Why Are My Christmas Lights Flickering? Fix Christmas Lights Now

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Now, Christmas time is near, and everyone is ready to decorate their house with lights and other decorations. You can also use the 14 best Snapchat filters for Christmas. There’s one question I’m worried about this fall, why are my Christmas lights flickering? LEDs light is generated in a complex way and possesses a lot of energy and science theory. I will guide you in this article on “Why Are My Christmas Lights Flickering?” and what are the following ways to fix them in a comprehensive manner.

It is not a good sign when you find that your Christmas lights are flickering. These need to be fixed as Christmas time is coming for the people who wait for the entire year to celebrate the Christmas season. In order to avoid this, you must store the lights in a cool place and make sure not to tug them.

This article will guide you on why are my Christmas lights flickering and the fixes to deal with the issues.

Why Are My Christmas Lights Flickering & How to Fix it?

Why Are My Christmas Lights Flickering?

The following are some of the fixes to precisely correct why my Christmas Lights are flickering in a good verse and comprehensive manner. Let’s jump into the first fix and see if it works for you.

1. Entire String Not Working

If you are in a dilemma, why are my Christmas lights flickering; then it could be the reason you have got a loose or broken bulb. In order to fix the issue, you can use a light tester and change the loose or burnt bulbs. In case you don’t have a light tester, you can check each bulb for tightness and watch for visual clues. It could be cloudy or dark glass, and you need to recognize the bulbs that need to be fixed and replaced.

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2. Half of the String is Not Working

Some types of Christmas lights are made with either one or more rectifiers located along the string that will prevent the flickering of the bulb. If one part of the string is out or broken, then it could be possible that the issue is related to the rectifier, and you can change the entire string that needs to be changed.

3. Random Bulbs Not Working

There is also the possibility that the light strings have easily removable bulbs. There are Christmas lights like the incandescent mini strings that will give you the benefit of replacing the bulbs. You can buy them either online or at home improvement stores. If there is no possibility that you cannot replace the bulb, then you only have the option to change the entire string.

4. Lights Flickering When String is Removed

As you replaced the light string when your bulbs are flickering, this could be because of the vandalism to the wires, and in that case, the light string will not be replaced or changed. Moreover, if you find any vandalized plugs, fried wires, or raked insulation, we highly suggest you change or replace the entire set, even if it is completely working, and you can enjoy the 15 Christmas Instagram story for festive vibes.

5. Lights Dimming When Plugged End-to-End

During Christmas month, we tend to plug various Christmas light strings and decor items altogether end to end with plugs, and some lights are dimming in a way that they are not turning on; then, it is possible that you have exceeded the limit capacity of light strings or outlet capacity. There is some noted wattage capacity of string lights and other light-related items. After exceeding the limit of that wattage capacity then, there are high chances that your bulb will start to dim the lights because of the fault or blow out the bulb or entire string completely.

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In Case you are facing these issues when you are plugging many lights altogether, what you need to do is change or replace the bulb or light string as needed. Once you replace the blown fuses of the light string or bulbs, start determining the Wattage capacity of the light strings you are using and start considering your connections again as required. Additionally, you may also need to reroute the extension cords in case you want to try the display plugs into a completely different power circuit.

These are some of the fixes which you can apply to repair your Christmas lights flickering in an all-inclusive manner.

How to Fix Flickering LED Christmas Lights?

Wrapping Up

This article explains all the issues that could happen if your Christmas lights flicker. These issues could arise for any number of reasons, and you can fix them by looking at the steps we mentioned in the earlier part of the article. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the fixes that are explained and how did they help you.


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