Where to Watch Why Her Online With English Subtitles in 2023

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I have always been in an awe of dramas that revolve around court suits and cases. It is not about the case, the victim, or the accused. It is how that lawyer is thinking while solving the cases. Here, I am talking about Why Her, a South Korean drama with all the ingredients of love, principles, career, and much more. Do you know where to watch Why Her online?

The series Why Her was released in December 2020. The law-school-based romance drama is directed by Park Soo-jin. The legal drama mystery grabbed much attention and views by the viewers. It received good rating of 4.9 as well.

Curious to watch the law school love drama and enjoy the steaming chemistry between the lead pair Oh Seo Hyun-jin and Huh Joon-ho. Here are the streaming platforms where the drama is available. Scroll down if you want to know where to watch Why Her.

Where to Watch Why Her Online

To watch this amazing law school-based drama, there are certain platforms, both subscription-based and free platforms. The program is highly appreciated with a good storyline and star cast. Navigate here to know how to watch Why Her.

1. Why Her is on Viu

Where to Watch Why Her

Viu is a leading regional OTT video streaming service. It is available in 16 destinations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Africa. It is available both in free and premium subscriptions. Viu delivers premium content for different genres in local languages along with subtitles. They also have an original production series by the name “Viu Original”. Also, watch Why Now on Viu.

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2. Why Her is on Rakuten Viki

Where to Why Her

Watch Rakuten Viki with any Hulu plan starting at $6.99/month. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Hulu is an American streaming platform. It has a wide variety of television series and films. Smart TV- Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV. Hulu became the first platform to add Plus in its name in the year 2010. Hulu’s parent company is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. Also, watch Why Her on Rakuten Viki

Hulu has more than 75 live and on-demand channels like BET, Bravo, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, TNT, etc.

Ad-supported plans of Hulu 

  • Hulu plan with ads for a month is available at  $6.99/month.
  • Hulu Plan with ads for a year is available at  $69.99/year.

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Without Ad-supported plans of Hulu 

  • Hulu’s plan for watching series and movies without ads is $12.99/month.

Hulu+ Live Now 

  • You can subscribe to Hulu+ Live now at $69.99 per month.

Devices to Operate Hulu

Mobile-  Android, iPhone, tablets. Gaming Consoles- PS3, PS4, PS5

3. Why Her is on Apple TV

Where to Watch Why Her

Apple TV is a streaming media player, it helps you listen to music, watch videos, and use other types of apps from the internet on your TV. The channels related to Apple TV are PBS Kids, Bloomberg, Flickr, Trailers, and many more. Also, watch Why Her on Apple TV.

The subscription plans for Apple TV are $4.99 per month. Moreover, it gives free subscriptions for the initial three months. 

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How to Watch Why Her for Free with English Subtitles

I can understand that these subscription platforms might look fancy and expensive of many dear viewers. Here, I have figured out how to watch Why Her online for free.

1. Why Her is on Flixhd

Where to Watch Why Her

Flixhd allows you to watch all types of Asian dramas, shows, and movies. These shows are available for free. All you need to do is, go to their website and type the name of the movie in the search box.

Along with this, all types of shows or movies are dubbed with English subtitles. Also, Adult Trainee is on Flixhd. If you are unable to access this website in your country, try using the VPN and change the location of your country.

Click here to watch Why Her for free on Flixhd

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The Plot of Why Her

The South Korean Drama Why Her is based on a law school backdrop where Oh Soo Jae is a person with self-righteous principles, a lawyer by profession. She has this desire and aims to win the cases being a talented youngest partner at TK Law firm, the best in South Korea.

An unexpected case leads to her demotion, and she has to work as an adjunct professor at Seojung University Law School. There she meets Gong Chan with a painful past and a warm heart. The story begins here with their day-to-day intimacy, bond, and level of understanding with each other.

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Wrapping Up

These South Korean dramas have their own class, taste, and statement. They are peculiar. So, do watch the show Why Her and recommend to your friends. Do not tell them the plot, though! Now, you know where to watch Why Her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Why Her?

Why Her, the South Korean drama, is available on streaming platforms.

Is Why Her available for free streaming?

Yes, Why her is streaming free on Flixhd.

How many episodes are there in Why Her?

The law school romantic drama has 16 episodes in all.


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