Who is The Genshin Impact Final Boss | The Last GI Boss Coming at The End!

Genshin Impact Final Boss

Genshin Impact is the RPG that’s breaking records and giving us the best immersive experience. But it’s not just the action; we play games like Genshin Impact for the plot, storyline, and intrigue that keeps us hooked. And the most mysterious of all is the Genshin Impact Final Boss.

Throughout the game, you face and defeat challenging bosses and dig deeper into the truths of the mysterious world. But the thing that remains unknown is the identity of the final boss in Genshin Impact. In this article, we’ll learn about the identity of the last boss.

So who is the Genshin Impact Final Boss? How do you defeat them? Is Paimon the Final Boss in Genshin Impact? Will we be betrayed by our only companion? Read on to find out.

Who is The Genshin Impact Final Boss?

The Genshin Impact’s final boss is Abyss Herald, the last enemy you have to defeat in Genshin Impact.

Abyss Heralds are very mighty and formidable opponents that you must defeat to unlock the game’s final levels. It can be hard to overpower Abyss Heralds because they can easily manipulate intense abyssal energy and use their blades to perform fierce elemental attacks.

These creatures aim to bring the end of the world by conjuring a powerful god-like creature, the “Unknown God.” And conquering the Abyss Herald is not an easy feat either.

Who is the “Final Boss” at Genshin Impact End?

The Genshin Impact Final Boss is the mysterious last boss that players must defeat and is also known as the Unknown God. Players do not know who this final boss is, and their identity remains vague. Even though minor clues were given along the way as we progressed, they were not enough to know who it was.

And although no one except the game’s developers can be sure who the Genshin Impact Final Boss is, we fans have doubts and theories.

Potential Genshin Impact Final Bosses | Possible GI Final Bosses

Not knowing our final opponent adds intrigue to Genshin Impact’s gameplay. But at the same time, you need to have an idea of who the Genshin Impact Final Boss is so you can prepare for the final battle. What do fans say? What theories do we have? Let’s find out.

Is Paimon The Final Boss?

Genshin Impact Final Boss

Paimon being the Genshin Impact Final Boss can seem like a brilliant and absurd thought at the same time. Some fans speculate that Paimon being the final boss all along would be a genius move; Paimon cannot be the Final Boss in Genshin Impact.

The reason behind my strong opinion is Paimon’s role and behavior. Although Paimon can be a mischievous one, she is far from evil and guile. Although your enemy being the companion by your side and betraying you, in the end, seems like such a twist, it isn’t.

Here’s what fans say about Paimon being the Genshin Impact Final Boss:

Genshin Impact Final Boss

Is Dainsleif The Final Boss?

Genshin Impact Final Boss

Simply yes, Dainsleif could be the Genshin Impact Final Boss. So why do we think he’s the last boss? Dainsleif was the last one to be shown in Genshin Impact’s trailer asking the traveler (you) to fight him, so it would make sense for him to be the Genshin Impact Final boss to defeat too.

It’s also notable to mention that at the end of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, Dainsleif says we need to defeat him to rescue the other sibling.

Here’s what Dainslief says at the end of the travail trailer:

“your journey has reached its end, but one final doorway remains; step forth if you have understood the meaning of your journey, defeat me, command me to step aside, show me that you’re worthier than I to rescue her, then, the threads of all fate will be yours to re-weave.”

Is Tsaritsa The Final Boss?

Tsaritsa is probably not the Genshin Impact Final Boss.

Tsaritsa  Genshin Impact Final Boss

Why? Tsaritsa could be a boss, but I don’t think she’ll be the final boss because after traveling through the seven nations, it only makes sense to travel to either Celestia or Khaenri’ah next and defeat the final boss there.

It’s also notable that the Fatui are treated as the least mysterious and otherworldly of all the antagonistic forces. And seeing that the Genshin Impact Final Boss is a mysterious entity, it doesn’t make sense for it to be Tsaritsa.

Wrapping Up

There’s little evidence of who the Genshin Impact Final Boss actually is, but fans have their theories. The last boss could most probably be the Abyss Herald or Dainsleif. But who knows what miHoYo has planned for us? Who do you think the final boss is? Do you agree with my answers? Comment to let me know what your thoughts are and if you’re just as excited for the final boss to be revealed!

Happy Gaming!

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