Who is Joey Swoll on TikTok & Why is he Trending?

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Who is the new self-claimed “CEO of gym positivity” with almost 4 million followers on TikTok? Known for calling out toxic gym etiquettes and condemning toxic fitness regimes, Swoll has gained over 38 million likes across his uploads. Joey Swoll on TikTok has gone viral for encouraging people looking to join the fitness lifestyle. 

TikTok is known for its viral content and has given a platform to creators like Swoll, who after battling addiction can gain fame on the platform. It is more like a second chance to start again from scratch. Don’t you want to know all about it?

So, is Swoll spreading negativity for more views and followers? Or is he actually an ambassador for a positive gym and fitness culture?

Who is Joey Swoll on TikTok & Why is he Trending?

Who is Joey Swoll on TikTok & Why is he Trending?

The TikToker goes by the name TheJoeySwoll and has spoken to his audience about dealing with his addictions and suicidal thoughts. Joey Swoll on TikTok is an active gym trainer who went viral for condemning the toxic gym trends.

According to Swoll’s website; No Bullshit Online Coaching, Joey Swoll is a full-time trainer with customized diet charts and fitness regimes for his clients. The website also sells his merchandise. Post 18 months after his recovery from addiction, Joey decided to bring more positivity into the fitness world. With over 38 million likes across his uploads, Joey Swoll is currently ranked 316217 in the global TikTok ranking. 

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Swoll has called out people for their improper gym etiquette of recording their workouts and trying to call out others. Quite recently he called out TikTok star Nikki Montesanti for making fun of a gym-goer who was practicing drag-curls with dumbbells. The same TikTok reaction video has been viewed over 12.6 million times. Swoll is appreciated on the platform for his fight for a judgment-free gym and battle against poor gym etiquette.  

Swoll’s top video with the most likes includes, “And it can do the same for you.” It was released on 01-26-2021. This video received 20.5K likes. The other one is “Chest day tip #flexfriday.” The video was released on 01-22-21 and received over 5.4k likes. Many of Swoll’s videos have crossed over millions of views and his fans seem to like the content he puts on. 

Wrapping Up  

Joey Swoll is a popular fitness trainer on TikTok. The virality of Swoll’s videos tells the world about his popularity and growth on TikTok. The videos where he constantly calls out the toxicity and ill-behavior in the fitness world. That was all about this article on “Who is Joey Swoll on TikTok & Why is he Trending in 2022”.

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