Who was Mercedes Palacios | Tragic Death of Jeff Gladney and his Girlfriend

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In a tragic car accident a young woman died alongside Jeff Gladney. On 30 May, the Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Jeff Gladney met with a tragic death along with a woman, who has been identified as Mercedes Palacios. The news of the death of Jeff Gladney has shocked the internet.

It has been reported that Jeff Gladney was speeding his white Mercedes G-Wagon when the tragic fate took place. According to a report, the passengers in the car crash died just before 2:30 a.m. While Jeff Gladney led a public life, not much is known about Mercedes Palacios. Who was she?

Who was Mercedes Andrea Palacios?

Mercedes Andrea Palacios was a 26-year-old Mexican woman. She was born on January 7, 1996. Palacios was a part of a bottle service known as Ladies of INCrowd. She was also the owner of Crazebycedes, a dental company that specializes in teeth whitening and tooth jewels. She studied nursing at Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas.

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Not much is known about the Mercedes Palacios family. We have no information regarding her family. However, a family member named Angel Palacios posted a video on Instagram dedicated to her.

Palacios lived a private life and not much can be found about her on the internet. She had only posted two photos on Instagram and you can only find her age through her bio.

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Was Mercedes Palacios With Jeff Gladney During the Crash

Mercedes Palacio was with Jeff Gladney during the car crash. This crash resulted in her death before 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning. However, it is still not known who was driving the car. There are no reports regarding whether Jeff was driving or Mercedes. It is also not known whether the driver was under any influence.

Mercedes Palacios was a talented woman. Along with her own Instagram page of Crazebycedes, she managed to work in a software and transportation firm known as Ride4Health. The company posted a tribute for the woman on Facebook.

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Was Mercedes Palacios Dating Jeff Gladney?

Jeff Gladney and Mercedes Palacios are believed to be in a romantic relationship. While they never confirmed it, there were some evidences that pointed out towards it. None of them have posted pictures together on any social media site.

Mercedes Palacios

However, in her last post on Instagram, Mercedes posted a picture of cuddling with a mystery man. That picture was from a holiday she took in Miami. The tattoo of Jeff Gladney is clearly visible in that picture.

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Many people have also claimed that she was the mother of Jeff’s son. Gladney has posted many pictures of his son, Kingston on the Instagram. However, he never posted any pictures of the mother. It has been speculated that Mercedes Palacios was the mother of Kingston Gee Gladney.

Wrapping Up

Mercedes Palacios was the 26-year-old woman that died alongside Jeff Gladney. The two young individuals met a tragic fate on Monday, May 30, 2022. While most people knew the Minnesota Vikings cornerback, the other passenger is being referred to as ‘his girlfriend’. She was a young and successful woman who had a bright future. Nothing much left to say, may their souls rest in peace!


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