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Vinland Saga is a historic youth-targeted saga. It is a 24-episode anime television series adapted from Wit Studio, aired on NHK General TV from July 2019. Vinland Saga has also been licensed for English language publication by Kodansha USA. Stay tuned to the article to get more information about where to watch Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga has a major dynamic of characters with a great diversity volume. It has characters named Thorffin, Askeladd, Bjorn, Thors, Thorkell, Canute, and Leif. Vinland Saga is a story of a small boy whose father used to tell him, “You have no enemies, nobody does. There is nobody who it’s okay to hurt.” 

In the Vinland Saga, you will notice how the war between England and the Danes has a real impact on younger boys to become a man and then becomes a killer. To know more about the story of a little boy, focus your eyes on where to watch Vinland Saga.

All About Vinland Saga Till Now

where to watch Vinland Saga/a Japanese Saga: where to watch Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical Manga series. It records the journey of a boy turning to a man, then getting into the killing, afterward becoming a Pacifist that wishes to seek redemption of his past actions by trying to bring peace. Vinland Saga is a story of a boy who used to live in Frozen village, Ireland. His name is Thorfinn. He grew up listening to stories of old sailors who have traveled oceans to reach Ireland.

The war between England and Danes grew worse with each day passing, making life miserable. After Thorffin’s father’s died, he joins Askeladd’s crew. Later on, a sudden attack by Thorkell’s on  Askeladd’s, forced them to change his mind. After that, Askeladd murdered Ragnar to force Canute to stand up for himself. After such an attack, Prince decides to bring Askeladd and Thorkell under one roof for betterment to take a take decision not to kill Canute.

Who knew Canute’s plan, he and his companions decided to get Askeladd killed by the prince. Askeladd then secures Canute’s position as king while stopping Sweyn’s intent. But, Thorffin feels stopping to take revenge from Canute before being stopped. Then Canute realized Thorifin’s pain reduced his penalty from death to lifetime prison. To know more, you can watch Vinland Saga you can watch it on the below-shared platforms.

Where to Watch Vinland Saga?

Interested in watching such a classic revenge journey, of a boy when grown to be man, which such roller-coaster life story? Vinland Saga is Classic Historic Manga series available on the below-mentioned platforms. 

1. Vinland Saga is on Amazon Prime Video

where to watch Vinland saga/ a Japanese manga series: Vinland Saga is on Amazon Prime video

Amazon Prime users, you can be happy to know you can access Vinland Saga. Must make the most of your subscriptions of Amazon Prime Video. Those folks who are about to take subscriptions to watch Vinland Saga 

  • To rent an HD screen at $5.99
  • To buy an HD screen at $14.99
  • To rent an SD screen at $5.99
  • To buy an SD screen at $14.99

2. Vinland Saga is on Netflix

where to watch Vinland Saga? A Japanese Saga: Vinland Saga is on Netflix

Vinland Saga is available on Netflix; you can watch it with the cast of Shizuka Ishigami, Yuto Uemura, and Kenichiro Matsuda. Get your subscriptions now only to watch such a classic saga. You can watch your favorite series on your screens, laptops, phones, tabs, iPads, and Macbooks.

Wrapping Up

Vinland Saga is one of the best series released in 2019. It is an interesting story that is strange to adapt. The characters in this series have a great dynamic, and they grow organically in the situations they are put in. I hope you will enjoy this Japanese Saga on your platform and device. 


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