for them. 

Now you see a designer, in the hustle to create its name, sells a product at a low price and on the other hand, let’s say H&M, sells the same product at a higher price. Whose products will get sold out? You already know the answer and the third reason why designer brands are so overrated. 

4. Fancy Everything- From Clothes to Stores

Fancy Stores: why designer brands are overrated

What can they do to add more to the cost? Make everything fancier.

It is a concept in our heads that everything lavish deserves to be costly. Designer Brands are very smart. They make all of their products limited and stores like some exclusive luxury hotels. Which eventually adds to their brand value. 

Why would you buy a $700 Gucci bag from a place that looks like a grocery store? You won’t. They make everything look extravagant so that they can sell a product at a price thrice of its original cost. 

Do Not Get Fooled! Hoping our reason four helped you understand why designer brands are so overrated.

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5. Smart Marketing 

Smart Marketing: why designer brands are overrated?

Before even introducing a product in the market, these Brands create such hype and want among the people, that suddenly a single product is all that you can see on the internet. Again they have loads of money so they can make everyone look at their product.

Designer Brands are getting better and super creative at marketing. Every other day we see a celebrity face in the ads. Not only that, they are hiring social media influencers to spread the word among the masses.

Isn’t that brilliant? So that was the reason number five why designer brands are so overrated.

6. Super Efficient Money-Making Billion-Dollar Idea 

Dakota with Jamie: why designer brands are overrated?

Any ideal business targets the richest 10% of the world. Imagine, if you were to make money out of a business you would want to sell fewer products with higher costs, to people who would buy them anyways. 

Their buyers are the richest people in the whole freaking world. What better a business can get beyond it. It’s a billion-dollar idea.

Although it takes years to get into the mainstream and not every product can be the most wanted one. But it is worth the competition for them, if they will be receiving money with many zeroes, they would do anything to be in the race.

Reason number six on why designer brands are so overrated is the actual reason why everything has to be lavish and look luxurious. Hope you got it.

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Wrapping Up

We hope this article helped you understand the reasons why designer brands are so overrated. If you know of some more, do comment below and reach out to us. Till then Stay Home and Have a Nice Day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 Designer Brands?

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Gucci
3. Chanel
4. Dior
5. Balenciaga
6. Armani
7. Yves Saint Laurent
8. Burberry
9. Hermes
10. Prada

What designer brands are Italian?

1. Gucci
2. Prada
3. Armani
4. Valentino
5. Varsace
6. Fendi
7. Dolce & Gabbana
8. Moschino
9. Roberto Cavalli
10. Bottega Veneta

What designer brands are French?

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Chanel
3. Hermès
4. L’Oréal Paris
5. Orange
6. Lancôme
7. Cartier
8. SFR
9. AXA
10. Garnier


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