Where to Watch The Janes Online | 4 Ways to Watch the Movie

Where to Watch The Janes

If you keep track of the news, The Janes will make you think about your own reality. The movie is a documentary set in the 1960s and the early 70s. But given the situation of abortion laws today, this movie will make you think. Are we going forward or further back with our laws? Here is where to watch The Janes.

The Janes is a documentary set in America in the 1960s and early 70s. The movie was initially set to release on January 24, 2022. But it was released recently on June 8, 2022, on OTT platforms. The movie is directed by Tia Lessin and Emma Pildes. The movie was critically acclaimed for its bold and authentic portrayal of the history of women in America.

Intrigued to watch the movie and know what is it all about? Let’s see where to watch The Janes.

Where to Watch The Janes?

The Janes | Official Trailer | HBO

You can watch The Janes exclusively on HBO Max. You can also watch the movie on DIRECTV and Spectrum TV. You can also stream the movie on Apple TV. Let’s quickly see where to watch The Janes.

1. The Janes is on HBO Max

Where to Watch The Janes

HBO Max is an amazing video streaming platform. It gives you access to all of HBO content along with more must-watch web series, hits, and super hits movies. It also has HBO Max originals. It is available in languages such as English, Spanish, Swedish, and more. You can watch The Janes on HBO Max.

Beyond the originals, HBO has a great selection of TV series from channels like CNN, DC, Looney Tunes, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network.

HBO Max Subscription Plans:

  • Basic plan of HBO Max for a month with Ads is $9.99/ month.
  • Basic plan of HBO Max for a year with Ads is $95.88/ year.
  • HBO Ads-free subscription for a month is $14.99/ month.
  • HBO Ads-free subscription for a year is $143.88/ year.

2. The Janes is on DIRECTV

Where to Watch The Janes

DIRECTV is a multi-video programming distributor. The headquarters are situated in El Segundo, California. The service was initially launched in June 17, 1994, as a digital satellite service. You can watch all channels and other services in high-definition as well as in 4K. You can watch The Janes on DIRECTV.

DIRECTV offers many channels such as CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, MyNetworkTV, The CW, Telemundo, Univision, UniMás, as well as independent stations. You have various options on subscription plans of DIRECTV.

DIRECTV Subscription Plans:

  • Entertainment Plan with 16+ channels – $64.99/ month
  • Choice Plan with 185+ channels – $ 69.99/ month
  • Ultimate Plan with 250+ channels – $84.99/ month
  • Premier Plan with 330+ channels – $134.99/ month

3. The Janes is on Spectrum TV

Where to Watch The Janes

Spectrum TV is an American International Television service owned by Charter Communications. It is developed as an alternative to other competing OTT platforms. You can watch The Janes on Spectrum TV with On-Demand video.

Spectrum TV has more than 200 channels, including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, FX, HGTV, and more. You can stream the Spectrum TV on Smart TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Chromecast. Here is the list of subscription plans available for Spectrum TV.

Subscriptions for Spectrum TV:

  • Subscription with 125+ channels – $4.16/ month.
  • Subscription with 125+ channels- $49.99/ year.
  • Subscription with 175+ channels- $6.66/ month.
  • Subscription with 175+ channels- $79.99/ year.
  • Subscription with 200+ channels- $8.33/ month.
  • Subscription with 200+ channels- $99.99/ year.

4. The Janes is on Apple TV

Where to Watch The Janes

Apple TV is a streaming media player service and a device. It helps you listen to music and stream videos. You can use other types of apps from the internet on your TV as well. The channels related to Apple TV are Flickr, PBS Kids, Bloomberg, Trailers, and more. You will be able to watch The Janes on Apple TV with an active HBO Max subscription.

The subscription plan for Apple TV is $4.99/ month. You can avail free trial during the first three months. 

Plot of The Janes

Where to Watch The Janes

The Janes is a documentary showing women’s struggles for basic human rights. Back in 1960 when the Federal Law wasn’t thoroughly established to protect women’s health, women activists took the initiative. The Janes is a group of feminist activists that helped women with unwanted abortions. It is estimated that The Janes saved around 11,000 women with their initiative.

Wrapping Up

You can be the judge of this movie. You can see it for yourself now that you know where to watch The Janes. We will keep you updated on all the trending stuff. Keep checking in with Path Of Ex!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Janes available on Netflix?

No, The Janes is not available on Netflix.

Can you watch The Janes on HBO Max?

Yes, you can watch The Janes on HBO Max.

Where is The Janes streaming?

You can watch The Janes on HBO Max, DIRECTV, and Spectrum TV.

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