Which iPhones are 5G? Can I Enable 5G On My iPhone?

5g iphones

It is a human tendency to go with the flow and move on. Here, I am talking about moving on with the latest technology. Whenever a new gadget or a phone is launched, as humans, we tend to crave it and purchase it. Although there are many smartphones in the market, we are discussing iPhones here. Talking about the latest 5G networks, let us see which iPhones are 5G?

The 5G network has been launched to connect the world, machines, objects, and people with a single tap on your hand-held device. iPhones are renowned for their features and technological advancements. This is the reason why a large number of people purchase iPhones if they can afford it.

So, let us know which phones are 5G compatible and how to enable 5G on an iPhones. Sometimes, we try enabling 5G on our phones, unaware of the fact that it is not 5G compatible. So, it is clear that to have 5G on iPhone, we have to figure out if the model supports 5G network.

Which iPhones are 5G in 2022?

So, in 2022, let us see which iPhone models are 5G.

1. iPhone 12

2. iPhone 13

Which iPhones are 5G? Can I Enable 5G On My iPhone

3. iPhone 13 mini

4. iPhone S E

5. iPhone 14

6. iPhone 14 Plus

7. iPhone 14 Pro

8. iPhone 14 Pro Max

How to Turn 5G On/Off On iPhone?

If your iPhone is 5G compatible, and you cannot turn it on/off, follow the steps.

1. Navigate to Settings on your phone.

2. Click and Select Cellular Data Options.

3. Now select Voice and Data.

5g iphones; Which iPhones are 5G? Can I Enable 5G On My iPhone

4. Your iPhones have 5G auto set. So, if available, a user can enjoy a 5G speed network and connectivity.

5. On the same settings page, you can turn off the 5G to save battery life.

Wrapping Up

So, here is the list of Which iPhones are 5G? If you have the latest version of the iPhone and are puzzled how to enable it to get into the new world of infinite connectivity and possibilities, I have mentioned the simple steps to follow and enable 5G on your iPhone. You can turn it off if 5G is not in use and save battery life. If, even after following the steps, it is not working, check if your iPhone is 5G compatible or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if my phone is 5G?

If your phone is 5G, your network settings would display the 5G option to connect.

Are all iPhones 5G compatible?

No, iPhone 12 and later models are 5G compatible.

Is LTE better or 5G?

Being advanced, 5G has low latency as compared to 4G.

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