Why Are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous? 6 Practical Explanations

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Damn, that man just wanted to buy her wife lingerie and made it to Victoria’s Secret instead. A simple thought revolutionized the lingerie industry and here we are today talking about “Why Are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous?” 

Started in 1977, Victoria’s Secret has come a long way. Even if the brand is not among the most popular brands today, it once was the only brand everybody was into. The main reason for that was the models that it hired. You might be wondering why are they so popular? They are just a bunch of skinny girls, but no, there is a lot in why is Victoria’s Secret Models Famous? 

From getting the most desirable models to Fashion Runway, Victoria’s Secret played all the cards right to turn all the eyes towards the brand. Choosing famous models and making them even more popular is kinda the part of the deal. Wanna know more? 

There was a time every lady wanted to become a Victoria’s Angel, such was their appeal. Jump into the details as to why they became so popular?

Why Are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous? 6 Practical Reasons

No doubt, Victoria’s Secret has seen a downfall in recent years, but their models never cease to amaze the world. Dive into the most reasonable explanations. 

1. Rarest of The Rarest

Why Are Victoria's Secret Models Famous?
Source: PR Newswire

Out of all the billions of girls in the world between the ages of 18 and 30, only 14 are currently Victoria’s Secret Models. That automatically makes them rare and anything rare becomes popular in nanoseconds. Now, there are many filters in the selection of these models, which makes them more desirable. 

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I think the motive behind such a small number of models is only for making them desirable. So that more girls are interested and want to be rare just like them. That’s one of the reasons why are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous. 

2. Perfect Body With a Perfect Smile

Why Are Victoria's Secret Models Famous?
Source: The Business of Fasion

Have a look at them and you will be looking at Goddesses. They actually make people believe in Angels with their God-like features. All of them are sheer beauties from head to toe, and no one would have ever blinked while looking at a Victoria’s Secret Model. 

No doubt Victoria’s Secret has given some toxic body image goals for women and has been criticized in the current scenario. In this time when body positivity has a lot more important than looking “perfect”, Victoria’s Secret is not minutely appreciated for portraying skinny models like they are beautiful. 

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Back in the 90s when there wasn’t much awareness in people,  Victoria’s Secret was the first lingerie brand to introduce and normalize ‘lingerie’ among all genders. That made Victoria’s Secret Models Famous immensely. 

3. The Runway Show 

Why Are Victoria's Secret Models Famous?
Source: The Independent

The sudden hike in the sales of lingerie came after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was aired in 1997 on TV, and what is said is that The Show broke all the records. I guess people were desperately waiting to see beautiful models in only two pieces. 

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After that, both the Brand and Models became famous like fire, and the demand rose exponentially. Therefore the show is another reason why are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous.

4. $2 Million Worth Fantasy Bra

Why Are Victoria's Secret Models Famous?
Source: Hello! Canada

You heard that right! A Bra Worth $2 Million

Smart or Stupid, I don’t know but this statement alone is huge to digest. Soon after the annual fashion show began, it became a tradition for the runway models to wear a ‘Fantasy Bra’ worth $2Million. Even Diamonds wouldn’t cost that much. 

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But what it’s worth, it sure is enough to make any brand super famous. Not only these things grabbed the attention of millions it also has earned enormously after the massive success of the Fashion Show. So why wouldn’t be Victoria’s Secret Models Famous? 

5. The Victorian Vibe

Why Are Victoria's Secret Models Famous?
Source: CB4

The name itself is a reflection of the ideology of the Brand. Roy Raymond created the brand because in 1977, he tried to buy lingerie for his wife from a departmental store and everything about it was awkward. This made him create the Brand, and named it  “Victoria’s Secret.”

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Victoria, because the Victorian Era was an era of royalty and pride. Roy wanted both men and women, to shop female lingerie without any shyness, rather with comfort. Thus the Victora name became another reason why are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous.

6. Models Become Super Rich With the Brand

Why Are Victoria's Secret Models Famous?
Source: Insider

Each and every model that has signed the contract with Victoria’s Secret has earned Millions. The best example of this is Gisele Bündchen, who was a Victoria’s Angel from 1996 to 2006, earned around $25 million from the brand alone. 

A lot is spent upon the models, from shows to clothes, big amounts are spent on the models. As the models rise, the brand also becomes popular with them, that’s why Victoria’s Secret takes models that are already having a big name and huge fan following. Do you need more reasons why are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous?

Wrapping Up

Hope now you understand that there are more reasons why are Victoria’s Secret Models Famous, besides the fact that they only show sexy women in lingerie. This article was made considering all the logic and practical reasons. Comment below your fav Victoria’s Secret Model. Have a nice day!

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